Why is the Houston Police Conducting Their "Exercises" on Innocent Citizens?

Nice to see citizens standing up against the intrusion on their right to be free from search and seizure.

I truly hope the public outcry will convince Houston PD to stop these harassing “training exercises.”

I would like to draw your attention to two things:
  1)  Though the Houston PD cloaked this with the label “training,” their spokesman later also called it an “operation” which would continue…So which is it Houston?  Simply training, or an honest to God operation?
  2)  Here’s an interesting question:  Who asked whom for the exercise?  Did the Houston PD call the TSA for their help with an exercise or did the TSA call Houston with their idea to run a “counter terrorism” exercise? 

Don’t forget, the Department of Homeland Security (TSA’s parent) has been sending money, weapons and cast-off military equipment to local police departments all over the country.  Do you really think that money came with no strings?  I can imagine that any agreement between a municipality or county and the TSA likely included a clause for “future and continued cooperation for training purposes.”  (all expenses paid of course).

“…set to become more commonplace with the expansion of the TSA to become a literally occupying army across America…”

Those of you who have read Conviction of a Time Traveler,  you might notice that my prediction (completely new, unique and based solely on John Titor’s statements) rings eerily familiar to what we are seeing now. 

Predictions From Conviction of a Time Traveler:
Based on statements made 12 years ago by a man claiming to be from our future.  Still think they were lucky guesses?

“…Look for a movement for a new national/federal level law enforcement agency, possibly akin to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and probably with powers of arrest.  The support for such a movement may likely be the need for greater “security” for Americans…”

“…Be alert to increased enforcement actions by federal law enforcement on private citizens…”

“…Be aware of new legislation allowing for use of military personnel and equipment within the borders of the United States possibly in the cause for “security.”


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