Storms on the Horizon

noahFor those John Titor fans who also keep up with current events, an interesting series of events transpired in recent days that, if you place them within the Titor context, should act to put you on notice.  Events are happening that should act as signposts to the Titor fans that the status quo will be changing soon.

The majority purpose for writing Conviction of a Time Traveler was to alert people to the fact that Titor was a real time traveler and that he was providing information that could be used to prepare ahead of time.  Personally speaking, I believe this saying says it best:

Noah didn’t wait for it to start raining to build the ark.

stalin airplaneIt appears that on April 30th, the United States was engaged by the Russian Air Force through the offensive use of what appears to be an EMP-type weapon. This attack disrupted air travel operations to such an extent that all flights leaving LAX, SFO and other airports were halted.

Initially, and the article below makes this u2same point, the Air Force denied that the action was an attack and instead merely described the event as a computer glitch; a glitch that required the intervention of Air Force technicians.  The Air Force blamed the glitch on a high flying U-2 spy aircraft but was later disproven as being an outright lie to the American people by its government.

It would appear that those in the halls of power have not yet realized that the half-life of a lie in the Information Age is now measured in terms of hours and days, and not decades or centuries as they are accustomed to.  In a larger sense, I find this encouraging.

Kent State - 1970

Kent State – 1970

I mentioned to a dear friend some days ago that the power of those in authority is inversely proportional to the citizen’s ability to debunk the lies foisted upon them. What we appear to be witnessing in real time, is the slow degradation of the government’s ability to maintain control through lies and deception.  Of course, the natural follow-up question should be, “how does a control structure maintain control when the old systems of control no longer work?” Is there historical evidence that can answer this question?

I will leave learning the details of this latest event to the reader, as I have no further insight into the event that hasn’t already been spoken or written about elsewhere.  Links below will direct you to further information if you are so inclined.

But what I would like to comment on here is that this latest event is a real-world example of what is just over the horizon in our future, and specifically what John Titor described as his own past, which he recounted for us in 2000 and 2001.

emp attackBefore we can take this event seriously, we must first identify it by name: This action by the Russian government was an attack.  One must also bear in mind that not all wars are begun or fought in the fashion that we are accustomed to seeing on the History channel with national frontiers being crossed or nuclear missiles being lobbed over the arctic circle. It could be (and has been) argued that the Cold War was never won or lost, but rather the battlefield on which it was fought merely changed to a more subtle arena.

But with this latest action by the Russian government, it would appear that that subtlety is now rising to the level of direct action on the nation itself.  What can we infer from this?

chessIn the arena of geo-politics in which President Putin plays, a surprise attack, with no precursor actions, would be extremely unlikely.  Before any attack would be launched, (such as what Titor predicted)  the aggressor would want to know one key question: “How will the attacked nation respond?”  By answering this question, the strategists may actually plan their moves and countermoves thus being ahead of any reaction of their adversary.  While John Titor did not necessarily expound much on the precursor events within the geo-political realm, we can guess at them, using history as our guide.

An even more interesting question that might be posed within the halls of the Kremlin might be: “Given the American population’s perception of current American “leadership” and Obama’s ongoing dismal approval ratings, how will the American people respond to an attack on their government?”  I believe John Titor told us the answer to this question 14 years ago.

I personally perceive the attack on the United States by Russia on April 30th to serve several purposes.  First and foremost, it puts the United States on notice by demonstrating to American leadership that Russia is ready,able and willing to take direct action against the United States itself and not just to be played out on an intermediary battlefield such as Vietnam or Afghanistan.

But this message does not necessarily have to be addressed only to the American government!  We, as citizens, can just as easily read Russia’s message and take actions for ourselves to prepare for its eventual and unavoidable, escalation.  We are no longer reliant on our “leaders” to save us; we can take actions now to prepare for what Titor described so many years ago.

Secondly, Russia’s most recent attack can serve to measure how American leadership would react to such an attack, if at all.  I believe the Russians and Americans themselves have an answer to that question now.  The official reaction of the United States government was to first lie to its own citizens by denying the action as an attack and calling it a simple computer glitch.  Of course, this lie was demolished within days, no thanks to compliant and complicit government mouthpieces in the legacy media.

IA_CND_Internet_pipe_2It should be mentioned that the United States has been under attack via cyber means for many years already.  But what we are seeing now is a general progression from attacks that happen “under the radar” and visible only to the computer network security experts in any given agency of the United States to a more overt and obvious attack on our infrastructure, just as Titor said would happen 14 years ago.

Some questions for my readers:

Considering the American Government’s reaction to this probative attack, do you think the progressively belligerent actions of the Russian leadership will now stop or will they progress yet further?

If so, what do you think the next step in this progression will be?

And finally, Are you prepared for it?

With this in mind, I might hope that the actions of the Russian government in recent weeks might speak louder than the words of John Titor or myself in Conviction of a Time Traveler.  One does not need to believe the words of a “time traveler” to see for themselves events happening on the world stage and understand them objectively within the larger context.

If you can observe these events with intellectual honesty and not denial, what actions will you take to personally prepare for the ultimate progression of world events towards the nexus that Titor described?

As Ever

Temporal Recon

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