Of UFO’s and Time Travelers

ufo  Titor once mused that, while UFO’s were just as much a mystery to him as to us, he thought the possibility existed that they could be time travelers from our shared, extreme far future coming back for a visit of their own.

  Of course, I suppose if you’re a time traveler, you are likely to ascribe a time travel context to just about everything, like a hammer looking for a nail. But, considering his expanded perspective, who are we to judge?

  Nonetheless, if we entertain the notion that UFO’s are piloted by time travelers from so far in our future that even their aims themselves would be alien to us (to say nothing of their appearance), what do we suppose could be happening here?

   My own theories here are that, since the “shot” appears to be coming from the UFO, the implication is that the pilots are imparting some effect to the chemtrail rather than collecting some effect.  Logically thinking though, any effect that they impart to the chemtrail would (apparently) be localized.  The obvious question then might be, “what use would it be to effect only such a small sample of the chemtrail?” Unless of course, the effect were happening at a nuclear level as that of a nuclear chain reaction similar to a nuclear detonation (without the obvious high energy fireworks, of course).

   Speculation and brainstorming are fun and work to solve the enigmas the plague us by talking out all possibilities, discarding some and keeping others

Don’t you find it interesting that we aren’t even considering that they aren’t UFO’s?



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