Don’t Trust Anything You See

In Conviction of a Time Traveler, I cautioned people conducting investigations into time travel to be wary of sophisticated hoaxes.  Today, literally anything can be faked.  So we, as investigators, must allow for the possibility that your eyes are lying to you when looking at definitive “proof” in a photograph or video footage.  We must look elsewhere for our evidence.
  An excellent example of this is the below video.  It deconstructs the magic that movie studios use to create virtual scenes and backgrounds.  As many of you will likely know, movie lots were huge facilities that were used as backgrounds for movies.  Did you need a 1930’s city?  That’s over on Lot 34.  A martian landscape, that over on Lot 55.  
  Building these faux cities and other backgrounds are not necessary any more thanks to CGI.  CGI allows for actors to act in front of blank “green screens” and then the required cityscape can be added digitally later.

  It would appear, actual news outlets are not immune from “managing perception”  An Israeli newspaper, the Orthodox Hasidic newspaper Der Tzitung  removed Hillary Clinton from the photo altogether from the now iconic photograph of the situation room during the purported Bin Laden raidSee below:
 Hillary Clinton Photoshopped Out of Situation Room Photo

Incredibly, we now have to question our own government when it speaks to us.

 In case you had not heard of the questions swirling around the situation room photo during the purported Bin Laden raid, you may read an excellent write up of the questions here 

In this day and age where literally anything can be faked, for every photoshop expert out there who will fake a photograph, there is an equal number of photoshop experts out there who will discover the fake.

What truly amazes me is that our “betters” believe that their subterfuge will go unnoticed, or that they don’t care.  Are you insulted yet?

Some analysis from the article:

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