Be Aware of the Sea Change Against Obama by the Media

For some time now, I have commented on the fact that Barack Obama will not serve a second term as president.  I made this prediction based on the analysis that I outline in the book, Conviction of a Time Traveler.  This analysis, for the first time, correctly identified Barack Obama as the president that John Titor spoke about in his posts from 2000-2001.   Further, for the first time, COATT is the first analysis to demonstrate that BHO will not serve a second term, based solely on Titor’s statements.  No where else before has this information been presented.  For those of you who have not gotten a copy of the book yet, I highly recommend picking up a copy for similar unique analysis.  You won’t be disappointed.

In my continuing analysis of other time travelers I have discovered and identified, my initial conclusions about BHO’s future as president have been reinforced.

At some point, we must start looking at the world around us and look at the context in which BHO finds himself.  On the book’s facebook page I have already commented extensively on BHO’s future and the future of this country.

Another aspect I wish to draw your attention to is the political environment in which BHO finds himself.  We must remember, the president continues as president because his party believes he is good for their party.  The Democratic party is not stupid (politically speaking).  If they recognize that BHO will not guarantee them a continued place in the halls of power, they will dump him.  Remember, the first priority of any politician is to be reelected.  A corollary to this truism is that a priority of any politician is to make sure those who can help you get elected are properly supported.  If BHO becomes more of a liability than a asset to the DNC and its futures, BHO will be replaced.

I have already spoken about who will take BHO’s place in this event.  What I would like to draw your attention to is the attitude of the media towards BHO.  Be aware of a change in their attitude to one of skepticism, derision, mocking or simply just asking him tough questions.  When you start noticing this change in attitude in the media you can be sure BHO is on the way out.  

I ran across a good article talking about this.  I provide it here:

But we already knew that would happen, didn’t we?


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