Jules Verne, John Titor and the Collective Unconscious

What does Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and John Titor have in common?
More than you might think…

In addition to my interest and research into the time travel question, I also have a passing interest in the Hollow Earth Theory.  While I readily admit that the argument against the Hollow Earth Theory is formidable in light of current planetary and scientific “accepted knowledge,” I feel that there is enough compelling, first-person narrative testimony to warrant more than a cursory glance and quick dismissal of the evidence.  I’m sure Admiral Byrd was not merely recording his hallucinations.  So, in idle moments, you might find me looking into this interesting question of a ‘planetary geode.’
 But this essay is not on the merits of the various Hollow Earth Theories that have been floating around since late 1800’s.  Rather, it is the exploration of the idea that there may be a nexus between the time travel question and the Hollow Earth theory. But what nexus could these two seemingly disparate topics possibly hold? Let me explain:
 First a bit of background
While looking into notable persons involved with the Hollow Earth Theory, I ran across a man from the late 1800’s named Cyrus Reed Teed (b. 1839).  According to Wikipedia, Teed was an American physician and alchemist who later started a small religious movement which he named “Koreshanity.”  Part of his philosophy included a form of the Hollow Earth theory wherein the Earth and sky actually reside within the inner surface of a yet-larger sphere.  This was how Teed surfaced in my own research.
Teed started the Koreshan Unity, a commune in New York which later moved to Estero, Florida.  Teed’s movement reached its zenith in the early 1900’s but eventually died out after his own death in 1908. 
Teed died as a result of an altercation with one Marshal Sanchez who “pistol-whipped” him; causing him injuries that he never fully recovered from and which were a causative factor in Teed’s eventual death.
It merits mentioning at this point that when Teed started his movement in 1869 claiming to be the new messiah, he changed his name to “Koresh.”
As many of you, I find this small tidbit of information quite interesting. And for those of you who are unaware, this was not the first example in history of a religious cult leader taking the name “Koresh.” 
Vernon Wayne Howell (b. 1959) was the leader of a religious sect, called the Branch Davidians.  Interstingly, Howell also took the name “Koresh” (David Koresh, to be specific).  While D. Koresh did not start his particular sect, per se, he eventually did become its leader.  As did Teed over 100 years previous, David Koresh established a religious community, but D. Koresh established it in Waco, Texas and called it the Mount Carmel Center.
Later, in 1993 David Koresh and many of his followers were killed by US Federal Agents when they attacked the Mount Carmel Center.
As most will undoubtedly notice, the similarities between the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas and the Koreshans in Estero Florida are startling.
Consider the following parallels
The Name Change:
-Vernon Wayne Howell (b. 1959) changed his name to David Koresh in 1990.
-Cyrus Reed Teed (b. 1839)  changed his name to simply “Koresh” in 1869
 Leading a Religious Movement:
-Howell (David Koresh), believing himself to be a prophet, led a religious sect and named it after his own name, calling it the Branch Davidians.
-Teed (Koresh), believing himself to be a messiah, founded a new religious sect in 1869 and named it after his own name, calling it “Koreshanity”
The Establishment of a Religious Compound:
-Howell (D. Koresh) established a religious community in Waco, Texas.
-Teed (Koresh) established a religious community in Estero, Florida
The Leader’s Demise by Law Enforcement:
-Howell (D. Koresh) died at the hand of federal agents in an armed standoff in 1993
-Teed (Koresh) died at the hand of a federal agent involving firearms in 1908.
These similarities between Teed and Howell (Koresh and D. Koresh) are, objectively speaking, startling to say the least.  How is it possible that two men, separated by 120 years would both lead a religious sect, would both take the name Koresh and would both die in altercations with Federal Law Enforcement? Is it possible that there is some larger context at play?
Some could say that this is merely an example of a highly unusual coincidence. Others could say that this is an example of reincarnation.  Others might provide some, as yet unknown, explanation.  It is important to state here that I am not asking for, nor am I in search of, an explanation or conclusion to how these two men’s lives could have been so eerily similar. 
Rather, I am asking the reader to simply acknowledge that some larger factor is likely at play here; simply acknowledge the mystery.  Even in the event that this is ‘merely’ a coincidence, the question should still be asked: What factors and machinations would have had to have been put into motion to actually allow for such a coincidence?
Is there something common to the two men that underpin their striking similarity? Is it possible that their commonality is also common to us all? The answer is a resounding yes. Human Consciousness.
Switching gears for a moment, I have long held that one aspect of the John Titor story, and the time travel question in general, that goes largely unexamined by many in the online community is the role and influence that Human Consciousness plays within the time travel context and upon the time travelers themselves.  I have stated elsewhere that it appears that Human Consciousness is the one factor we all share in any and all human interactions and endeavors and it has been that way for literally all of human history.  While we cannot directly ‘observe’ consciousness in the general sense, we cannot escape its influence. It would appear that Consciousness is the ocean in which we swim.
Switching back to our original story of the two Koresh’s, is it possible that the incredible parallels between these two men are an example of the impact that consciousness has on our own actions (and possibly the consciousness of ‘others’) in general? Can we use this incredible ‘coincidence’ as indirect evidence for this subtle influence and impact? Thinking larger still, we can ask:
-Is there really any such thing as ‘the other?’
-Is this example of the two Koresh’s in our history an example of history repeating itself?  Is there no escape from this?
If this is so, we can then infer that this influence and impact transcends time and any individual universe.
Once we broach this possibility, we can now apply this to our ‘Grand Equation,’ one small part of which is comprised of the John Titor posts.  As some will recall, Titor mentioned that scientists of his time attribute the deja-vuexperience to information passing between a ‘you’ on another world line to the you here on this universe. 
Oliver Williams, the current John Titor docent and archivist of the John Titor posts added in an interview with Art Bell (undated) that John said that deja-vuwas a future memory from another you on another universe which is ‘transmitted’ to the you here on this universe.  While I believe Williams misremembered Titor’s actual statement on the subject, I will not argue its merits; I feel Williams intuition regarding this is probably more correct than even Titor’s own statement.
But what I wish to highlight here is the fundamental principal the two are both illustrating: the transmission of information between two conscious beings across two ‘different’ universes. We have all experienced deja-vu, so the existence of this phenomena is unquestioned, it happens. But the question remains, from whence does the information come? Titor says the information comes from you yourself, just not ‘here,’ and not ‘yet.’
If, in our rhetorical argument we can now accept that:
1) Multiple World Interpretation is real and there are an infinite number of universes in existence
2) Deja-vu exists to everyone, everywhere and has for all of human history
3) Human Consciousness is real
4) Future researchers will theorize that, accepting the déjà vu is real, it is information from those other universes
5) Information from those other universes is transmitted between the ‘same’ being (you1 and you2) via deja-vu.
6) The similarity of the two Koresh’s is inexplicable in typical, ‘local’ terms but can be explained by information transference between universes, then…
is it possible that not only information is being transferred between universes, between the ‘same’ individuals, but also influence between different individuals?  
More simply stated, is it possible to cause a person in our future or past to take an action by non-local information transmission alone?

Bringing the topic back to a more prosaic context (if there is such a thing), we can ask a ‘simpler’ question:  

What influence and impact do time travelers experience themselves when traversing those self-same universes?
I offer no answers in this regard, only polite curiosity and food for thought.

2 thoughts on “Jules Verne, John Titor and the Collective Unconscious

  1. Thanks Temporal Recon for your continued posts and support of possibilities with regard to the Titor phenomena. It is refreshing to read all of your posts. Thanks again.

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