Hillary Clinton Will be the Democratic Nominee in 2012

Hillary Clinton, future president

  Based only on the posts of John Titor, a time traveler from our future, I have created a credible argument that supports that Barack Obama was the president that John spoke about during his posts.   Further, in my analysis, I discovered that John told us that this president, this “leader” to use John’s words, would not serve a second term. 
  In my subsequent research into the Time Travel phenomena in general, I have discovered other time travelers visiting us from the future.  To be sure, not everyone that claims to be a time traveler actually is one.  But there are certain characteristics that are exhibited by the real ones that, if you now what you’re looking for, the hoaxers will fall away fairly quickly.  In my research so far, I have discovered nine others.

Deval Patrick, future VP

  One of them stated in their posts, in 2008, that not only would the president elected in 2008 not be reelected, but that Hillary Clinton would win the election in 2012.  This person further went on to say that not only would Hillary be elected, but that also Romney would win the Republican primary and choose Rudolph Giuliani as his running mate.  They will be defeated by Clinton and her running mate, Deval Patrick.

Obama’s speech in Germany, July 2008

  What truly stands out by these statements made in 2008 is that Obama’s popularity has never been higher than in the runup to his election.  This time traveler’s statement that the most popular man in the world would lose his reelection bid went against everything anyone would have thought.  This prediction stands out as singularly counter-intuitive and extremely supportive of the reality of time travel. 

  Of course, in my research of John Titor, I discovered that John was not entirely truthful in his statements.  Just because he was a time traveler does not mean that he was obligated to tell us anything about our future.  Further, it may have been part of his mission’s unacknowledged (to us anyhow) objectives.  [Among the Titor faithful, to suggest that he might have lied to us is sacrilege.  Feel free to believe this aspect or not]  So, because of this, it is not completely outside the realm of possibility that this other time traveler might also fib to us a little. 
  Many who I’ve told about this possibility mostly dismiss it out of hand.  They simply don’t believe that Obama will give up the presidency.  Of course, in believing this, they do not take into account the fact that the string-pullers for whom Obama works (not the citizens) will have recognized by now (or will soon) that Obama does not have the support of enough of the electorate to win the election.  They also likely recognize that no amount of voter fraud can possibly overpower the very motivated electorate that will vote for anybody but Obama. 

  As some of you may have noticed, a convicted felon in West Virginia actually ran against Obama in their state’s primary and won over 40% of the vote!  Don’t think for a minute that that little anecdote went unnoticed by the Democratic National Committee.  Furthermore, the story of Obama’s heritage is quickly unraveling and coming apart at the seems.  How much longer do you think they think they can fool most of the people all of the time?

  So what to look for?  First of all, start looking for historical allies to begin to turn against our “leader.”  Expect more embarrassing stories coming to light about him as well; stories that normally might have been swept under the rug 3 years ago.  Also, since Hillary is waiting in the wings, start looking for more people (journalists, pundits, etc) possibly to start wondering out loud what a Hillary presidency would have been like if she had won in 2008. 

  I imagine one possible scenario will be that at some point between now and the Democratic Convention, Obama will give an address declining to run again, possibly giving as a reason that, “he wants to spend more time with his family” or “wants to watch his daughters grow up” or “wants to be more involved in the ‘most important job,’ being a parent.”

  Don’t forget, a sitting president not seeking the (re) nomination of his party has happened before!  LBJ for the Dems and G. Ford for the Republicans. 

This has all happened before, and will again.  Of course, due to MWI, one could say, it’s already happened….


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