The Secret is Safe

controlling humanity It is growing more and more obvious to many that we, as a race (The Human Race, that is), are subject to a system of control; a system that has been in place for a very long time. You can call them Kings, Popes, the Illuminati, the Shadow Government or as the Wachowski brothers called it, simply “The Matrix.”  As stated in a previous essay (The Slumbering Slave), only now are we waking to the possibility that this system even exists and only now are we straining against those chains that bind us.

As is normal in this day and age, pessimism rules supreme.  As a matter of fact, pessimistically speaking, we can say that the System of control in place now has only gotten stronger over time.

How depressing! Is there no hope? All things being equal, are we to be merely relegated to an existence of soft slavery? Even Titor himself alluded to this in a chat he had online with Pamela and others.  Specifically he said [emphasis mine]:

“…Evil is stupid…they just have the money right now. Your enemy believes with all their heart that you are not really human. You are a means by which money flows to them after you buy their packed rubber dog !^%#* manufactured in Taiwan…”

-John Titor

 But all things are decidedly not equal.  With the knowledge that time travel is real, we are not limited to this very human tendency called pessimism.

With this understanding, we can change our perspective and think backwards from the previous ‘control has only gotten stronger’ statement.We can also say that the System was, in fact, weaker in previous eras!  Specifically speaking, whatever System of control that is in place now which filters real and impactful information out of the public square would have been, by default, less ‘in place’ and less ‘strong’ earlier in our history; but weaker only in relation to its current state.

Let me explain:

Reconquista map

La Reconquista

What if we were to compare the System’s capabilities of control in 1492 and compare it to the regular, retail technology of 2014? Even as tightly controlled and monitored as we are in 2014, we, as a people with access to our technology, would be able to run circles around the System of the late 15th century.


La Reconquista by Los Reyes Catolicos

Just imagine being able to send a warning instantly via a technology as low-tech as Morse-Code and the telegraph in 1492?  You could send a message, instantly, to your Muslim Khalifs along the border of Castilla and warn them that the Spanish were about to kick you off the Iberian Peninsula.  Imagine the crushing advantage you would have on the Popes’, or literally any King’s, ability to marshal and deploy his armies!

The point I am making here is, the System is only as strong as the era in which it exists allows it to be and relative to the people it aims to control.  Stated another way, earlier in our history whatever measures and controls that were instituted by that same System of control were sufficient to hide, bury or control “real” or impactful information from the people of that time.

(The obvious implication here is not just that “Knowledge is Power,” but that “Knowledge is the Ultimate Power.”  How can a slave free himself if he doesn’t even see the chains that bind him?)

Handwritten Scolls

Handwritten Scolls

But time marches forward. The universe is not static and unmoving.  And with that forward motion through our future history, new technologies arise that inevitably work to threaten the System’s position of power and control.  As such, the System must institute new controls to combat and account for those new technologies and subsequently control them.  I am thinking specifically of the internet here, but it equally applies to television and even earlier still, radio all the way back to moveable type and the first Printing Press by Mr. Gutenburg.

The Printing Press

The Printing Press

But the appearance of this new technology (The Internet) not only allows us to investigate current topics of interest (Justin Bieber, Hillary Clinton or if the Jets beat the spread), but it also allows us to easily provide and retrieve information that was posted, by others, from our history (Alexander the Great, the Pyramids, Indian Tribes in the Americas).

imagesNormally, information dangerous to the System could have remained buried in some far flung library somewhere or forgotten, filtered or lost forever. But with the advent of the Internet and the free flow of all information (past and present), that information now becomes available literally to the entire planet. It would appear Encyclopedia Britannica lost its monopoly on being the ultimate arbiters and purveyors of what they deem to be impactful information.

The Hendershot Fuelless Generator

The Hendershot Fuelless Generator

Take for example an invention I recently discovered, thanks to the Internet and the free flow of information: The Hendershot Fuelless Generator.  Now, I make no claims (yet) as to its efficacy.  But I do draw your attention to the fact that this piece of equipment, invented in the 1930’s, would have remained lost to history if someone had not rediscovered it and posted its plans and schematics on the internet.

My point here is that the invention and development of the Internet must, and will likely, be considered the single most important development in all of Human History, in terms of its impact. Evidence of this is all around us and has become so ubiquitous that it has become almost invisible.  In line with the topic of this essay thus far, I will also say that the Internet is, or will be under direct threat from the System to institute some manner of control over it.  What would our world look like if the Internet never existed? Even more frightening, what would our world look like if the Internet did exist on Monday, but did not on Tuesday? What then?

But I digress…

If we can search out (and find!) historical information that has been buried and hidden for so long with a simple search on Google, what does this imply?  What can we infer from this within the context of time travel’s reality?

And it is the answer to this question that causes me to write this now.

This gets a bit complicated, so please take your time here:

The Sphinx and Pyramids as they appeared before excavation - c. 1850

The Sphinx and Pyramids as they appeared before excavation – c. 1850

If we assume today that the reasons to bury, hide, obfuscate or similarly deny truly impactful information that the System had in previous eras are still valid, then we can also assume that the current disclosure of that same impactful information is similarly contrary to the System’s aims.

Stated another way, if the System wanted to hide the true builders of the pyramids in the 1850’s, then it stands to reason that the System still wants to hide the true builders of the pyramids in 2014. Granted, I fully acknowledge that this is a large assumption which does not account for the unknown goals and machinations of the System, but generally speaking I believe this assumption is a fairly solid one.

Nonetheless, if the above is true, doesn’t it make sense then that the System would continue to endeavor to keep that old and hidden information from becoming known now? Doesn’t it also make sense then that the System would use every tool at its disposal (at present) to prevent disclosure of previously buried information? This is a good reason why I consider information that was discovered earlier in our history as ‘purer’ and ‘more free’ of the filter that the System would have applied at that time.  Specifically, information from 1930 will have less of a filter applied to it than information presented to us in 2014. Of course, the act of burying the information, or filtering out the truly impactful bits was likely sufficient at the time, but not as compared to the capabilities of us, here and now, in 2014.

With this in mind then, there are some who claim that secret time travel programs are in existence now. But if the System has access to time travel technology, doesn’t it stand to reason that the System would utilize that ultimate power to further their aims of ensuring and solidifying their own control? Time Travel is the ultimate technology.  There is nothing stronger; this cannot be understated.

The answer is a resounding YES! There can be no other option.  Power does not give up its position willingly.

With this in mind then, isn’t it plausible that, if the System has access to the time travel technology, they likely would go back in time and work to strengthen the measures that were previously taken to hide or destroy truly impactful information, thus avoiding disclosure later via the Internet, and by extension threaten their position of Power?

Granted, the controls they took in 1930 to hide or bury the Hendershot Fuelless Generator (as one possible example) were sufficient in 1930 and remained sufficient for 75 years.  But now this information is out and being spread far and wide. If the System wanted to hide this technology in 1930, wouldn’t they want to continue this and keep it from becoming known in 2014? By going back in time, the System could work to avoid, halt or prevent this disclosure later; or even more nefarious, erase the technology altogether.

But what we are currently seeing is directly contradictory to this hypothesis.  The disclosure of previously unknown or not-well-known technologies today vis a vis the Hendershot Generator, Ancient Civilizations etc. is happening now. Doesn’t this imply that the System is failing to prevent these disclosures?

Can we then reasonably infer that the System does not have access to Time Travel Technology by virtue of the fact that we ARE aware of previously hidden or obfuscated information?

And more importantly: Is this a good reason for optimism in light of this likelihood?

By extension, can we now also assume that anyone claiming the existence of a secret government time travel program is most likely lying?

It must be said that the Time Travel Technology is the ultimate technology. As I mentioned in my previous essay, it would appear that the current holders of this technology are working towards aims that are orders of magnitude greater than some simplistic, nationalistic model that many believe in.  Also, it appears that they are definitively not part of the current System of Control we are now becoming aware of.  Furthermore, it appears they are working upon a stage that encompasses Humanity itself, and quite possibly, larger than that. To be counted among this number must be a humbling honor.

As Ever

Temporal Recon


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