Andrew Breitbart’s Coroner Dead – Poisoned

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart, founder of and other websites died of “heart failure” on April 1st, 2012.  Breitbart, on the day he died, was set to release information that, he said, would “vet” our current “leader,” Barack Hussein Obama.  Breitbart had mentioned on several occasions beforehand that he had information that was going to finally blow the lid off and finally answer the questions that had been swirling around Obama for his entire presidency. 
  Many viewed his death with extreme suspicion.  Don’t forget, this is a regime who has already seen fit to deprive American citizens of their right to due process (Anwar Awlaki) and murder/assassinate them on foreign soil.  

These are the days we are living in.
American Citizens can and have been assassinated by their own government.    


So, it is not surprising that some who are paying attention might feel that the current leadership would also consider that assassination of other citizens just as likely.  Enter the conspiracy theories following Andrew Breitbart’s death.

Today, we learned that, Michael Cormier, the coroner who conducted Breitbart’s autopsy (ruling his death due to heart failure), has died under suspicious circumstances from Arsenic poisoning. 

Michael Cormier

  Should we be suspicious about Mr. Cormier’s death as well?  The police are.  They are currently investigating.  My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Cormier’s family.  Please say a prayer for them.


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