I Will Fight No More, Forever

Chief Joseph-1877.jpg    The title of this post refers to the statement by Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians when he surrendered to the Union Army in 1877.  He refused resettlement onto reservation land and led a band of 800 Nez Perce Indians in a “fighting retreat” towards Canada where he intended to find refuge with Sitting Bull already in exile there.
    I chose this quote as a good representation at the disappointment I currently feel as it pertains to the professed desire by many for truth, when in actuality, many of us are only searching for evidence to support our already drawn conclusions.  I have attempted to move the discussion beyond the Titor question (which is essentially settled in my mind, with only small questions remaining) and onto the larger questions as it pertains to Time Travel.  I have failed in this attempt. 


   There is no lack of people in the world who profess a desire for the truth.  In our virtually-integrated world of electronic communications facilitating instantaneous dialogues to anywhere in the world, it has never been easier to ask for, and receive information.  Consider, if you will the state of the world’s communications infrastructure a mere 100 years ago: 
   Some of the highlights from 1913 seem almost surreal to us now; we so take them for granted.  From our perspective, they have simply always been this way.  But it wasn’t always the case.  
President Wilson

           Two Constitutional amendments were passed in 1913.  Two!  The 16th and 17th Amendments were passed this year.  The 16th Amendment allowed for the first time the direct taxation of private citizens by the federal government.  Until that time, individual citizens were considered citizens (not “residents”) of their respective states.  This amendment alone changed forever the relationship an American citizen had with his Federal government.  Before that time, taxes were collected by the State government, a portion of which was forwarded on to fund the federal government.  Now, with the passage of the 16th Amendment, the States were relegated to mere “residences,” and not individual and sovereign republics.  

            The 17th Amendment also passed this year.  This amendment allowed for the direct election of Senators to the Federal Senate.  Before this amendment was enacted, Senators were elected by the Representatives sent to Washington DC by their constituents; a true representative form of government.  

            1913 also saw the invention of “stainless steel.”  Ghandi is arrested in South Africa.  Ford motor company introduces the first moving assembly line.  The Federal Reserve is instituted in the United States.  

   The face of Gandhi in old age—smiling, wearing glasses, and with a white sash over his right shoulderBy any measure, 1913 was a very busy year.  All of it happened only 100 years ago.  But the topic of this essay deals with our ability to freely communicate.  While many will quibble on exactly who invented the telegraph, for argument’s sake, let’s stick with Samuel Morse and his famous code of dots and dashes.  His invention was awarded a patent in the United States in 1837.  According to accounts, the first telegraph signal was sent in 1838 over a two mile distance.  Using his code of dots and dashes, Morse sent the message, “WHAT HATH GOD WROUGHT.”  In 1902, only eight years ago (from our 1913 perspective) was the Oceanic Telegraph cable finally finished spanning the Pacific Ocean.  Only eight years ago was it finally possible to send and receive a message sent from San Francisco to the Philippines.

   Electric (wired) telegraphy remained the dominant communications technology for two decades until Wireless Telegraphy was developed.  Without getting caught up in the controversy of (again) who invented what and when, this new technology eventually replaced wired electric telegraphy and finally morphed into what we know today as Radio or as the people of the day called it, “The Wireless.”

Model T Assembly Line – 1913

   Two World Wars and any number of regional and supra-regional conflagrations later, we now find ourselves some 100 years later.  We are now able to send and receive messages to any point on the globe that can receive it, instantaneously and essentially at zero cost to the consumer.  Could Marconi, Morse or Edison have envisioned such a world?  
   Never have we lived in a world so connected, so able to know the thoughts of a person or people half way around the world without the assistance of an official government mouthpiece or news outlet to deliver it to us, complete with their own personal biases and “interpretations.”  
   No, now we can receive information from any number of sources and choose which biases we want to listen to and which we won’t listen to.  Some say that this is the path to informational chaos.  I might humbly disagree.  It has been demonstrated over and over again that out of chaos comes order, however disjointed it may be in the beginning stages.  Eventually, a consensus and agreement rises out of the din of chaos.  
Only now, that consensus represents humanity and not a single town, city, state or nation.  Despots and tyrants have known for millennia what we as individuals are only now seeing: 
Information Dominates All
   With Information, comes Choice.  Free will will always require information.  By surrendering information, you surrender your choice and free will.
The John Titor story, and its implications for the reality of Time Travel is no exception to this truism.  Information Dominates All.  The more one looks into this story with intellectual honesty, the more one begins to formulate the possibility that Time Travel is real and it is happening now.  I personally have found evidence for time travel going back to the Dark Ages.  And no, I am not talking about some reinterpretation of A Canterbury Tale or some other such contortion of logic.  I am here referring to actual physical evidence of time travel experiments from our own future going back that far.
As of 2010, two things stood out as truly incredible:
1)  The sheer number of websites, discussions, questions, musical groups, plays, individuals that were talking about the John Titor story.  There is literally no end to the discussions that Titor inspired 13 years ago that people are still talking about today.  What other “author” of any work anywhere at anytime in our history could generate such fanatical interest and discussion?  Is there a non-paranormal/esoteric analog that can mimic the Titor fanaticism? Shakespeare?  Plato?  The Wachowski Brothers?  And,
2)  The complete and total lack of any scholarly attention paid to the Titor posts specifically or time travel in general.  Yes, there are scientists publishing on both sides of the argument:  “Time travel is impossible” and “Time travel is possible.”  But literally nobody had done any real research into the Titor story or the very real signs of time travel happening now.  Sure, there were many who came up with pieces of evidence as the appeared through time since Titor had made his posts, and these people are not to be diminished.  Invariably though, their conclusions were more based on their subjective beliefs and biases than any solid foundation of evidence.  But up to 2010 and the publication of Conviction of a Time Traveler there had been no attempt to ever tie it all together and create, what one time traveler termed, “the perfect argument.”  How could this be? 
   My education and research has not stopped since publication; I continue to learn new things about the true reality of time travel and I am amazed at almost how easy it has become to find its hallmarks and signposts.  Yes, I still have head scratcher questions, but these mysteries are lost on the Titor fanatics out there who foolishly continue to question if Titor was “real” in spite of all the evidence that they themselves have compiled.
In one sense, I pity them in that they do not realize how truly magical our world is because they remain focused on the shadows on the cave wall, never realizing the true origins of that light forming the shadows.  
   Since publication I have endeavored to show those the light from outside the cave.  To demonstrate in any number of online forums dedicated to Time Travel that the question is orders of magnitude larger than merely the gloom and doom posts of a time traveler from 13 years in our past.  
   But in order for these gems to truly be understood, to be truly digested and become an emotional part of their understanding and not a mere intellectual piece of data, those who would listen must learn these things on their own.  If they were to simply be given the information, no value would be placed upon it.  Any piece of information given would be drowned out by the truly global internet experience and the chaotic mash up of information and conflicting ideas and theories.  
   But people want answers, not just more questions!  Unfortunately for those who are not willing to do the real analytical work my questions were meant to inspire, they never realized that my questions were not questions to be answered.  They were questions meant to foster new avenues of thought.  
   Some days ago, in an attempt to foster these new avenues of thought on the forum Paranormalis, my posts were deliberately deleted.  I was truly disappointed by this action in that I expected, and attempted to facilitate, a high-level discussion as it pertains to the time travel question.  It was not to be so. 
   As I learned, with the multitude of discussions regarding John Titor and time travel in general, surprisingly many are not interested in the actual truth of time travel, nor are they interested in anything that might disturb the carefully laid conclusions they have constructed for themselves.  Even if those conclusions are lies, they are lies they are comfortable with.  And no amount of gentle nudges in any other direction can be allowed. 
Temporal Recon

One thought on “I Will Fight No More, Forever

  1. Fascinating article. And while it is true that most people focus more on the messenger than the message, you should be assured that the message does reach people.

    At least the ones who need to hear it.

    Most people are not capable of thinking themselves out of a paper bag only because they are distracted by other things.

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