Barack Obama Won

2012 County – by – County Election Results

The Title of this post is both a statement and a question…


How Did Romney Lose?

Below is a list of statistics from the last Presidential election from the Washington Post via The Ulsterman Report (

Barack Obama netted FEWER Democrat votes in 2012 than were cast in 2008 by 3% points.
Mitt Romney earned MORE Republican votes in 2012 than were cast in 2008 by 3% points.

Barack Obama earned FEWER Black votes in 2012 than he did in 2008.
Mitt Romney by the way, earned MORE Black votes in 2012 than were cast for the Republican in 2008.
Mitt Romney earned MORE votes from both married men and married woman than were cast for Republicans in 2008, while also improving support among non-married men and woman by 2% from 2008 as well.
Mitt Romney earned MORE votes among liberals, moderates, and conservatives than were cast for the Republican candidate in 2008 – in fact, this improvement was by a full 7% over 2008 – a very significant improvement.
Mitt Romney earned MORE votes from Protestants, Catholics, and Jews than the Republican nominee received in 2008, including a 9-point improvement among Jewish voters alone.
The two top issues according to voters were the economy and the budget.  Mitt Romney earned A 38 POINT ADVANTAGE OVER BARACK OBAMA on the top two issues of the election – and yet Romney was somehow defeated.
Lastly, regarding the following three personal trait issues – strong leader, shares my values, and has a vision for the future, Mitt Romney DOMINATED Barack Obama among 2012 voters by 45 points.  And lost the election.

 Here is the link to the data via with a very illustrative graphic at Washington Post

What Really Happened in Benghazi

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1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis
  The term, “October Surprise” was first coined during the election of Ronald Reagan.  It describes a last minute political maneuver meant to shock or jolt the electorate into voting for your candidate.  It is some last minute, last ditch, action that is meant to swing wavering votes back from your opponent to your side so that the Electorate votes with their emotionsand not their head and Common Sense.  Since 1979, the “October Surprise” has almost become an expected quadrennial event, as highly anticipated as the swallows returning to Capistrano.
            So, it is no surprise that the American pundit class has been breathlessly awaiting this year’s October Surprise.  This is to be expected, since news and television ad revenues are driven by ratings and the American presidential elections are to politics as the Superbowl is to football (follow the money).  The punditry has been waiting for Obama’s Hail Mary pass to save the day (and his presidency) or Mitt Romney’s final and decisive nail in the coffin that cinches the election and ends with his victory. 
So where is it?
Where is this election cycle’s October Surprise?
            In 1979, Iranian terrorists (“students”) attacked the American embassy in Tehran and took 52 American hostages.  They were held hostage until the day after Reagan’s swearing in.  The following is a theory based on informed opinion and not based on any other source:
Fast Forward to 2012:
For quite some time, the Obama Administration and its string-pullers must have known that reelection was not a foregone conclusion.  Remember, the polls we all see on our televisions and in our newspapers are the retail version of the truth, not the actual truth.  The Obama Administration conducts their own internal polling; polling not meant for public consumption. 
Similarly, while they may be sycophantic in their dedication to “the cause,” they are not stupid in the world of real politick.  They know and understand what happened to former President Jimmy Carter when he was faced with a similar economic and geo-political environment in the late 1970’s.  Understanding this, the Obama Administration and its adherents would need something to jolt the American Public in a short sharp shock to make them forget the previous four years and swing their vote, just once, back to Barack Obama on election day. 
            This tactic and desire is readily visible in Obama’s and his surrogates’ words and actions.  Their constant reminding the American Public of his “Tough Call” to take out Usama Bin Laden is incessant.  As anyone can plainly see in their daily life, and is likely magnified in the Obama Administration’s internal polling, the “Tough Call card” was not having as significant an effect as they had hoped; they needed something else.
            Cut to the Benghazi Consulate –
            The Benghazi Consulate was a reasonably new installation whose security forces had been withdrawn and removed in recent times.  Why?  Why was security handed over to local Libyan authorities in a country whose leader the American president had just toppled?  In what reality does having absolutely zeroAmerican security forces in a contested area make any sense?  Our embassy in Paris, France has a full contigent of Marine Security Forces…Benghazi?  Zero.
             The ties between the Muslim Brotherhood can and are traced to the American White House.  There are numerous people within our government and at its highest levels that have ties to Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is my contention that the mob attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi was planned and coordinated withthe Obama Administration.  The American Ambassador, The Honorable Mr. Stevens, was never supposed to die in the attack.  He was meant to be a hostage.  A week or so before the election, our “leader,” Barack Hussein Obama would then “negotiate” for his release, freeing the hostages and being hailed a HERO and thus solidifying his grand lie that you can negotiate with terrorist animals and justifying (after the fact) all his actions on the world stage thus far.   
This event would be similar to what happened in 1979, only this time, it would end differently than it had for Jimmy Carter.  Obama would save the hostages.
            But things didn’t happen that way, did they?  No.  The ambassador and others are now dead.  But why? 
Because Barack Hussein Obama and his handlers, never in a million years, expected that Americans would defy the Sun King’s orders to “stand down” and instead rush to the aid of their countrymen in Benghazi.
Upon the arrival of relief and a counterattack against the mob, everything fell apart for Obama.  The Islamist mob got off the chain and out of control and killed and destroyed everything they saw, including the ambassador.  It is likely that the majority of the mob did not even realize they also were being used as pawns in a larger geo-political chess game, just as the ambassador treacherously was.  But when former Navy Seals started shooting backin an attempt to rescue the consulate staff, then all bets were off and the few in the crowd who did know the truth of what was supposed to happen lost all control of the mob resulting in the ambassador and his rescuers dead.
            Does any of this sound implausible?  Does the thought that a sitting American president (this one in particular) could use the lives of his own ambassador as a bargaining chip for reelection really so unbelievable? 
One could go a step further and even imagine that Obama could have, in a sense, blackmailed the American Public into voting him back into office.  How?  With one simple and veiled statement:
“Negotiations with the hostage-takers are at a very delicate stage at the moment.  Any disruption to those talks could be disastrous for the well-being of our brave Ambassador.  I cannot guarantee the kidnappers will negotiate with Mitt Romney.”
            Let’s not forget that Barack Hussein Obama implored Vladimir Putin (through his proxy, Medvedev) that he would have more “flexibility” after the election.  Just what do you think he meant by “flexibility?”  “Flexibility” to do what exactly?  Does this sound like the statement of a leader who has the best interests of his nation and its people at heart?  Does this sound like a man who would put re-election and maintaining power above all else?
            During the Nuremburg trials, the bar for humanity and conscientious objection were raised to the individual level.  Those NAZI guards were held personally responsible for their actions (and lack of action to stop the slaughter); they were hanged. 
The excuse of “just following orders” did not work in Nuremburg, and it should not/will not work now.  It is this author’s belief that everyone in the chain of command starting one level above that former Navy SEAL all the way to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and SecDef are culpable in this debacle.  Who confirmed BHO’s order as lawful?  Who did not step up, recognize that Obama’s order was counter to everything that Americans believe in and follow his conscience? 
            Now, what will the fallout be of all this?  It amazes this author to no end the hubris of current actors on the geo-political stage that a lie can be hidden or obfuscated in this age of instant information.  Have you noticed that the half-life of a lie has now shrunk to hours or days as compared to decades under the former regime of controlled media and the monopoly of information that existed before the internet?  More damning information will come out.  Why?  Because those involved, even on the periphery, will recognize that their own skin is at risk and must be saved.  Barack Hussein Obama’s coattails are mighty short these days.  It is now more dangerous to be a friend of the President than his enemy.  His handlers and subordinates recognize this.
            No, more information will come out.  But what will the result be?  I have stated since 2009 that BHO will not serve a second term.  It now appears his administration will not end in a whimper, but rather under an ominous cloud of shame and disillusionment by the people and distrust in their own government.
BHO will quit office after he loses and not wait until January 20th
Hold on to your butts, this is only the beginning.  For those who think that Romney’s election will wipe the deck clean, flush out the traitors in our midst and ring in a new era of prosperity, I will tell you now, you too will also be disappointed with Romney’s performance.  Why? 
Because the hopes and expectations for his presidency are also unreasonably high.  Future President Romney now faces the same unreasonable expectations that BHO cultivatedprior to his own election.
And do you really think that the bureaucracy that willfully and knowingly aided and abetted the Obama lie for over four years will no longer be present during a Romney presidency?  Presidents and Congresses come and go, but the bureaucracy always remains.  No, our cancer is generational and it will take quite some time for it to be excised from our body politic.
Good Luck
Temporal Recon