A Form of State Rebellion?

Voters in the Florida Republican presidential primary are shown at a polling place in Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton, Florida, January 31, 2012. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

I was actually wondering if/when this would happen:
As a little background, in the state of Florida, a review of voter roles has been conducted in recent months.  A result of this audit has shown that approximately 186,000 individuals registered to vote in Florida are not eligible to vote because they are not citizens.  The question first came up when many people who were getting called to jury duty were telling the courts that they did not have to serve on a jury because they are not citizens.  Fair enough, but this raised the eyebrows of officials since the jury pools of counties are not drawn from licensed drivers or some other state database; jury pools are drawn from voter rolls.  Read the article here
  As a result an investigation was launched in Florida to account for and verify the voter rolls.  Are the persons listed on those rolls legally eligible to vote?  Officials had first-hand admissions of guilt from the people themselves that they were not citizens (in order to get out of jury duty).
  In recent days, the US Department of Justice has issued a letter to Florida ordering Florida to halt their voter roll audits.  The argument the DoJ put forward was that Florida, in accordance with previously passed law, must first get the Federal Gov’t’s permission to audit their voter rolls.  These laws were passed many years ago due to improprieties in the past.  
  What is interesting to note is that Florida has refused the DoJ’s order and intends to continue to authorize the voter audits.  And this is what I have been looking for.  As a result of a growing realization that BHO is destroying the country (and their states), my question has been, “When will the States start flexing the muscles they have under the 10th Amendment?”  The DoJ (or any other federal agency for that matter) can write all the letters they want, order the states all they want, etc, but when it comes down to it, just what is the Federal government willing to do to enforce these “orders?”  What can they do?  With Florida’s refusal to submit to the DoJ’s “order,” other governors who likely also see that Washington has very few tools at its disposal, will likely follow suit and defy the Federal Government’s mandates.  
  Considering that the readers of this blog already are aware that Time Travel is real and happening now, we can allow ourselves to look at current events as historical events as someone from our future would see them.  It’s an interesting mental exercise.  Are we seeing now, with the defiance of Florida on full display, the first rumblings of a Second American Civil War?  
  Remember, the First American Civil War didn’t just happen without context or history, likewise the Revolutionary War.  It took a long time for insult upon insult, injury upon injury to pile up to a point where leaders and citizens themselves took action.  Are we starting to see the results now?  Are leaders finally saying, “enough is enough” ?
  An interesting sideline to this is, IF BHO is not eligible to be president (Titor referred to him as “leader”) and had been holding this office illegally, this makes every executive order, every nomination, every treaty, every piece of legislation, every award and honor…everything, null and void and without any legal binding.  Given that many people in the halls of power understand this, and that they may see the great deception falling apart, they may see that, this latest order from the DoJ as completely void and illegal.  I would predict that as the deception begins to unravel more over the coming months, you will see leaders start to question openly BHO’s legitimacy (as Patterson did on the radio last week).  As this happens, you will likely see more states openly defy (and not so openly) the mandates from Washington.  Keep a sharp eye out for these developments.


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