Bill Clinton working against Obama?

   In Conviction of a Time Traveler, I used John’s statements to correctly determine that Barack Obama was the president he was referring to 12 years ago in 2000 while posting online.  In my analysis, I discovered that not only was John describing Obama, but that Obama would not serve a second term as president. 

   Subsequent to this, I continued my research into the time travel phenomena and have developed a strategy to correctly discern actual time travelers from the many hoaxes that are out there.  So far, I have discovered 9 other time travelers.

   Another time traveler I discovered and correctly identified as genuine also claimed that Obama will not serve a second term.  I discussed this statement earlier on this blog.


Understanding that Obama will not serve a second term, I personally predicted that you should start looking for long – time democrat allies to openly question Obama’s track record, or conversely, openly support his opponents (Romney).  Here we former president Bill Clinton coming out and actually praising Mitt Romney’s record. 

Understanding that most public statements are planned and/or scripted, how does Bill’s plan end?


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