Waco – Like Events?

For six months in the years 2000 and 2001, a man calling himself “John Titor,” claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2036.  He posted on online forums and made quite a few statements about our future/his past.

In January, 2001, John made the following statement:
 “The year 2008 was a general date by which time everyone will realize the world they thought they were living in was over. The civil war in the United States will start in 2004. I would describe it as having a Waco type event every month that steadily gets worse. The conflict will consume everyone in the US by 2012 and end in 2015 with a very short WWIII.”

It is important to remember:  “Waco-type events” does not mean an exact replay of the standoff with the Branch Davidians.  

When people talk about the “Waco,” what they referring to?   

What was John referring to?

John Titor was being truthful when he claimed to be a time traveler.  The evidence is in.  Read the evidence in Conviction of a Time Traveler.
Prepare yourself.


One thought on “Waco – Like Events?

  1. I dont think we have much time before the events Titor warnd us about come to pass and I think the world needs to hear John Titor's warnings before it is too late. In my opinion you should make some videos about John Titor post them on youtube and wake people up well we still have time.

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