More Obama Allies Fall Away

Maureen Dowd
  In 2010, and based on research conducted in 2009, I made the prediction in Conviction of a Time Traveler that BHO will not serve a second term as president.  I based this prediction on statements by John Titor, a man claiming to be from the year 2036 and posting online in 2000. 
  In my continuing research I have discovered that not only will BHO not serve a second term, but that Romney will win the RNC nomination, Rudy Giuliani will be his running mate and that he will LOSE the election to Hillary Clinton and Deval Patrick.  Many of the book’s fans find this particular aspect quite difficult to believe.  I don’t think it is:  As I’ve stated before, any president essentially serves at the pleasure of his party (not necessarily the voters).  When he falls out of favor with that party (and other string-pullers), the party has the right to nominate a replacement.

  So, based on the idea that the DNC and other power brokers have realized that BHO is no longer viable and likely to be beaten (handily) by Romney, some weeks ago, I recommended people to be on the look out for a slow withdrawal of support (or withholding of support/endorsement) by longtime allies and friends.  That list is getting longer by the day.  Even Former-President Bill Clinton called Romney’s private sector experience “sterling.” 
  So as predicted, one more Once-erstwhile Obama ally and supporter has fallen away: journalist Maureen Dowd.  Read her article here

  Maureen Dowd is by no means the only BHO ally to have decided to actually work against the incumbent Democratic incumbent.  As a matter of fact, on CNN recently former President Bill Clinton came out and actually praised Mitt Romney!

Are these the words of a man who wants BHO re-elected?  Do not forget, in Bill Klein’s new book, Bill Clinton tried to convince his wife Hillary to step down as SecState and challenge BHO in the Democratic Primary.  While I do not doubt that this little tidbit fed to Klein was purposeful (in an attempt to test the waters for a Hillary challenge), it does speak volumes that Bill does not support BHO’s continued presidency.

DavidPaterson32  Another example of a hard core Democrat leaving BHO’s stable is that of David Patterson, the former Governor of New York.  Patterson actually came out and voiced his opinion that BHO “got away with” getting elected to the highest office in the land when he could not prove that he was eligible.
  There are a couple of things to take away from his statements.  One is that Patterson does not accept as valid the purported Birth Certificate that BHO offered up, one that was shown to be a (badly executed) forgery.  Two is that Patterson is willing to state this publicly.  This in my opinion is huge.  For those of you out there who still believe that Fox News is fair and balanced and is “conservative” slanted, think again.  Ask yourself one question:  Why is it that a dyed in the wool Democrat, a Democrat that has prospered within the Democratic fold, is willing to state, in public and on the radio, that he believes BHO to be ineligible for the presidency and that BHO’s birth certificate is a fake, and Fox News does not investigate this?  Has Mr. Patterson been interviewed for his views on Fox News?  Why not? Read more here

  Before you think that only politicians are the ones who have withdrawn their support for BHO, many celebrities as well have also come out against him.  Notably and most recently, Steve Guttenberg has gone on the record about his displeasure with BHO.  Guttenberg, according to his interview recently actually voted for BHO in 2008.  He now no longer supports him.  Read more here

  One last example I’ll provide is that of Colin Powell.  In the runup to the 2008 election, Colin Powell supported BHO’s candidacy in spite of the general belief that because he was a professional military man, worked for President G.W. Bush and “supported” the actions in Iraq, Powell was a republican or conservative individual.  That all changed when Powell came out for BHO in 2008.
  As of late, however, Mr. Powell has withheld his endorsement of Obama here and now in 2012 and, I predict, he as Oprah Winfrey will not endorse BHO for a second term.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they are Mitt Romney supporters though.  Remember, the readers of this blog already know that BHO will not serve a second term and that Hillary Clinton and Deval Patrick will win election in 2012.
  Will Powell, Patterson, Dowd, Guttenbert, Lovitz and the rest support Clinton over Romney?  That’s anyone’s guess for now.
  Look for the following news stories over the coming months:

  1. A slowly dissolving support of BHO among liberals
  2. More and more news stories asking the rhetorical question “What would Hillary be like as President?” or similar.
  3. A growing crescendo from the Main Stream Media (MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc) about the inability of BHO to raise the same funds as he did in 2008.
  4. More news stories highlighting people who have changed their vote and support from BHO to Romney.
  5. Similarly, news stories highlighting people who will vote for “anyone” but Obama (leaving the rhetorical door open for a Hillary presidential run).

  What can we do about this?  Not much really in my opinion.  Remember, thanks to MWI, these events have already happened.  


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