Inviolate Free Will – A Response

I enjoy writing these essays only as inspiration may spur me to set my thoughts to virtual paper.  I do not write these essays to increase my ranking or revenue.  The interludes between essays are testament! Rather, these essays act as an unlikely record and demonstration of my interest as well as possible insights. I am hopeful that these essays raise the quality of our discussion. And, by extension, its thoughtful inquiry.
The actual audience for these niched essays is decidedly small and very specialized and I recognize this reality.  But I find value in a focused discussion to this small audience. Quality and depth thusly are obtained. On the other hand, unfocused or generalized “broadcasts” of information to undifferentiated masses might be of less utility.  There may be value in this method under circumstances unknown to me. Surgical and subtle might be better.
But let’s get on with it…

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