Godspeed, Good Luck and Thank You

TMI logo.4On the last day of my first visit to The Monroe Institute, our teachers played this song (provided below) as we woke.  It was the perfect encapsulation of what we all were feeling and I have carried this small “blessing in short hand” with me ever since.

It seemed to express how our instructors felt, how we felt and also the significance of what we all had just been through, together.  It was, in a word, the perfect song for that moment.

UnknownEach ‘class’ is only 5 days long, so please understand that, as I wax nostalgic on my time there, so much significance was packed into that short stay that it (and my follow-up stays) impacted me and the rest of us on a very deep level.  I can say unequivocally that my time there changed the course of my life, forever, though I likely didn’t realize it at the time.


Ever since that time, this song has held very special significance to me.  It was a very appropriate and meaningful way for our teacher to say “so long,” but also implied that a much larger world was now made available to us, “now go explore it.”

I’ve never liked the name of the song, however.  “Good Riddance?”  The name of the song was so dissonant with its significance to me.  While I will allow that the songwriter probably felt it was appropriate, for my own purposes, I would have named it “Godspeed, Good Luck and Thank You.” 

I share it with you now, as I find it again, strangely appropriate.

The Allegory of the Two Fishes

Round Lake, NY

The following short story is republished due to popular demand)

Early one morning an old man left the warmth of his bed to enjoy the cool morning air on a lake near his home. He rose before the sun, packed a small lunch, grabbed his rods and reels and opened the creaking cabin door to the world that lay outside.  He enjoyed living in the Adirondacks and the sessions he spent on the large lake near his cabin; always peaceful, never boring.

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I Volunteer

gnome in moscowI recently re-watched a very nice movie the other night entitled “Amelie.”  Some of you may remember this movie from 2001.  Most will likely remember her father’s globe-trotting garden gnome and the inexplicable photographs he received in the mail from parts distant.  But what some may not necessarily remember from 13 years ago was Amelie’s self-imposed and Sovereign mission throughout the movie.  Is it possible that there is Integration and alignment between “Amelie” and John Titor?

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Whence Compassion

What Lay Around the Bend?

What Lay Around the Bend?

From our non-time traveling perspective, we are constantly fretting about the future in nearly every aspect of our daily existence.  This happens so often and without pause that we barely perceive it.  Nearly every question, every concern we have, is based on our inability to know what the future holds for us. Whether we wonder about tomorrow’s weather or the latest election, we are invariably fixated on, and fearful of, the future.  It is the great mystery and (some might say) handicap of being Human. There is no obscured message here, this is simply a personal observation.

I challenge you to observe this for yourself.  All that is required is simply turn on the television and wait 5 minutes. You will see any number of examples of local or national news programs commenting on what they think will happen for any given circumstance.  The ever-present drum beat at the core of all their blathering can always ever be boiled down to:

“What will happen tomorrow and

why you should be worried about it.”

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