Don’t Worry, It Can’t Happen Here

A great, short article on our willful blindness about what is going on around us in the US and the world:

To boil it down, human nature (today’s human nature, I wonder if it’s different in John’s time) forces us to believe that, “if it didn’t happen yesterday, it can’t happen tomorrow.”

This way of thinking closes the mind to the possibilities of things happening that are not concieved of ahead of time.  On 9/10, while we as a civilization were prepared for hijackers taking planes to Cuba or some other nonsense, we were specifically not prepared nor did we even conceive that they would fly them into buildings. 
Were we prepared when terrorists decided to start blowing themselves up the first time it happened?  No.  The reason for this is because it simply had not happened before (WWII and Kamikaze pilots were too far removed in our memory to have any impact on our thinking).

Because of this, what I call, “Bias for Normalcy”, we dismiss out of hand any claims that do not fit within our own experience.  Be they time travelers from a completely different universe, terrorists flying planes into buildings (and not to Cuba), or an event so significant, that it changes civilization and its organization itself. 

It is important, when attempting to judge the claims of John Titor to not judge them on your own preconceived notions of what is “possible.”  There are an infinite possibilities of what’s possible…you’re bound to be wrong every time….


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