37,000 Cases of Mad Cow in 1992 to 29 Cases in 2011?

Perfect Question!  This question was asked here.  The last person to ask this question was Oprah Winfrey.  Then she got sued for “food disparagement.”  Thankfully (for freedom of expression’s sake), she won. 

But think about that for a minute…She Won.  What does that imply to you?  Why was it called “disparagement” and not Libel or Slander?  Could it be because Libel and Slander have concrete legal definitions?  Winning a court case is not a lottery.  She won because she had the facts on her side.

I draw your attention to this article and Winfrey’s experience for a variety of reasons.
Remember, these “official” numbers of cases come from only one source, your government. 

I believe I posted this earlier, but it bears repeating:

In 2000, John posted:

“One very disturbing thing I have noticed about your society in general is your blind acceptance of what you are told. Do you really think the news industry doesn’t have an agenda? Do you really think those hamburgers you stuff into your body are safe? Do you really think your government is telling you the truth? What proof do you have of any of that?”

So, when your government tells you, 

“yes, we had 37,000 cases of mad cow disease in 1992….”

“yes, we had almost 500,000 mad cows enter the food chain and consumed by you and your family in 1989″

“but don’t worry, there were only 29 in 2011”. 

Do you honestly believe that?   


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