Andrew Breitbart’s Coroner Dead – Poisoned

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart, founder of and other websites died of “heart failure” on April 1st, 2012.  Breitbart, on the day he died, was set to release information that, he said, would “vet” our current “leader,” Barack Hussein Obama.  Breitbart had mentioned on several occasions beforehand that he had information that was going to finally blow the lid off and finally answer the questions that had been swirling around Obama for his entire presidency. 
  Many viewed his death with extreme suspicion.  Don’t forget, this is a regime who has already seen fit to deprive American citizens of their right to due process (Anwar Awlaki) and murder/assassinate them on foreign soil.  

These are the days we are living in.
American Citizens can and have been assassinated by their own government.    


So, it is not surprising that some who are paying attention might feel that the current leadership would also consider that assassination of other citizens just as likely.  Enter the conspiracy theories following Andrew Breitbart’s death.

Today, we learned that, Michael Cormier, the coroner who conducted Breitbart’s autopsy (ruling his death due to heart failure), has died under suspicious circumstances from Arsenic poisoning. 

Michael Cormier

  Should we be suspicious about Mr. Cormier’s death as well?  The police are.  They are currently investigating.  My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Cormier’s family.  Please say a prayer for them.

Waco-Style Events?

The Waco Compound burns.

In 2000, John Titor claimed that an increase in “Waco – Style events” would begin to take place and increase.  Specifically, John claimed:

“…The year 2008 was a general date by which time everyone will realize the world they thought they were living in was over. The civil war in the United States will start in 2004. I would describe it as having a Waco type event every month that steadily gets worse. The conflict will consume everyone in the US by 2012 and end in 2015 with a very short WWIII…” – John Titor Jan 2001

I have stated before that, John has been caught in lies elsewhere in his posts.  Given the overwhelming amount of evidence compiled in Conviction of a Time Traveler which actually supports John’s claims of being a time traveler, it should be no wonder that “Civil War erupting in 2005” (as well as no more Olympics beyond 2004) now likely falls out of the “missed prediction” category and falls into the “purposeful misstatement” category.

But what of his statements regarding Waco?  
John’s references to Waco are provided below:

“…The year 2008 was a general date by which time everyone will realize the world they thought they were living in was over. The civil war in the United States will start in 2004. I would describe it as having a Waco type event every month that steadily gets worse. The conflict will consume everyone in the US by 2012 and end in 2015 with a very short WWIII…” – John Titor Jan 2001

“…Have you see the documentary on Waco? Just for argument’s sake, what do you think would happen if information were discovered that confirmed the worst accusations made against the law enforcement officers there? Would you hope nothing?…”

“…A large point of contention seems to be the “flashes” of light that appear to be gunfire that were recorded from the aircraft flying over the compound. The FBI has stated that these flashes were sunlight reflections. I find that rather interesting since the camera was not a visible light camera, it was a thermal camera. If the federal forces learned anything from WACO it was to install more reliable suppressors on their automatic weapons and don’t use flash grenades that leave shell casings after the fire…” – John Titor March 2001

I contend that simply because Titor references an increase in “waco-style” events does not require a step by step replay of waco in another rural area.  John even referenced other similar events such as Ruby Ridge and Elian Gonzalez as examples of similar actions by the Federal Government.  

So, what does constitute a Waco-like event then?  Let me ask you one question:
Does the government require the use of a SWAT team to arrest a dairy farmer?  So, when you see SWAT vehicles, armed agents with masks on, tear gas, live ammunition….do you think, “of course, they need all that!  He’s a dairy farmer!”  
 Is the farmer required to refuse them, required to shoot at them, required to fight back for it to be considered a “Waco-Style” event?  Or does the government simply trampling the inalienable rights of a man and his family to live the way they choose, worship the god they choose and eat the food they choose not count?  Would you consider this photograph of an armed man pointing a fully automatic assault rifle at a child and unarmed man a Waco-style event?  Why or why not?

Returning to the topic of Raw milk for a moment, would you consider this to be a Waco-style event?  To the left is a photograph taken of a SWAT raid on a local organic milk producer.  Why is a raid required when a simple visit by a Sherriff’s deputy with a court order be sufficient?  How is the photograph below different from what happened at Waco?  Would you consider this a Waco-like event?  Why or why not?

Many believe that a Waco style event requires a fireball and shootout with law enforcement to count as a true prediction by John Titor.  This is wrong.  The important parts, the parts that Titor was trying to draw your attention to regarding the whole fiascos surrounding Waco, Ruby Ridge and Elian were NOT the giant fireball in the compound at Waco, etc.  It was the heavy handed dealing with citizens by a government armed with hammers looking for nails.  It was this that Titor was describing; not the made-for-tv movie of the week style news coverage of the events. 

Is this equipment necessary at ANY level of law enforcement?


Why is the Houston Police Conducting Their "Exercises" on Innocent Citizens?

Nice to see citizens standing up against the intrusion on their right to be free from search and seizure.

I truly hope the public outcry will convince Houston PD to stop these harassing “training exercises.”

I would like to draw your attention to two things:
  1)  Though the Houston PD cloaked this with the label “training,” their spokesman later also called it an “operation” which would continue…So which is it Houston?  Simply training, or an honest to God operation?
  2)  Here’s an interesting question:  Who asked whom for the exercise?  Did the Houston PD call the TSA for their help with an exercise or did the TSA call Houston with their idea to run a “counter terrorism” exercise? 

Don’t forget, the Department of Homeland Security (TSA’s parent) has been sending money, weapons and cast-off military equipment to local police departments all over the country.  Do you really think that money came with no strings?  I can imagine that any agreement between a municipality or county and the TSA likely included a clause for “future and continued cooperation for training purposes.”  (all expenses paid of course).

“…set to become more commonplace with the expansion of the TSA to become a literally occupying army across America…”

Those of you who have read Conviction of a Time Traveler,  you might notice that my prediction (completely new, unique and based solely on John Titor’s statements) rings eerily familiar to what we are seeing now. 

Predictions From Conviction of a Time Traveler:
Based on statements made 12 years ago by a man claiming to be from our future.  Still think they were lucky guesses?

“…Look for a movement for a new national/federal level law enforcement agency, possibly akin to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and probably with powers of arrest.  The support for such a movement may likely be the need for greater “security” for Americans…”

“…Be alert to increased enforcement actions by federal law enforcement on private citizens…”

“…Be aware of new legislation allowing for use of military personnel and equipment within the borders of the United States possibly in the cause for “security.”

37,000 Cases of Mad Cow in 1992 to 29 Cases in 2011?

Perfect Question!  This question was asked here.  The last person to ask this question was Oprah Winfrey.  Then she got sued for “food disparagement.”  Thankfully (for freedom of expression’s sake), she won. 

But think about that for a minute…She Won.  What does that imply to you?  Why was it called “disparagement” and not Libel or Slander?  Could it be because Libel and Slander have concrete legal definitions?  Winning a court case is not a lottery.  She won because she had the facts on her side.

I draw your attention to this article and Winfrey’s experience for a variety of reasons.
Remember, these “official” numbers of cases come from only one source, your government. 

I believe I posted this earlier, but it bears repeating:

In 2000, John posted:

“One very disturbing thing I have noticed about your society in general is your blind acceptance of what you are told. Do you really think the news industry doesn’t have an agenda? Do you really think those hamburgers you stuff into your body are safe? Do you really think your government is telling you the truth? What proof do you have of any of that?”

So, when your government tells you, 

“yes, we had 37,000 cases of mad cow disease in 1992….”

“yes, we had almost 500,000 mad cows enter the food chain and consumed by you and your family in 1989″

“but don’t worry, there were only 29 in 2011”. 

Do you honestly believe that?   


You still eat red meat? Are you KIDDING?

  Ahhh, Good Ole Mad Cow disease.  This is a part of the Titor story that hasn’t really garnered too much attention over the years.  It always gets overshadowed by civil war, nuclear war and starvation. 
In 2000, John mentioned that Mad Cow “continues” to kill in 2036.  In Conviction of a Time Traveler, I discover that BSE has an EXTREMELY long incubation period….up to SIXTY YEARS LONG.  This was not known in 2000 when John posted his claims.  So, when John Titor claimed BSE was still taking lives in 2036, this is entirely within the 60 year incubation period:  2036-60 = 1976.  Is it just a coincidence that the incubation period of BSE/Kuru closely equates to John’s original mission date, 1975?  This discovery represents new and unique information regarding the Titor story and has never before been revealed before publication. 

  What I want you to take away from this article is the (admitted) number of “known” cases: “[a] peak of 37,311 cases in 1992”  Remember, this represents the number of recognized  and properly diagnosed vCJD that the Government ADMITS to.  Remember, John also said: 

“…One very disturbing thing I have noticed about your society in general is your blind acceptance of what you are told. Do you really think the news industry doesn’t have an agenda? Do you really think those hamburgers you stuff into your body are safe? Do you really think your government is telling you the truth? What proof do you have of any of that?”

No, we have NO evidence to support that we should trust our government…

I wonder WHEN BSE/vCJD entered the food chain for human consumption?

From Wikipedia: “…Between 460,000 and 482,000 BSE-infected animals had entered the human food chain before controls on high-risk offal were introduced in 1989.”

So, an estimated 1/2 a MILLION infected animals were consumed by humans before 1989.  Just for rough numbers, one 1200 lb cow provides approximately 500 lbs of meat. How many people now do you think became infected now?  If the average American consumes 200 lbs of meat a year, that’s…..a hell of a lot of infected Americans.  Did you get your notice from the USDA that you might be infected?  Yeah, neither did I.

  Just by 1989, just via government sanctioned estimates.  And what about since 1989?

Also from Wikipedia:
“…A new case of Mad Cow disease was recently found in a dairy cow on April 23, 2012 in California during a planned Agriculture Department surveillance program…”
This was just YESTERDAY!!

“…It is estimated that 400,000 cattle infected with BSE entered the human food chain in the 1980s.”

So, let me ask you a question:  Knowing what you know now, are you still eating red meat?  Do you think I am?

Read the article here
The book, Conviction of a Time Traveler, represents the first and most comprehensive investigation into a man claiming to be a time traveler from 2036.  His name was John Titor (though others may know him and his team by different names).  The investigation into Mad Cow was simply one new discovery supporting his claims of many contained in the book.  Signed and personalized copies are available at the website and non-personalized copies at
Wikipedia was used simply as a first look for numbers. 

Drones spying on you and yours

The insult to liberty these drones represent is self-evident and I will not comment on it further.  But I would like to draw your attention to one photograph in the article.  The location of the site in Alaska.

If, as I am sure they will claim, the authorities are operating drones in Alaska for “national defense purposes,” don’t you think it would be more advantageous to place the drone base on the coast where it could detect Russian incursions, or fishing ground incursions, more easily?

The placement of the drone base in Alaska belies the true purpose in a more general sense than what those in power may try to convince you of. 

Some questions:
1)  Why are these necessary?
2)  How long have they been operating without public comment?  To my mind, it would appear, from the shear number of bases, they have been operating for quite a while.

Lexington and Concorde, Wish You Were Here!

Quite a while back, I read an outstanding book by Jeff Shaara called “Rise to Rebellion.”  It is a fictional account of the years leading up to the War for Independence; the book ends on July 4th, 1776.
I learned more about the birth of my country than I ever did in school.  I highly recommend it.

When I read this article:  I was reminded of that great book and all the things I learned in it.

But what I would like to draw your attention to (besides the anniversary of the battle of Lexington and Concorde) coincides a little with our topic of time travel.

What must it be like to actually watch the event unfold?  Even in this article, it is recognized that nobody knows, per se, who fired the first shot, the shot heard ’round the world.  Frankly, I have a feeling that those at the time knew full well who fired the first shot, but the truth was likely muddied for politically expedient purposes and has since been lost to time.  But that’s a topic for a different day.

As you read this article (or Shaara’s book for that matter) try to imagine yourself as a time traveler sent back to investigate and learn just how did our country get its start?  Could that also be a secondary mission requirement of any TT’er?  To learn and report facts as they happen?  Facts lost to history?  What an opportunity to learn!

Be Aware of the Sea Change Against Obama by the Media

For some time now, I have commented on the fact that Barack Obama will not serve a second term as president.  I made this prediction based on the analysis that I outline in the book, Conviction of a Time Traveler.  This analysis, for the first time, correctly identified Barack Obama as the president that John Titor spoke about in his posts from 2000-2001.   Further, for the first time, COATT is the first analysis to demonstrate that BHO will not serve a second term, based solely on Titor’s statements.  No where else before has this information been presented.  For those of you who have not gotten a copy of the book yet, I highly recommend picking up a copy for similar unique analysis.  You won’t be disappointed.

In my continuing analysis of other time travelers I have discovered and identified, my initial conclusions about BHO’s future as president have been reinforced.

At some point, we must start looking at the world around us and look at the context in which BHO finds himself.  On the book’s facebook page I have already commented extensively on BHO’s future and the future of this country.

Another aspect I wish to draw your attention to is the political environment in which BHO finds himself.  We must remember, the president continues as president because his party believes he is good for their party.  The Democratic party is not stupid (politically speaking).  If they recognize that BHO will not guarantee them a continued place in the halls of power, they will dump him.  Remember, the first priority of any politician is to be reelected.  A corollary to this truism is that a priority of any politician is to make sure those who can help you get elected are properly supported.  If BHO becomes more of a liability than a asset to the DNC and its futures, BHO will be replaced.

I have already spoken about who will take BHO’s place in this event.  What I would like to draw your attention to is the attitude of the media towards BHO.  Be aware of a change in their attitude to one of skepticism, derision, mocking or simply just asking him tough questions.  When you start noticing this change in attitude in the media you can be sure BHO is on the way out.  

I ran across a good article talking about this.  I provide it here:

But we already knew that would happen, didn’t we?

Don’t Worry, It Can’t Happen Here

A great, short article on our willful blindness about what is going on around us in the US and the world:

To boil it down, human nature (today’s human nature, I wonder if it’s different in John’s time) forces us to believe that, “if it didn’t happen yesterday, it can’t happen tomorrow.”

This way of thinking closes the mind to the possibilities of things happening that are not concieved of ahead of time.  On 9/10, while we as a civilization were prepared for hijackers taking planes to Cuba or some other nonsense, we were specifically not prepared nor did we even conceive that they would fly them into buildings. 
Were we prepared when terrorists decided to start blowing themselves up the first time it happened?  No.  The reason for this is because it simply had not happened before (WWII and Kamikaze pilots were too far removed in our memory to have any impact on our thinking).

Because of this, what I call, “Bias for Normalcy”, we dismiss out of hand any claims that do not fit within our own experience.  Be they time travelers from a completely different universe, terrorists flying planes into buildings (and not to Cuba), or an event so significant, that it changes civilization and its organization itself. 

It is important, when attempting to judge the claims of John Titor to not judge them on your own preconceived notions of what is “possible.”  There are an infinite possibilities of what’s possible…you’re bound to be wrong every time….