Drones spying on you and yours

The insult to liberty these drones represent is self-evident and I will not comment on it further.  But I would like to draw your attention to one photograph in the article.  The location of the site in Alaska.

If, as I am sure they will claim, the authorities are operating drones in Alaska for “national defense purposes,” don’t you think it would be more advantageous to place the drone base on the coast where it could detect Russian incursions, or fishing ground incursions, more easily?

The placement of the drone base in Alaska belies the true purpose in a more general sense than what those in power may try to convince you of. 

Some questions:
1)  Why are these necessary?
2)  How long have they been operating without public comment?  To my mind, it would appear, from the shear number of bases, they have been operating for quite a while.



One thought on “Drones spying on you and yours

  1. John Titor warned the world through Dragonball Z about the two killer androids that are even worse than the terminator will be unleashed upon the world and even a super saiyan is no match for them.

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