What Would You Ask?

   John mentioned that he lived with his family and his 2 year old self while he was posting in 2000.  If we take this portion of the Titor story as true, what must that have been like?  To actually interact with your younger self?  To know exactly the pain or joy that your younger self was experiencing and to be able to counsel or console him would be an incredible experience for the time traveler.  Of course, your younger self wouldn’t probably realize who he was talking to.  Funnily, John mentioned this was actually part of training: to go back in time and to convince your younger self to do something.  He mentioned that it was incredibly frustrating when you wouldn’t listen to yourself, thinking you knew better. 
…Confused yet?

    Anyway, I learned of this video today and thought I would share it.  As it turns out, the man (and young boy) who made this video were inspired by the idea of time travel and the potentials it held. 

   As you watch it, be mindful and ask yourself:  What would you ask your future self if given the chance?


One thought on “What Would You Ask?

  1. I'm not sure what I'd ask, that would take some serious thought. But…when my kids are old enough, I'll show them this clip and ask that very question.

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