Rebooting the People

crumblingA word to the wise: there is nothing so dangerous as a wounded and cornered animal,

or Government.

The System of Control that has ruled for centuries, is crumbling. It is now becoming more and more apparent to the general population that the Liberty that the American People thought they had was a mere ghost of what was intended; eroded over many years of inattention and complacency. What the American People and the world thought was Liberty was, in fact, an illusion, a false choice between one type of servitude or another. The slave’s master never changed, only the gilding of his chains.

titor insigniaTitor, while he was here, made quite a few comments regarding a variety of topics. Specifically, one of the statements that John made 14 years ago that seems eerily prescient now was:

“The year 2008 was a general date by which time everyone will realize the world they thought they were living in was over. The civil war in the United States will start in 2004. I would describe it as having a Waco type event every month that steadily gets worse. The conflict will consume everyone in the US by 2012 and end in 2015 with a very short WWIII.”                                                – John Titor

wacoI believe we can we now say that the has just been witness to another “Waco type event” in Nevada, regardless of whether the Federal Government assaulted Mr. Bundy yet or not. Make no mistake, the Federal Government, the System, will brook no resistance to its jealously guarded position. It should be apparent to any observer that when the Federal Government must force compliance of its subjects at the barrel of a gun, it has lost its legitimacy.


This essay is not to be a mere deconstruction of the Titor posts and comparing “predictions” to actual events.  I would hope that many reading this blog might recognize the contents herein to be of a different stripe than those that have gone before. More should be expected.

Instead, I would prefer to observe and comment on the current events in Nevada and speculate on how they fit within the larger context of the rebirth that John lived through and commented on in 2000.

Specifically, I recently commented to a close and dear friend that no real and permanent change to (or complete dismantlement of!) the System can happen until the people themselves recognize their servitude and understand their responsibility in safeguarding what they have been given.  As such, any “rebirth” would require a complete “reboot” of the people themselves.

13563-universum_cropped_2_1_1_1_1_1Furthermore, this reboot can’t simply happen on a purely intellectual level.  Rather, this new understanding would have to be felt; it would need to be a visceral and emotional knowing and, of course, this type of knowledge can only come from direct experience.

Also any reboot of the people must also be accompanied by the means to make the change as well as the opportunity to make such a change.  What we are witness to now, for those with eyes to see, is the confluence of these three requirements: Perception, Means and Opportunity.

But how do the events in Nevada intersect with our own rebirth?

tortoiseSimply stated and at its core, the Federal government feels it is within its rights to kill Cliven Bundy and the men and women who come to his aid so that they may (according to the Federal Government) preserve the environment for the Desert Tortoise (if this story is to be believed at all). The Federal Government’s argument in this regard is that the habitat of the Desert Tortoise is more precious than a man’s life, and the rule of “law” will prevail, dead or alive.

But some interesting developments have happened in recent days:

reid solarOne development is the implication of Senator Harry Reid’s (D-NV) direct involvement in a Chinese initiative to build a Solar Energy Plant on the land that Mr. Bundy uses to graze his cattle.  As should be old hat by now, follow the money.

Mr. Reid has confirmed his own involvement in the events in Nevada.  Mr. Reid has recently stated that

“Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it.  So it’s not over,” 

By virtue of the fact that Mr. Reid has publicly commented on the fact that “this is not over” he implicates himself and explicitly states that he has a personal stake in the outcome of the standoff. How is this possible? How is Harry Reid different from any of the other 99 Senators? Of course, it should be obvious to any reading this blog that Mr. Reid likely did not intend to make this admission, but he did and it will be engraved on the internet until the end of time.  Quite a legacy.

While the man in this picture was likely killed by his government, this image and this one man's decision has become a symbol to the rest of the world.

While the man in this picture was likely killed by his government, this image and this one man’s decision has become a symbol to the rest of the world.

What is truly serendipitous about this revelation is that in the heat of the standoff (which I watched along with the rest of the world), a thought occurred to me: the heavy handed tactics employed by (can we now say?) Harry Reid’s Army were strikingly reminiscent of tactics employed by the Chinese Government itself. My intuition was confirmed when it was revealed that the Chinese were deeply involved in the situation by virtue of the previously undisclosed land deal.

More importantly though:

chinese flagHow do the BLM and other Law Enforcement agents feel with the revelation that they are not fighting for the rule of law or even the lowly Desert Tortoise, but rather for the Red Chinese Army?

Knowledge is an empowering thing. But it is only so powerful as there exists a means to put that empowerment into action. The world has just been given an example of the power the citizenry have when they are armed with information, an ideal and the means to defend them both.

Bundy and Supporters stare down Federal Agents

Bundy and Supporters stare down Federal Agents

The American People are now directly experiencing the lessons that were learned by John Adams’ and John Titor’s generation. What now must come next, in a larger sense, is the Opportunity to make the necessary changes and dismantle the old System of Control.


I have spoken before of the efforts by others to educate the citizenry on their rights and history.  KrisAnne Hall is a constitutional lawyer who gives lectures, seminars and classes around the country. She has commented extensively on the current situation in Nevada as well as other constitutional questions that pervade our country today. While it is “conventional wisdom” that the federal government owns land, Mrs. Hall demonstrates that Federal ownership of land is illegal and unconstitutional and not supported by law. And yet, the states have relinquished their sovereignty over the years time and time again, resulting in the following graphic:

fed gov land ownership

One must wonder, are the “residents” of Nevada residents of Nevada or Washington DC? If I were to make a bet, I would bet that one aspect of the rebirth that John Titor spoke of in 2000 will be the abolition (or extreme curtailment) of federal land ownership.

World-Wide-WebCapitalizing and leveraging the unique power that people of our era possess (yet take for granted), the Bundy family has begun communicating with the world via the World Wide Web and a blog that they have created.  You may learn more about the situation in Nevada firsthand, free of the biases and filters put in place by those who would subjugate them.  Go here to learn more.

As Ever,

Temporal Recon


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