The Case for Self-Defense After Luby’s Massacre – 1991

In 1991, a man named George Hennard drove his truck through the front of a Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas. It wasn’t an accident. He hadn’t lost control of his vehicle but instead was there to kill. After crashing into the restaurant, Hennard jumped out and started killing as many people as he could. Dr. Suzanna Gratia was there that day eating lunch with her parents. At the time, it was a felony in the state of Texas to carry a firearm inside a purse and Gratia left her gun in the car.

 Al Gratia, her father, attempted to rush the Hennard but was shot in the chest. She tried to escape through a back window while Hennard stalked his defenseless victims inside the building as they desperately tried to get away with their lives. Her father was killed and her mother was shot in the head while holding her dying husband of 47 years. The following video is of congressional testimony Gratia gave 20 years ago. It is important to point out New York Senator Chuck Schumer was there, listening with an arrogant, bored and disrespectful look on his face. Although many lives have been saved as a result of people having the ability to properly defend themselves with firearms in public places since the Luby’s massacre, Schumer is still pushing for people like Gratia’s parents to become victims of violent crime today by pushing for more gun control and less self defense.

h/t Katie Pavlich
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2 thoughts on “The Case for Self-Defense After Luby’s Massacre – 1991

  1. All I know is John Titor was most defiantly right about the loss of our freedoms and no one can deny that his predictions despite being slightly off are beginning to come to life before our very eyes. If this tyranny doesn’t stop soon I’m afraid we shall find ourselves living in a nightmarish world.

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