QEG Test

A test of a free energy prototype in Morocco.
See more here: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/04/30/free-energy-live-in-action-this-is-breathtaking-as-science-is-being-re-written/


Stone Age missed in 2012 by One Week…

The primary reason for writing Conviction of a Time Traveler was to counteract the flimsy and irresponsible debunking of the John Titor story over the previous decade.  Whether it be a solar storm or a nuclear winter, is your gas can full?



In other news, I am currently working on a new essay on the best piece of investigatory work about time travel I have ever read. Stay Tuned!


Rebooting the People

crumblingA word to the wise: there is nothing so dangerous as a wounded and cornered animal,

or Government.

The System of Control that has ruled for centuries, is crumbling. It is now becoming more and more apparent to the general population that the Liberty that the American People thought they had was a mere ghost of what was intended; eroded over many years of inattention and complacency. What the American People and the world thought was Liberty was, in fact, an illusion, a false choice between one type of servitude or another. The slave’s master never changed, only the gilding of his chains.

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Of UFO’s and Time Travelers

ufo  Titor once mused that, while UFO’s were just as much a mystery to him as to us, he thought the possibility existed that they could be time travelers from our shared, extreme far future coming back for a visit of their own.

  Of course, I suppose if you’re a time traveler, you are likely to ascribe a time travel context to just about everything, like a hammer looking for a nail. But, considering his expanded perspective, who are we to judge?

  Nonetheless, if we entertain the notion that UFO’s are piloted by time travelers from so far in our future that even their aims themselves would be alien to us (to say nothing of their appearance), what do we suppose could be happening here?

   My own theories here are that, since the “shot” appears to be coming from the UFO, the implication is that the pilots are imparting some effect to the chemtrail rather than collecting some effect.  Logically thinking though, any effect that they impart to the chemtrail would (apparently) be localized.  The obvious question then might be, “what use would it be to effect only such a small sample of the chemtrail?” Unless of course, the effect were happening at a nuclear level as that of a nuclear chain reaction similar to a nuclear detonation (without the obvious high energy fireworks, of course).

   Speculation and brainstorming are fun and work to solve the enigmas the plague us by talking out all possibilities, discarding some and keeping others

Don’t you find it interesting that we aren’t even considering that they aren’t UFO’s?


The Secret is Safe

controlling humanity It is growing more and more obvious to many that we, as a race (The Human Race, that is), are subject to a system of control; a system that has been in place for a very long time. You can call them Kings, Popes, the Illuminati, the Shadow Government or as the Wachowski brothers called it, simply “The Matrix.”  As stated in a previous essay (The Slumbering Slave), only now are we waking to the possibility that this system even exists and only now are we straining against those chains that bind us.

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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

On September 12, Dr. Kaku spoke.  His talk promptly began at 730pm at a prominent private location here. He spoke of new technologies and then he plotted the likely trajectory of those technologies into the future.  The talk was meant to accompany the publication of his book, “Physics of the Future,” and he opened with some very funny jokes.  As I sat listening to Dr. Kaku, it became quite obvious that he enjoys public speaking very much, even though there were some glitches at the beginning of his talk.  Ultimately I was a bit disappointed in the lecture, not because it was uninteresting or boring, but rather because of my own expectations, I likely was expecting a talk that was more insightful into current discoveries.  

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Where Are the Whistleblowers?

Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar

For anyone interested in esoteric topics, much of the information that we have (or think we have) is usually provided to us by whistleblowers or informants with direct or indirect knowledge of the topic. For example, there are any number of people who have come forward claiming to have worked at Area 51, or a purported underground base in Dulce New Mexico or some other ‘Above Top Secret’ military program.  A good example of this is Bob Lazar.

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