Calls to Abolish the Electoral College by Gore, As Predicted in COATT

Al Gore today called for the abolition of the Electoral College.  According to an article published today, Al Gore said,

“I’ve seen how these states are written off and ignored, and people are effectively disenfranchised in the presidential race. And I really do now think it is time to change that,”
For those who have read Conviction of a Time Traveler, I predicted (based on the posts of John Titor) that a an effort will be renewed to abolish the Electoral College.  Specifically, I stated, 
Expect a call to abolish the Electoral College.  Be aware of terms such as “direct democracy” or “real democracy.”  Labeling the Electoral College as “old-fashioned” or “out-moded” should raise alarm bells for anyone familiar with Titor’s posts.


I must say, as I watch as a spectator to the events currently transpiring in the United States, I do admit it is a little eery to watch events happen as predicted.  What must it be like for a Time Traveler?   
      According to John’s original statements, he was born in 1998.  What this means is that he would have memories of this time.  But those memories would be fairly far removed from his adulthood.  But when he returned to the years of these events, what was it like to re-experience these events, only this time with the perspective of an adult?  How did his opinions of this time change?  Were they reinforced?

The complete article can be read here

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