Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

On September 12, Dr. Kaku spoke.  His talk promptly began at 730pm at a prominent private location here. He spoke of new technologies and then he plotted the likely trajectory of those technologies into the future.  The talk was meant to accompany the publication of his book, “Physics of the Future,” and he opened with some very funny jokes.  As I sat listening to Dr. Kaku, it became quite obvious that he enjoys public speaking very much, even though there were some glitches at the beginning of his talk.  Ultimately I was a bit disappointed in the lecture, not because it was uninteresting or boring, but rather because of my own expectations, I likely was expecting a talk that was more insightful into current discoveries.  


   But the evening was not wasted. Even though the auditorium was packed, luckily I had a good seat.  My seat was coincidentally next to a man interested as I was in the many, larger universal questions. So we struck up an interesting conversation regarding a variety of interesting physics questions and, truth be told, he provided some great head scratchers.  One might say that by speaking to him, I could separate the wheat from the chaff in the auditorium; Dr. Kaku kept saying “In the future, you’ll be able to…”  And so many in the auditorium seemed quite content to listen to these informed proclamations by Dr. Kaku; and their interest didn’t really seem to desire any more depth than hearing about the “World of Tomorrow.”

   Please understand, I realize the limitations. Limitations placed on Dr. Kaku due to time constraints and his audience.  Kaku shouldn’t get technical; keep it interesting for the public, otherwise he would do more harm than good.  Of course, by virtue of these constraints, Kaku cannot delve as deeply as I likely would have hoped, as well as my new friend. He obviously had a deeper interest in this topic, though I am unsure if he was as unsatisfied with Kaku’s talk as I was, I regret not continuing our conversation.  I must wonder where our further conversation would have probably led, I suspect that it likely would have gone in some very interesting directions, perhaps, hopefully soon, we will meet again and continue our interesting discussion.
Separating the wheat from the chaff.

One thought on “Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

  1. My expectations of a speaker at his level would also be high, so it is no surprise that there was some disappointment. What is surprising though is that everyone else seemed perfectly contect with the “status quo” version. Perhaps you and your new friend were the only two tall blades of grass in the audience.

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