Obama out, Hillary in…Another Sees the Probability

Some time ago, this blog predicted that Obama would not serve a second term as President.  Likewise, Hillary will be nominated to run in 2012.  These predictions are based on the further research and statements of time travelers I have discovered since publication.
  It would appear that my analysis of Democrat real – politik is also apparent to others (not least of which, other democrats).
  Below, cited in its entirety is an article published today by the publisher of American Thinker.

Looking at these and other events within the context of Time Travel, I am discovering what must be the perspective that real time travelers might experience when they go back in time and witness historical events, events they know only from books or second hand from friends and relatives who lived them.  But that understanding changes to first-hand knowledge.  It is indeed an interesting experience. Could this be another purpose for time travel?  First Hand Knowledge?


Panic is setting in among the people who ran the Democratic Party prior to the miraculous arrival on the scene of Barack Hussein Obama and the perfect storm of events that propelled him into the White House.  
These people, starting with Bill Clinton, the master Democratic politician of our era, can read the tea leaves, and the following factors alarm them:
1. Obama has energized his opposition.  Despite throwing everything they could into the game, the turnout effort in Wisconsin was handily beaten by those Tea Party nobodies and an RNC head who is actually up to the job.
2. Obama has alienated hugely important constituencies.  Labor unions, utterly essential to the ground game in November, feel betrayed, and are starting to focus more on their own survival than the success of the Obama re-election campaign.  The antiwar left feels betrayed over Gitmo, drones, rendition, domestic surveillance, and a host of other issues.  They turned out in San Francisco picketing his fundraisers, and spoke of not voting.  His Bain Capital attacks are verging into a repudiation of capitalism, so Wall Street and the finance sector are getting alarmed, and the essential flow of political contributions to Democrats from them is drying up.
3. The economy is a disaster, and Obama is doing all the wrong things.  The administration is reduced to making implausible claims of spending moderation based on an internet post.  The public is fed up with Obama’s performance, and his personal popularity is declining and will tank further as he goes increasingly negative on Romney.  Swing voters are almost as negative about Obama as are Romney voters.
4. Obama is out for himself, and himself only.  He has even thrown national security under the bus, allowing the leaking of critical information to the press about intelligence operations and cyber-warfare, and feigning outrage in Friday’s presser over the idea that he would do such a thing.  Never mind what they say publicly; the insiders know that we are at cyber-war with Iran and China, among others, right now.  Following the prosecutorial lynching of Scooter Libby, it is politically impossible to sweep this leak, which actually is causing our allies to shun information-sharing with us, under the rug.  Unlike the Valerie Plame case, people have died, and intelligence operations have been seriously harmed.
5. A wave election is shaping up.  Democrats could be swept out of office in Congress, and on down to statehouses, city halls, and dog pounds.  With the left flank threatening to stay home, union funds and enthusiasm depleted, and Obama offering nothing but negativity, while Tea Partiers mobilize nationally as never before seen on the GOP side, the electorate will skew so far right that the GOP could end up as dominant in 2013 as the Democrats were in 2009.
It’s already leaking into the smarter corners of the media world: Obama is killing the Democratic Party.  The tipping point is here.
This, not coincidence, is why several brainy Democrats, including Cory Booker, Deval Patrick, Ed Rendell, and Lanny Davis, have been providing sound bites that can be used by the Romney campaign to destroy the effectiveness of Obama’s attacks on Mitt Romney.  The biggest damage has been done by Bill Clinton, whose barrage includes providing the title for the current number-one bestseller about Obama, Ed Klein’s The Amateur, calling Mitt Romney’s business track record at Bain “sterling,” and stating that the Bush tax rates should not be increased, disagreeing with Obama.
Ralph Nader thinks he knows what is going on, and told the Daily Caller‘s Nicholas Ballasy:

He’s laying down the groundwork for Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016. Everything she is doing and everything he is doing argues that they want to run Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, so while he might appear with Obama in fundraisers in New York and elsewhere, he’s basically undermining Obama.

My colleague Richard Baehr believes that Bill Clinton actively wants Obama to lose:

Bill Clinton thinks long term. Hillary will run in 2016, I am certain of it. No one loses the bug after one attempt when they came that close. I am guessing that Clinton thinks that if Obama wins this time, it will be tougher in 2016 for Hillary than if Romney wins. If Obama wins, then Hillary has to run at age 69 against a Rubio or a Ryan — somebody young and charismatic. She goes down in flames, especially if economy is still in the tank. 
But if Romney wins, Clinton thinks he will have his hands full, and there is no magic bullet to turn the economy around. He is right.  In fact, all the stuff that could happen January 1st with taxes going up and spending cuts could sink the economy into a big hole for another few years. If Obama loses in November, do you think he cooperates with GOP to avoid this?  I don’t.  If Romney wins, then Hillary runs against him in 2016, after people think GOP did not solve the problems. She wins.

All very logical.  But there are only two problems with this scenario.
1. If the Clintons and their allies, like Ed Rendell and Lanny Davis, are believed by black voters to have sabotaged the re-election of the first black president, blacks will turn with fury on the Clintons.  I do not imagine for a moment that Barack Obama will quietly sit back and take what he sees as abuse from the Clinton gang.  If word is already out that Cory Booker is “dead to” Obama, we can be certain that the president will let his most devoted followers know if he regards the Clintons as traitors, should he lose.  No Democrat can be elected president without an overwhelming share of the black vote.
2. Countless other elected Democrats in Congress and down the ticket stand to lose their offices if discouraged Democrats stay home and a wave election results.  Lobbying prospects would be reduced in tandem with the loss of Democratic officeholders.  
The Clinton forces are already warning the rest of the party that the Obama operation is not to be trusted.  Lanny Davis called Obama’s people “vicious”:

You have vicious people who are working for the president – not the president [himself] – who are saying that Corey Booker – one of the great supporters of President Obama’s policies – is ‘dead’ because he’s giving the president good advice, disagreeing with the Kool-Aid drinking people in the campaign who think the way to win the presidency is to trash the other guy rather than to defend your own guy’s record.
[W]hy would they want to create enemies, or depict people as enemies, who are their friends?

Mind you, this comes from a former colleague of Sidney Blumenthal.
So friendless are the Obamas that they can’t even get a decent, reliable surrogate out on the stump, and are reduced to ineffective third-raters like David Axelrod, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Joe Biden.
I suspect that the Clintons and their allies are spreading the word that smart people are planning for life after Obama, that he is going nowhere, that there will be a reckoning.  And that now is the time to distance oneself from what promises to destroy the party if not stopped.  Perhaps the time has come to figure out some way to get Obama off the ticket.  Somehow.  
It would have to be a covert op.  No Democrat who ever wants to carry a black precinct can be seen as slipping in the stiletto.  It has to have the appearance of Obama voluntarily announcing that he will not be a candidate for re-election.  Just as LBJ did on March 31, 1968.  For the good of the country, his family, maybe his for his health.  His medical records have never been released, after all.
It has to be a multi-phase, multi-front strategy.  Right now, we are in the softening up phase.  The highly public defection of Newark Mayor Cory Booker, calling the attacks on Bain “nauseating,” certainly got Obama’s attention.  So much so that enough pressure was exerted on the mayor that he issued a self-repudiation video that might as well have had the mayor blinking S-O-S in Morse code.  Follow this with respected people and allies like Deval Patrick, and Hillary enthusiasts Ed Rendell and Bob Shrum, and most of all employ the biggest gun of all, Bill Clinton.  The denials and clarifications don’t matter at all.  The message to Obama is unmistakable: it is war.  We don’t have your back.
Senator Dianne Feinstein truly cares about national security.  But I also know that she can read the handwriting on the wall.  Last week, she came out and made the leaking of national security information into a scandal with bipartisan support for an inquiry.  This is criminal behavior.  She is far from the only powerful Democrat who sees the wisdom of disentangling herself from the Obama disaster.
Obama does not want to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the leaks, and his press conference Friday took a strong stand against them and promised a thorough internal investigation.  Eric Holder has appointed two subordinates — U.S. attorneys, one of whom donated thousands of dollars to Obama’s 2008 campaign.  This does not pass the giggle test.  If Senator Feinstein or any other prominent Democrat comes out in support of an independent prosecutor this week, the pressure on Obama and his cohorts will build.  Scooter Libby was ruined, and he didn’t actually leak anything.
The signal also has been received by the mainstream media allies of the Clintons.  Many of them are already fed up with the high-handedness, venality, incompetence, and amateurishness of the Obama crowd.  But now that they see that it is okay to notice when the emperor has no clothes, they can breathe the intoxicating air of honesty and start to include some of the obvious warts on the idealized image.  Obama is starting to realize that his media invisible shield is falling apart.
All of these factors paint a bleak picture for the Obama campaign’s prospects, but unless there is a smoking gun about the national security leaks, nothing that would actually force a narcissist to put the interests of party and country ahead of his own.  So there may be something else, something which Obama fears so deeply that he would see his own interests best served by withdrawing from his re-election bid.
Yes, we are talking blackmail.  That’s phase two.
We do not know what the operative issue would be, but we do know that Barack Obama is an international man of mystery, and that he has gone to great lengths to hide his documentary record.  There is on the record his claim of Kenyan birth to his literary agency.  It may well be that he was born in Hawaii, but used a claim to Kenyan or Indonesian nationality to gain scholarships and admission advantages at the series of elite and expensive schools he attended, starting with Punahou, the St. Grottelsex of the mid-Pacific.
Perhaps by coincidence, last week Stanley Kurtz was able to write about newly revealed evidence that in 2008 the Obama campaign lied about his membership in the radical socialist New Party.  I have no knowledge of the specific circumstances of the document in question becoming available, but I would note that the offices of the federal bureaucracy, state and local bureaucracies, academic bureaucracies, and nonprofit bureaucracies are largely staffed with lifelong liberals, who were Democrats before the Obama craze hit the party, and who want the party to survive, and who may even be a little nostalgic for a president with the last name Clinton.
So, hypothetically, if someone in one of these bureaucracies happened to notice a document that proved something embarrassing about Obama, something that exposed a serious biographical lie, serious enough to put him out of the running, she might consider it worthwhile letting others know.  Word gets around.
The New Party membership documentation might well be a warning shot.
But what about Hillary, you may be asking.  Look at her hair!  She’s given up.
If you imagine that the secretary of state is so weary that she lacks the energy to do her own hair, you do not understand the realities of her life.  She has staff who do all the mundane tasks at her convenience, to her specifications.  Or else.  Her current down-and-out look is just another hairstyle, one calculated to provide political cover.  Hillary knows that she will need the black vote once she heads the ticket, so she absolutely cannot be seen as scheming to bring about the sudden surprise announcement from President Obama that her allies are greasing the skids for right now.  The worse she looks, the more convincing will be her “surprise,” the more sincere her willingness to step forward and save America from a disastrous Romney presidency.
If you imagine that Barack Obama’s playing of the race card against the Clintons in the 2008 South Carolina primary battle has been forgiven or forgotten, you do not understand Bill Clinton.  As a Southern liberal, a big part of his personal identity is wrapped up in his anti-racism.  Not just his political posture — his sense of his own self-worth is linked to his crusade to overcome the legacy of racism.  It is one of the ways he excuses the cruder aspects of his life choices.  His racial virtue justifies his life.
Bill Clinton, for all his bonhomie in public, is a bitter man — first for his impeachment, and second for the humiliation he and his partner were dealt by the Obama forces in 2008.  A man prone to purple rages in private, following his heart surgery, he may be taking his revenge slowly, a moderate blood pressure, as it were, smiling when walking back the latest diss.
Until Obama came along, Bill was hopeful that the novelty and wonder of history’s first husband-and-wife team of presidents would overwhelm the shame of his impeachment and lying under oath.  Obama spoiled that, and made Clinton’s sobriquet “first black president” faintly ridiculous.
Whichever way the current campaign goes, with Obama defeated and the party in ruins, or with Obama off the ticket and Hillary triumphantly accepting the nomination for the good of the party and the nation, or so we will be told, Bill Clinton would prefer it to a second Obama term.  And this time, he may get his way.

Thomas Lifson is editor and publisher of American Thinker.


Think the Democrats Are the Only Corrupt Ones?

Henry Herford Jr., chairman of Ron Paul's LAGOP 2012 convention, being arrested after attempting to organize his delegates. Screenshot via YouTube.  I have not endorsed any of the candidates so far.  When one understands multiworld theory and its implications, one must ask, “what good will it serve? These events have already happened.”
  Nonetheless, when John Titor was commenting on the elections to come, people asked him who would be the most untrustworthy.  He made an interesting reply which I found, at the time anyhow, somewhat counter-intuitive and not necessarily what I expected:

 “The people with the most to lose if the world changes, Camel through the eye of a needle?”

-John Titor

This response was very interesting in its implications:
   What I would like to draw attention to here (as represented in La) is that the American public is slowly waking to the understanding that an entire system of control has grown up around the United States of America over the last 150 years.  It has been in place so long that people simply take it for granted or alternatively, ignore that it’s even there. 
  It is understood that every four years the people choose a candidate and put him up against the incumbent for a fair democratic election.  What we see happening now in the above example in Louisiana and other places around the country is that the system is fighting back.  It will not go quietly into the night. 
Will Ron Paul win this election?  No.  But as the system fights back in an attempt to maintain its position, more and more civic-minded, intellectually honest citizens (of every political stripe) will come to see more and more clearly that Judge Andrew Napolitano might have been right in his famous “What If” speech, the speech that likely got him fired from Fox News. 
  So it comes as little surprise that the old system, irrespective of party, is fighting for their continued place of power and influence.    The RNC chairman refused their lawful demand that a new chairman be elected?   Ron Paul delegates (not troublemakers) were injured and arrested? 
Read the entire article here

Ultimately, I see the Titor posts, and others’ posts, as hopeful at their core.  Yes, “rebirth is often painful,” and yes, we are going through those pains now and into the foreseeable future.  But the promise that new child we are giving birth to now holds such promise, that we can hardly be anything but hopeful and even welcome this pain.  Titor even commented in this vein as well:
“I don’t believe I ever said the war was between Democrats and Republicans. If I am incorrect, please point that out. It doesn’t exactly escalate as much as it opens the door for other aggression. Yes, I think the war would be good for society and I would be happy to debate that with you.

Don’t Trust Anything You See

In Conviction of a Time Traveler, I cautioned people conducting investigations into time travel to be wary of sophisticated hoaxes.  Today, literally anything can be faked.  So we, as investigators, must allow for the possibility that your eyes are lying to you when looking at definitive “proof” in a photograph or video footage.  We must look elsewhere for our evidence.
  An excellent example of this is the below video.  It deconstructs the magic that movie studios use to create virtual scenes and backgrounds.  As many of you will likely know, movie lots were huge facilities that were used as backgrounds for movies.  Did you need a 1930’s city?  That’s over on Lot 34.  A martian landscape, that over on Lot 55.  
  Building these faux cities and other backgrounds are not necessary any more thanks to CGI.  CGI allows for actors to act in front of blank “green screens” and then the required cityscape can be added digitally later.

  It would appear, actual news outlets are not immune from “managing perception”  An Israeli newspaper, the Orthodox Hasidic newspaper Der Tzitung  removed Hillary Clinton from the photo altogether from the now iconic photograph of the situation room during the purported Bin Laden raidSee below:
 Hillary Clinton Photoshopped Out of Situation Room Photo

Incredibly, we now have to question our own government when it speaks to us.

 In case you had not heard of the questions swirling around the situation room photo during the purported Bin Laden raid, you may read an excellent write up of the questions here 

In this day and age where literally anything can be faked, for every photoshop expert out there who will fake a photograph, there is an equal number of photoshop experts out there who will discover the fake.

What truly amazes me is that our “betters” believe that their subterfuge will go unnoticed, or that they don’t care.  Are you insulted yet?

Some analysis from the article:

Bill Clinton working against Obama?

   In Conviction of a Time Traveler, I used John’s statements to correctly determine that Barack Obama was the president he was referring to 12 years ago in 2000 while posting online.  In my analysis, I discovered that not only was John describing Obama, but that Obama would not serve a second term as president. 

   Subsequent to this, I continued my research into the time travel phenomena and have developed a strategy to correctly discern actual time travelers from the many hoaxes that are out there.  So far, I have discovered 9 other time travelers.

   Another time traveler I discovered and correctly identified as genuine also claimed that Obama will not serve a second term.  I discussed this statement earlier on this blog.


Understanding that Obama will not serve a second term, I personally predicted that you should start looking for long – time democrat allies to openly question Obama’s track record, or conversely, openly support his opponents (Romney).  Here we former president Bill Clinton coming out and actually praising Mitt Romney’s record. 

Understanding that most public statements are planned and/or scripted, how does Bill’s plan end?

Epidemic Predicted by Titor Emerging Now?

Before John left in 2001, he left behind a short list of recommendations and advice, reproduced below:

1. Do not eat or use products from any animal that is fed and eats parts of its own dead.
2. Do not kiss or have intimate relations with anyone you do not know.
3. Learn basic sanitation and water purification.
4. Be comfortable around firearms. Learn to shoot and clean a gun.
5. Get a good first aid kit and learn to use it.
6. Find 5 people within 100 miles that you trust with your life and stay in contact with them.
7. Get a copy of the US Constitution and read it.
8. Eat less.
9. Get a bicycle and two sets of spare tires. Ride it 10 miles a week.
10. Consider what you would bring with you if you had to leave your home in 10 min. and never return.

-John Titor, November 2000
Some of these recommendations referred to things he spoke about at length during his time here.  For example, his first recommendation is an obvious reference to the once and future Mad Cow (vCJD) epidemic.  His other recommendations touched on different aspects of surviving the coming events that he lived through himself and predicted for ourselves.  Things such as water purification, first aide knowledge, basic sanitation etc.

One recommendation always confused me though: his recommendation to be careful with whom you choose to be intimate:

Do not kiss or have intimate relations with anyone you do not know.
By 2000, AIDS/HIV had faded from prominence in the news and other STD’s had been brought under fairly good control and were treatable. 

To what was John referring when he included this small, yet ranked second, recommendation? 

I find it interesting that only recently news stories are now coming out describing a new strain of gonorrhea that is quickly becoming untreatable and is threatening a worldwide epidemic. 

  According to the World Health Organization,
“This organism has basically been developing resistance against every medication we’ve thrown at it.  In a couple of years it will have become resistant to every treatment option we have available now”
Is this what John was referring to?

Only time will tell

Read the entire article here

A Form of State Rebellion?

Voters in the Florida Republican presidential primary are shown at a polling place in Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton, Florida, January 31, 2012. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

I was actually wondering if/when this would happen:
As a little background, in the state of Florida, a review of voter roles has been conducted in recent months.  A result of this audit has shown that approximately 186,000 individuals registered to vote in Florida are not eligible to vote because they are not citizens.  The question first came up when many people who were getting called to jury duty were telling the courts that they did not have to serve on a jury because they are not citizens.  Fair enough, but this raised the eyebrows of officials since the jury pools of counties are not drawn from licensed drivers or some other state database; jury pools are drawn from voter rolls.  Read the article here
  As a result an investigation was launched in Florida to account for and verify the voter rolls.  Are the persons listed on those rolls legally eligible to vote?  Officials had first-hand admissions of guilt from the people themselves that they were not citizens (in order to get out of jury duty).
  In recent days, the US Department of Justice has issued a letter to Florida ordering Florida to halt their voter roll audits.  The argument the DoJ put forward was that Florida, in accordance with previously passed law, must first get the Federal Gov’t’s permission to audit their voter rolls.  These laws were passed many years ago due to improprieties in the past.  
  What is interesting to note is that Florida has refused the DoJ’s order and intends to continue to authorize the voter audits.  And this is what I have been looking for.  As a result of a growing realization that BHO is destroying the country (and their states), my question has been, “When will the States start flexing the muscles they have under the 10th Amendment?”  The DoJ (or any other federal agency for that matter) can write all the letters they want, order the states all they want, etc, but when it comes down to it, just what is the Federal government willing to do to enforce these “orders?”  What can they do?  With Florida’s refusal to submit to the DoJ’s “order,” other governors who likely also see that Washington has very few tools at its disposal, will likely follow suit and defy the Federal Government’s mandates.  
  Considering that the readers of this blog already are aware that Time Travel is real and happening now, we can allow ourselves to look at current events as historical events as someone from our future would see them.  It’s an interesting mental exercise.  Are we seeing now, with the defiance of Florida on full display, the first rumblings of a Second American Civil War?  
  Remember, the First American Civil War didn’t just happen without context or history, likewise the Revolutionary War.  It took a long time for insult upon insult, injury upon injury to pile up to a point where leaders and citizens themselves took action.  Are we starting to see the results now?  Are leaders finally saying, “enough is enough” ?
  An interesting sideline to this is, IF BHO is not eligible to be president (Titor referred to him as “leader”) and had been holding this office illegally, this makes every executive order, every nomination, every treaty, every piece of legislation, every award and honor…everything, null and void and without any legal binding.  Given that many people in the halls of power understand this, and that they may see the great deception falling apart, they may see that, this latest order from the DoJ as completely void and illegal.  I would predict that as the deception begins to unravel more over the coming months, you will see leaders start to question openly BHO’s legitimacy (as Patterson did on the radio last week).  As this happens, you will likely see more states openly defy (and not so openly) the mandates from Washington.  Keep a sharp eye out for these developments.

More Obama Allies Fall Away

Maureen Dowd
  In 2010, and based on research conducted in 2009, I made the prediction in Conviction of a Time Traveler that BHO will not serve a second term as president.  I based this prediction on statements by John Titor, a man claiming to be from the year 2036 and posting online in 2000. 
  In my continuing research I have discovered that not only will BHO not serve a second term, but that Romney will win the RNC nomination, Rudy Giuliani will be his running mate and that he will LOSE the election to Hillary Clinton and Deval Patrick.  Many of the book’s fans find this particular aspect quite difficult to believe.  I don’t think it is:  As I’ve stated before, any president essentially serves at the pleasure of his party (not necessarily the voters).  When he falls out of favor with that party (and other string-pullers), the party has the right to nominate a replacement.

  So, based on the idea that the DNC and other power brokers have realized that BHO is no longer viable and likely to be beaten (handily) by Romney, some weeks ago, I recommended people to be on the look out for a slow withdrawal of support (or withholding of support/endorsement) by longtime allies and friends.  That list is getting longer by the day.  Even Former-President Bill Clinton called Romney’s private sector experience “sterling.” 
  So as predicted, one more Once-erstwhile Obama ally and supporter has fallen away: journalist Maureen Dowd.  Read her article here

  Maureen Dowd is by no means the only BHO ally to have decided to actually work against the incumbent Democratic incumbent.  As a matter of fact, on CNN recently former President Bill Clinton came out and actually praised Mitt Romney!

Are these the words of a man who wants BHO re-elected?  Do not forget, in Bill Klein’s new book, Bill Clinton tried to convince his wife Hillary to step down as SecState and challenge BHO in the Democratic Primary.  While I do not doubt that this little tidbit fed to Klein was purposeful (in an attempt to test the waters for a Hillary challenge), it does speak volumes that Bill does not support BHO’s continued presidency.

DavidPaterson32  Another example of a hard core Democrat leaving BHO’s stable is that of David Patterson, the former Governor of New York.  Patterson actually came out and voiced his opinion that BHO “got away with” getting elected to the highest office in the land when he could not prove that he was eligible.
  There are a couple of things to take away from his statements.  One is that Patterson does not accept as valid the purported Birth Certificate that BHO offered up, one that was shown to be a (badly executed) forgery.  Two is that Patterson is willing to state this publicly.  This in my opinion is huge.  For those of you out there who still believe that Fox News is fair and balanced and is “conservative” slanted, think again.  Ask yourself one question:  Why is it that a dyed in the wool Democrat, a Democrat that has prospered within the Democratic fold, is willing to state, in public and on the radio, that he believes BHO to be ineligible for the presidency and that BHO’s birth certificate is a fake, and Fox News does not investigate this?  Has Mr. Patterson been interviewed for his views on Fox News?  Why not? Read more here

  Before you think that only politicians are the ones who have withdrawn their support for BHO, many celebrities as well have also come out against him.  Notably and most recently, Steve Guttenberg has gone on the record about his displeasure with BHO.  Guttenberg, according to his interview recently actually voted for BHO in 2008.  He now no longer supports him.  Read more here

  One last example I’ll provide is that of Colin Powell.  In the runup to the 2008 election, Colin Powell supported BHO’s candidacy in spite of the general belief that because he was a professional military man, worked for President G.W. Bush and “supported” the actions in Iraq, Powell was a republican or conservative individual.  That all changed when Powell came out for BHO in 2008.
  As of late, however, Mr. Powell has withheld his endorsement of Obama here and now in 2012 and, I predict, he as Oprah Winfrey will not endorse BHO for a second term.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they are Mitt Romney supporters though.  Remember, the readers of this blog already know that BHO will not serve a second term and that Hillary Clinton and Deval Patrick will win election in 2012.
  Will Powell, Patterson, Dowd, Guttenbert, Lovitz and the rest support Clinton over Romney?  That’s anyone’s guess for now.
  Look for the following news stories over the coming months:

  1. A slowly dissolving support of BHO among liberals
  2. More and more news stories asking the rhetorical question “What would Hillary be like as President?” or similar.
  3. A growing crescendo from the Main Stream Media (MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc) about the inability of BHO to raise the same funds as he did in 2008.
  4. More news stories highlighting people who have changed their vote and support from BHO to Romney.
  5. Similarly, news stories highlighting people who will vote for “anyone” but Obama (leaving the rhetorical door open for a Hillary presidential run).

  What can we do about this?  Not much really in my opinion.  Remember, thanks to MWI, these events have already happened.