Iron Sharpens Iron – The Story of Rudolph Fentz, Solved


rod-taylor-time-machineThe idea that time travel is real, happening now and has been a part of the human experience for hundreds of years (at least) is staggering. The implications are so far reaching that I am at a loss to find anything that would be so impactful.  But are there other ways to travel through time other than by mechanical means?

BTTFOne aspect of the time travel question that I have come to discover is that time travel via mechanical means is likely not the only way it can happen. There are stories, first-hand accounts from credible people, that describe spontaneous and naturally occurring time travel without a time machine.  Is this possible? Can there exist a means to travel through time without the requisite DeLorian or footlocker-sized box?

What causes this? Can it be manipulated, controlled or predicted? What would its discovery imply in other areas of our understanding of the universe?

One example of what appears to be a natural event of time travel is the story of Rudolph Fentz.

Rudolph_fentz_1Concisely stated, the story of Rudolph Fentz revolves around a man from 1876 who goes out for an evening walk only to find himself in 1950 Manhattan moments later.  While dazed about what seemingly had just happened to him, he is promptly hit by a taxi and killed.

This story can easily be found online and the general outline and profile of the story remains the same with only minor details changed, omitted or added.



When I myself was researching the particulars of this story in the hopes of teasing out a new detail, I happened upon an excellent piece of investigatory writing by a man named Chris Aubek.  Aubek, too, was interested in the Fentz story and dedicated himself to finding its origins.

Authors who actually investigate a topic to learn the truth is rare indeed, especially in the case of esoteric topics.  All too often articles are merely cut and paste renditions of previous articles written elsewhere.  This happens in the mainstream media, local news and the internet.  Original information is rarely to be found and the Time Travel topic is no exception.

So it was with great pleasure I discovered Aubek’s two-part article on the Rudolph Fentz story. The information that Aubek presents in his work about the Fentz story is spectacular.  He was fearless in following the evidence where it led, even in spite of his own desires and hopes for the story and his article is a shining example of true investigatory story telling.

While I may be a little disappointed that the Fentz story does not lead me closer to an answer to spontaneous time travel, I am still encouraged by Aubek’s skills at critical thinking and fearlessness.  Chris Aubek’s work as written in his article is an example of what real skepticism looks like and forces us all to be better. As iron sharpens iron so must one person sharpen another.

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Changing gears for a moment, over the previous 14 years, there have been any number of individuals online who have proclaimed that the time traveler, John Titor, was a hoax.  They provide no evidence whatsoever to support their claims and, as demonstrated in Conviction of a Time Traveler, their pronouncements have been proven spectacularly wrong.

Aubek’s research only serves to further shame those who make these pronouncements that are so irresponsible and flimsy.

I won’t spoil the article by revealing his conclusion.  That would be entirely disrespectful of the hard work the author put into the investigation and the presentation of his results.

I will say this though, and this applies to anyone aspiring to learn the truth about a great mystery:

You must be willing to follow the breadcrumbs of evidence wherever they lead; be not afraid of the truth, embrace it.



Truth lies just around the bend…

As Ever

Temporal Recon


Read the entire article here


2 thoughts on “Iron Sharpens Iron – The Story of Rudolph Fentz, Solved

  1. Thanks for the article. I too like to investigate “time travel”. Besides Titor, I have also been a curious fan of the website. The latest information form the Wingmakers author (james) is this article.
    Though “James” outright claims his writings to be fiction (myth building), he is able to draw attention to his writings because he uses common themes (time travel) and other unexplained aspects of science, religion, and human interaction to draw in the reader.

    I am curious to know if you are familiar with the Wingmakers material, and what your thoughts are in this regard. Especially because you seem to have an open mind, and are able to critically dissect written commentary.

    • Thank you for the kind words. Yes, there is much more to the time travel question than merely the John Titor posts.
      I seem to remember seeing the website some time ago. I have not reviewed their work in any great depth and, as a result, I may likely re-acquaint myself with the site. Thank you for reminding me of it.
      As Ever

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