Do You Know What the Third Amendment Protects You From?

In 2000, John Titor was asked how, in the run up to the Second American Civil War, people would be able to identify who was “the enemy.”  John responded with the following:

“They will be the ones arresting and holding people without due process”
John Titor
With this in mind, I present the following article.  Not as “proof,” but rather merely as an example.  It appears tragically ironic that while the event happened in 2011, it was published on July 4.
One must wonder:  What outrages the colonists must have endured to prompt them to include the third ammendment and codify it most stringently within our founding document…

July 4, 2013
Henderson police arrested a family for refusing to let officers use their homes as lookouts for a domestic violence investigation of their neighbors, the family claims in court.
Former Police Chief Jutta Chambers
Anthony Mitchell and his parents Michael and Linda Mitchell sued the City of Henderson, its Police Chief Jutta Chambers, Officers Garret Poiner, Ronald Feola, Ramona Walls, Angela Walker, and Christopher Worley, and City of North Las Vegas and its Police Chief Joseph Chronister, in Federal Court.
Henderson, pop. 257,000, is a suburb of Las Vegas.
The Mitchell family’s claim includes Third Amendment violations, a rare claim in the United States. The Third Amendment prohibits quartering soldiers in citizens’ homes in times of peace without the consent of the owner. …
“Although plaintiff Anthony Mitchell was lying motionless on the ground and posed no threat, officers, including Officer David Cawthorn, then fired multiple ‘pepperball’ rounds at plaintiff as he lay defenseless on the floor of his living room. Anthony Mitchell was struck at least three times by shots fired from close range, injuring him and causing him severe pain.” (Parentheses in complaint.)
Officers then arrested him for obstructing a police officer, searched the house and moved furniture without his permission and set up a place in his home for a lookout, Mitchell says in the complaint.
More on Police Chief Jutta Chambers
A more complete account of the event here

3 thoughts on “Do You Know What the Third Amendment Protects You From?

  1. That's right John Titor did say that the ones arresting people without due process are the bad guys and their sure seems to be allot of that happening these days.

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