You Will

I remember these commercials.  They are obviously not examples of “predictions” per se, but rather just a “coming attractions” from a company involved in innovative technologies that they hadn’t introduced yet. 

But it does demonstrate the technologies that we have now that we possibly take for granted.  Likewise, it does allow us to remember (or imagine, for my younger readers) what life was like before cell phones, internet, YouTube, “Distance Learning,” GPS’s in cars, RFID toll booths….



2 thoughts on “You Will

  1. That just shows you what they have had planned all along and isn't it funny that we can send books over the internet but its called piracy. It makes me wonder why they brainwashed people into committing future copyright crimes that didn't even exist at the time! Whoever created those copyright laws should go to jail for brainwashing people into breaking the law they created. I mean seriously the last thing we need is people going to jail for breaking outdated medieval laws.

  2. Why cant mankind just leave the dark-ages behind? Why do we keep on living in the past by repeating the same mistakes over and over again? I mean seriously why don't people learn from there mistakes instead of repeating them over again like a broken record!

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