Where Are the Whistleblowers?

Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar

For anyone interested in esoteric topics, much of the information that we have (or think we have) is usually provided to us by whistleblowers or informants with direct or indirect knowledge of the topic. For example, there are any number of people who have come forward claiming to have worked at Area 51, or a purported underground base in Dulce New Mexico or some other ‘Above Top Secret’ military program.  A good example of this is Bob Lazar.

Bob Lazar came to prominence in the mid to late 90’s when he publicly claimed to have been employed at the US Military’s top secret installation, S4.  Bob went on to claim that he had direct knowledge of alien spacecraft and their inner workings because he was specifically hired to help reverse engineer the spacecraft’s propulsion system; pretty incredible if you ask me and earth shattering in its implications if true.

Interestingly, the general quality and profile of the evidence that Lazar provided is actually fairly similar to that provided by our friend, John Titor.  Lazar was obviously well-versed in physics, gravity and the like and could speak physics at an educated level.  It was obvious to many who interacted with him that Lazar was knowledgeable about physics topics; just as our friend Titor.

Another similarity between Lazar and Titor is that nearly all official records of Lazar’s educational background were unavailable or nonexistent.  According to Lazar, that educational background was erased, removed or otherwise obfuscated by his former employer when he came forward, first to his friend, John Lear, and later the world.  Lacking this educational backstop we, as an audience, were forced to judge Lazar’s veracity on what he said and the fluency with which he told his story.   Lazar, by most accounts, passed this hurdle easily.

In similar fashion, Titor also spoke on highly technical topics with the general public and in the same vein as Lazar.  Also, similar to the Lazar episode, Titor could provide no evidence of being trained in the topics relevant to advanced physics, but was completely willing to engage in highly technical conversation on the topic.  Again, we were forced to judge Titor, not on his credentials from any particular university or training program, but rather on what he said and the fluency of how he said it.  By most accounts, Titor did not make any glaring or obvious mistakes in his online posts as it pertains to generally accepted physics axioms (as axiomatic as physics can be at any point in time and subject to our own understanding at that time).

And yet, while Titor and Lazar were primarily speaking in the same terms, about similar topics and coming to generally similar conclusions, many ‘believed’ Lazar while many didn’t ‘believe’ Titor.  Why was this?

And please bear in mind that I am not speaking from a perspective of someone trying to convince my readership that Titor was a real time traveler.  The book, Conviction of a Time Traveler has already made that argument.  I am merely musing on the sociological question of why, given two similar circumstances and two similar stories both lacking similar evidence, we choose to believe one thing and not another, even though they are outwardly the same or similar. Is the idea of aliens traveling in exotic spacecraft, visiting the Earth and secretly interacting with our governments actually less disturbing than the ability to travel to 1975 and pick up some rare computer hardware? Don’t you find that interesting?

 But getting back to the topic at hand and more in line with the title of this essay, “Where are the Whistleblowers?” …

Lazar, by any estimate, can be considered a “Whistleblower.”  And, as shown above, we as an audience, have assigned him credibility and chosen to believe him.

What we know (and think we know) about John Titor and the Time Travel program, we only know because of what we have been able to put together on our own and through statements made online by the actual, legitimate and active time travelers themselves.

I have realized that at no point in my own research have I discovered a legitimate time traveler legitimately blowing the whistle on the time travel program itself.  Why is that?

Is their dental plan that good?

 And it should be said at this point that I am incredibly encouraged by this latest realization.  It proves to me that the time travel program is inherently (and admittedly subjectively adjudged to be) a “good” organization that appears to provide its participants a very real sense of important work for problems that are worthy of their sacrifice.  Either that or the program kills all its participants… I choose to believe the former.

 Some of you, at this point, will undoubtedly draw my attention to the now-famous claims of the man Andrew Basiago.  Mr. Basiago claims to have been recruited into a secret government time travel program called “Project Pegasus” as a child by his father.  During his time in the program, Basiago claims to have been present during Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and has even provided photographic evidence to back up his claim.

 Mr. Basiago has further claimed (blown the whistle?) that not

only was he involved in a secret time travel program but also that that technology was also used for interstellar (inter-planetary, rather) travel wherein he claims to have traveled to Mars.  He also further states that he saw a young Barack Obama on one of these trips.

Are Mr. Basiago’s claims credible?  Is Mr. Basiago really a veteran and whistleblower of a secret government time travel program? I am well aware that there are many out there who are desirous of me to render a judgment of Mr. Basiago and his claims. While many will disagree with my personal opinion in this regard, I will state that it is not my place to render a judgment on anyone.  Doing this only acts to remove the responsibility from others considering Mr. Basiago’s (or others’) claims, to take in all the facts that they can and simply decide for themselves.

Mine is not the job to provide you with your opinions.

This stance will undoubtedly disappoint many, but perhaps you should consider it a challenge to do the work and to rely on your own judgment and gut feeling. There are indeed mysteries in the universe that merit your time.

The purpose of this essay was not to render judgment on Mr. Basiago (“Convict him” as it were), but rather to simply highlight that his claim is to be the only example of a whistleblower from a time travel program.

How rare is that?

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