What Do You Miss?

Below is an article I ran across some days ago.  It is written by a woman named Stella Paul.  Her article speaks about how much our country has changed in so few years.

Please have a look below and tell me what you think:

What I Miss About America

July 12, 2012
 Stella Paul

 Here are just a few of the things I miss since America entered the golden age of Hope and Change in January 2009.

 o Optimism
 o Going for minutes, hours, even days, without worrying about what weird insanity the government is dreaming up next
 o Having money
 o The Border Patrol
 o Looking up at the moon and thinking, “America – we own space!”
 o Having a president whose background isn’t more closely guarded than the formula for Coke
 o Going on vacation without the TSA auditioning me for “Stella Does Dallas”
 o Jobs
 o Not feeling like I have to whisper, if I say something that’s not completely, 100% complimentary about our president
 o Listening to the latest rant against Israel at the UN, without wondering if it’s coming from the American Ambassador
 o Feeling protected
 o Having a president who doesn’t want to fundamentally transform me
 o Getting a doctor’s appointment right away and not thinking, “That was nice while it lasted.”
 o Having a president who would never, ever bow to the Saudi king, the Chinese premier, the Japanese prime minister and the mayor of Tampa
 o Gazing up at the sky and not wondering if that’s a bird or a drone
 o Snacking on whatever I want, while the First Lady remains calm and indifferent
 o Having a president who thinks it would be unimaginably crazy to bring the 9/11 conspirators to New York for a civil trial
 o Privacy
 o Separation of State and Media
 o College graduates with a future in America, not China or Hong Kong
 o Having a president who inspires us to feel that Americans are all in this game together
 o A dollar that’s worth 100 cents and isn’t signed by a tax cheat
 o America’s Triple-A rating
 o Having a president who doesn’t seem needier for attention than Paris Hilton
 o Strolling through the mall without worrying about racially-motivated flash mobs
 o Looking at maps without trying to figure out where I can run
 o Reading 1984 as an interesting work of fiction
 o Dignity
 o Pride
What do you miss?

   As I read through Ms. Paul’s list above, it caused me to become a bit introspective.  I can’t help but wonder:  After the event happens, what parts of American life will we miss?  What parts of our day to day lives will we no longer have and wax nostalgic for?  What won’t we miss?

   Considering where I currently reside, I would have to say Air Conditioning would be at the top of my list of creature comforts that I will immediately feel is absence.  Maybe the ability to cross town in a matter of minutes in my own vehicle?

   But what won’t we miss might be a much more interesting question to pose in light of Titor’s statements that American life is going to fundamentally change in the coming years.  Titor defended his way of life as “better” on the whole.  But what was he referring to?  Undoubtedly his time lacks a great many of the things that we take for granted, and yet he claims he prefers his time to ours.  

  I can understand a certain bias on his part, but it does beg the question, doesn’t it?  What do we have available to us now, that John doesn’t when he goes home, and yet he doesn’t miss it?  If I were to answer flippantly, I’d have to say incessant and inane commercials on television!  This is even partially supported by John’s own statements in 2000.


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