I Volunteer

gnome in moscowI recently re-watched a very nice movie the other night entitled “Amelie.”  Some of you may remember this movie from 2001.  Most will likely remember her father’s globe-trotting garden gnome and the inexplicable photographs he received in the mail from parts distant.  But what some may not necessarily remember from 13 years ago was Amelie’s self-imposed and Sovereign mission throughout the movie.  Is it possible that there is Integration and alignment between “Amelie” and John Titor?

Read on…

As background a quick synopsis of the film (h/t Rotten Tomatoes):

taking picsThe French movie “Amélie” is a story about a girl named Amélie whose childhood was suppressed by her Father’s mistaken concerns of a heart defect. With these concerns Amélie gets hardly any real life contact with other people. This leads Amélie to resort to her own fantastical world and dreams lost treasuresof love and beauty. She later on becomes a young woman and moves to the central part of Paris as a waitress. After finding a lost treasure belonging to the former occupant of her apartment, she decides to return it to him. After seeing his reaction and his new found perspective – she decides to devote her life to the people around her.

amelie maskedAmelie’s chosen tactic to serve those around her was a decidedly indirect one.  She worked to maneuver events and influenced people’s thoughts in such a way as to spur action towards a desired outcome.  Sometimes these outcomes were as simple as to convince her father to see the world or as complex and far-reaching as to foster love between two lonely people.  What is important to take away here is that her actions were unseen and in the background. No one ever suspected that their actions were inspired by quiet whispers in their ear.

But how could this subtly complex story possibly be related to the time travel question? This can be answered, but first we must properly identify the actual utility of ‘time travel.’

John Titor’s statements in his posts from 2000 (which were relevant for its time), describe a very concrete and easily 5100comprehended use of the time travel technology: the recovery of lost technology (the IBM 5100).  While I will not deny Titor’s claim or likewise question this particular use here, his narrative does describe a very overt, plain and useful employment of a ‘time machine.’  There are other such examples from yet other ‘time travelers’ making use of the technology in a similar fashion, but for simplicity’s sake, we will stay with the Titor example.

Are we to believe, however, that this particular mission profile would be the only type of mission the “177” Program might employ?  Are we to assume that human innovation and the very human tendancy to justify just about any action did not lead to other uses for the technology, however well-managed and warehousewell-intentioned?  With a proper understanding of human nature, my inclination is that the machine is not sitting on a shelf in some hidden military warehouse of the future.  No, its use continues…

Because of this, if we accept that Humanity might have difficulty walking away from such a powerful technology, we should then speculate on what other missions might be conceived by the Program.  Titor himself admitted as much, although in a manner quite oblique when he mentioned that once MWI was properly understood by the public, then the natural resistance to time travel mostly evaporated.  Doesn’t this statement imply that the Program did make further use of the technology in other avenues?

ROMESo what other uses for a time machine might there be?  Is it possible to think bigger than merely meeting Lincoln or take in a Christians v. Lions spectacle at the Colosseum?

mwiTo my eyes, bending human history towards a desired future is the first and likely most impactful option.  Instead of creating or cancelling events out of whole cloth such as the attack on Pearl Harbor or 9/11 (which is likely largely impossible), changing the timing of those events might be more feasible.  This strategy also likely minimizes any large and direct effects to divergence calculations (a purely speculative thought for my part).

imagesA good example of changing the timing of an event might be expressed using our old friend, Mr. Tesla as an example.  What might ensue if we were to simply speak within earshot of Mr. Tesla one day in 1873 musing on a future innovation we wanted him to make earlier than he ‘originally’ would have?  Perhaps we would make this statement in Mr. Tesla’s presence 10 years before he presented Alternating Current at the World Expo of 1893, for example?

We might wonder aloud: “How might one accomplish changing the flow of electrical current? Are there any potential advantages to alternating the flow of current?”

By strategically allowing Mr. Tesla to overhear your conversation, you could essentially light the fire of curiosity in the one man who could (and already did from the time traveler’s perspective!) answer the questions you posed aloud and within his earshot.

insigniaOr perhaps another example might be to casually state that a machine could be powered by a rotating black hole, and merely sit back and wait for the tall blade a grass to demonstrate his ingenuity and curiosity?

Have you changed the course of human history by doing this?  Yes.  Have you completely disrupted the life of Mr. Tesla?  Possibly not much more than the amount it would disrupt him 10 years later had you kept your big time traveler mouth shut.

2f181efEventually, Mr. Tesla’s accelerated invention of Alternating Current would “rightly” be attributed to him.  But his inspiration for the idea, the spark that moved his thinking into one particular direction however, would be hidden.

The ‘time traveler’s’ Hidden Hand closely mirrors Amelie’s indirect and hidden actions for her friends.  Because of this, young Amelie has quite a bit in common with our friends who move amongst the universes.  Interestingly, Amelie neither required nor sought any recognition for her actions.  Can we say then that through her Understanding and Compassion, she demonstrated a sense of Humility as well?

amelie_poulain_mobile_wallpaper-t2As Amelie, a time traveler’s actions will be nearly 100% invisible to those they are meant to effect if not the world at large.  Is this not the very definition of Humility, at least at some level; eschewing overt recognition?  I have already spoken in a previous essay on the time traveler’s expanded view of Humanity and his resultant Compassion.  Humility, it would appear, may be another of those heart-felt Virtues they possess.

SIIf given the opportunity or option of acting in Amelie’s place, would we volunteer?  Would we have the Courage to act on a stage specifically set to impact the lives of our fellow man?  Do we have it within us to be Humble enough to Understand that we’ll never see the whole picture of the lives we are effecting, but have enough of that Understanding to feel the Compassion for our friend?

Were Amelie to ask me if I wanted integrate myself into her sovereign mission to make the world a better place, I am fairly certain my response would be

“Yes, I Volunteer.”


8 thoughts on “I Volunteer

  1. Temporal Recon,

    Quite an interesting article you have written, and character you have chosen in Amelie. Unlike you and based on the hindsight of experience, my answer today would be the same as my answer many years ago. I would not volunteer. I would provide (as I did) a polite no by way of excuse through insulting my own intelligence! An attempt to spare ones feelings, while willingly accepting the cause and blame for the reason of my non participation. No. I am the type of person who loves a boring life and simplicity. My plans of the past were to have a boring, wonderful life with my future family. A quote of one best friend I now find particularly light hearted and humorous, “You can make your plans for life, and watch God laugh as He makes His own”. A true statement.

    Humility is not the want of such things in your life. Humility is an act of accepting the responsibility. It is stated in scripture “To whom much is given, much is required”. A person of good character would see the task through to completion, despite their own feelings, while holding true goodness at the forefront as a guide each step of the way.

    It has been proven through each dispensation of time, the messengers of time, heaven and divinely sent, have changed and completely altered the fate of those they have chosen (and their people) to bestow such a gift upon. To approach such truth in humility, is to accept the biblical message and impact of the action and the consequence such messengers have had throughout history, This is nothing new. This process has existed since the beginning of mankind, when in the Garden of Eden God Himself delivered a message to refrain from partaking of the tree of life.

    The greatest quote I have found regarding humility is an affirmation provided by my mother, as she journeys through one of the most difficult challenges life can provide. Because of her, I have spent a majority of my life studying spirituality and religions of many kind, in hope of understanding people, this world and Gods intentions. Much like the character Amelie, I was raised in a quiet way, which provided for much introspection, learning and original self thought. I suppose it is the reason I find this generations perspective to be offensive. And, often I am deeply misunderstood. It has been a challenge to communicate effectively, because we do not meet the world with the same eyes. My reaction to their actions have been less than graceful. In which my mother has provided the perfect quote in which someday I hope to master, and am learning as we speak. “Be calm. Be true. Be quiet. Do not get emotionally upset by anything that happens around you. Do not talk back or defend yourself too much against accusation. Whether true or false. Accept abuse, as you would praise. For only God can judge the real you”.

    An entire book could be dedicated to the different actions of humility. And, sometimes humility is simply speaking ones heart, despite the perspective of others. This too is nothing new. Messengers through time have been doing so since the beginning. They too have been rejected and accepted. In which, there is great solace in such. As, we do not walk this path alone, for the way has been made for us.

  2. What I see in your effort, is bravery. It is a bold and righteous desire to want to be of help to others. A thing I admire and hope your dream comes true.

    A happy and favorite song:

  3. It would seem some of us don’t. Others undertake the task of harassment in the worst of ways, silencing the hope to be of light and to be a part of something bigger than oneself. With such being the case, it is simply better to encourage you. Silence is what someone wishes, so silence is what they get. I personally don’t have the heart to endure such ugliness, after all I have endured. I would much prefer to live a quiet life with my children and the love of my life, while finding great joy in the achievement of others.

    Best wishes!

  4. Encouragement is always welcome.
    Continuing in the face of uncertainty is an eternal struggle that even kings must endure. I am certain you would agree the struggle definitely works to separate the wheat from the chaff!
    As Ever…

    • You are absolutely 100% percent correct. LOL! The challenge this past week most certainly tried to knock me down. After pouting (as is evident by the above) you have spurred me to get back up. In consequence, a new titled blog for myself. “The Life of Difference”. Hugs to you and a thanks. 😉

      I have to wonder regarding the reaction of King Joseph of Egypt, when his brothers threw him in a pit. Then, he was imprisoned for many years before eventually ascending to King. The bible does not state whether he pouted or not. I imagine there must have been some tears…

      small grin. Have a sweet night Temporal. You are a sweet soul.

      • You should have at least 5 friends that you trust with your life within 100 miles of your current location that can go to, with your pre-prepared supplies, with no more than a 10 minute notice.

  5. Isolation has a wonderful effect on people, they value others as friends and family because they cannot forget the cold hell of eternal loneliness. It is the opposite reaction that occurs when grasshoppers overpopulate and swarm into a destructive mass of lucusts. Interesting speculation……

    I had an encounter recently. I have met the person that is presently planting the crops at the golf course. I was a bit surprised as I had set aside the seed banks as an emergency plan for feeding the locals after an impending supply line disruption. This individual grew this idea completely on their own, without any interference from my current objectives……. you can imagine my disbelief.

    Perhaps it is time that we begin handing out brochures door to door on water purificationb basic first aid and sanitation? Gentle smile, now if only I could remember when I left my wizard hat……..

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