The Journey through the Incunabula

paintingsThroughout my studies of the John Titor story and the ‘time travel’ question in general, I have discovered and been presented with notions and ideas that sometimes seem contradictory or wholly of a scale that I did not expect.  When this happens we (as truth-seekers) should be prepared to acknowledge this seemingly “contradictory” or unexpected information, assess its veracity and, if it rises to the appropriate level, assimilate that information into the larger body of knowledge that we have acquired thus far.  The truth seeker will know at the ‘gut level’ if the information makes sense or is at least plausible.

“Does this new information ring true?”

It has been my experience that one’s intuition, properly and objectively observed, is never wrong.

Of course, this assimilation of new information is not bloodless.  Many times our previously held notions die quiet deaths and sometimes they go kicking and screaming.  You don’t really think Titor was from 2036, do you?

But this death of the old and assimilation of the new is a necessary step along the tributary towards truth, isn’t it?  Knocking the walls of the ego down, so to speak, to push the borders of our knowledge yet further outward. I claim no special expertise here, only the willingness to follow the signposts where they lead, no matter how large the door it asks me to open.

In my interactions with the general public over the years, I have come across many people with varying levels of interest in the John Titor posts.  Some of those people are wholly wedded to their conclusions and assumptions as they pertain to the John Titor story.  As a result of this steadfast assuredness, new (and seemingly contradictory) information finds little purchase.  It withers on the ground in spite of the perfect viability to explain an aspect of the larger picture.  In spite of my and others’ best efforts to toss the idea over the high wall of the ego, the wall remains and the new idea is deflected and rejected.

empty cupOn the other hand, I have encountered others whose interest in the Titor story (and to the larger time travel question to some extent) can be described as ‘innocent.’  Bear in mind I do not mean ‘innocent’ in the naive or virginal meaning of the word.  Rather, I use the term to convey the idea of approaching the questions surrounding time travel and its exemplars with an open, curious mind; an acknowledgement that they do not have all the answers, but are sure those answers are to be had if only provided the gentle nudges of encouragement and helpful guidance that we all need.

One could say that, to a certain extant, their walls have been knocked down by some mechanism beforehand.  While the path (or tributary as it were) towards understanding the larger truths out there is complicated and involve a great many moving parts, they understand this unknowable aspect of the question.  They acknowledge that a mystery does exist.  I enjoy interacting with these people as they assimilate new information into their understanding of the everything.  They largely reflect my own vision of myself, and aren’t we all in love with ourselves just a little bit?

Jules Verne, John Titor and the Collective UnconsciousPersonally speaking, I can fully and honestly state that while the John Titor story represents a largely solved puzzle from my own limited perspective, mysteries yet remain, nonetheless.  These mysteries and borders are not necessarily specific to the Titor saga itself but rather are implicated and implied by it.

As I move further and further into the Grand Portal of the larger mystery, new theories only beget new questions; questions I would not have had the perspective to ask only a few short years ago. I am finding in my continued interest in the topic that, with new information assimilated into the whole, the borders of what I thought I knew  continue to be pushed yet outward. I suppose this is the manner in which understanding is gained, which can only be described as painfully slow in our desire for answers now. As I am coming to understand, this stratagem for the proliferation of information is a ‘time-tested’ method and appears to have been around a very long time. I am forced to question now, “How much more could there possibly be?”

If history is any guide, there can be but one answer:



2 thoughts on “The Journey through the Incunabula

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  2. I think it’s about time that we make public a few of my private documents that may, or may not, incriminate several public figures within the 20th circuit district judiciary system.

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