An Invitation to a Frank Discussion with Yourself

Several people have brought this video to my attention.  First I would like to thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.  Some have asked for my opinion on this video, on its veracity, subject matter etc.

  First, let me say that, while I have only done a cursory look at this as to whether it may be real or not, as I watch it I am reminded of the movie “Cloverfield.”  For those who have seen it, you will understand.  For those who have NOT seen it, the movie is ostensibly a recovered memory card from a group of friends with a camera.  It shows the progression of an evening, shot from the perspective of the camera owner, when suddenly, out of nowhere a giant monster attacks New York.  The rest of the camera work details the further events of the evening as the friends attempt to survive the attack….this video reminds me of that movie.

  Another point AGAINST this video being really a clip from our future from our friend, John Titor, is the apparent fact that the person who uploaded this video used the same name who is a known film maker.  The coincidence is a little damning in this regard. 
  BUT, the John Titor story resembles a book called “Alas Babylon.”  Does this take away from the supposition that the John Titor story is a hoax?  On the surface it might, but the depth of evidence is so overwhelming to combat any coincidental similarity.  (If you are NOT aware of the new evidence found in COATT, I recommend you get up to speed with the latest information).

  So, while withholding judgment on whether this film clip is real or not, the question for us now becomes: so what?  What do we take away from this clip? 

If we reserve judgment on the reality of this video, can we at least start a dialogue with ourselves and take a hard look at how we would react in a similar situation?

Am I prepared?
Were the people in the video prepared?

What have YOU done to help your family to weather a possible interruption in civilization?


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