Godspeed, Good Luck and Thank You

TMI logo.4On the last day of my first visit to The Monroe Institute, our teachers played this song (provided below) as we woke.  It was the perfect encapsulation of what we all were feeling and I have carried this small “blessing in short hand” with me ever since.

It seemed to express how our instructors felt, how we felt and also the significance of what we all had just been through, together.  It was, in a word, the perfect song for that moment.

UnknownEach ‘class’ is only 5 days long, so please understand that, as I wax nostalgic on my time there, so much significance was packed into that short stay that it (and my follow-up stays) impacted me and the rest of us on a very deep level.  I can say unequivocally that my time there changed the course of my life, forever, though I likely didn’t realize it at the time.


Ever since that time, this song has held very special significance to me.  It was a very appropriate and meaningful way for our teacher to say “so long,” but also implied that a much larger world was now made available to us, “now go explore it.”

I’ve never liked the name of the song, however.  “Good Riddance?”  The name of the song was so dissonant with its significance to me.  While I will allow that the songwriter probably felt it was appropriate, for my own purposes, I would have named it “Godspeed, Good Luck and Thank You.” 

I share it with you now, as I find it again, strangely appropriate.


5 thoughts on “Godspeed, Good Luck and Thank You

  1. The main picture on the Monroe Institute site looks like the Appalachian mountain chain. Very beautiful. Virginia is the most memorable state on the east coast, for me. The mixed feeling of intelligence yet a down to earth feeling, reminded me somewhat of home. I find it interesting the Monroe Institute has undertaken the task of scientifically proving the biblical definition of revelation. 🙂 I am unsure this was the purpose. Yet, it has been an outcome.

    Tomorrow is the day. The white veil falling. I’m unsure how I feel. A little uncomfortable. A time of change. As if I am being immersed fully into the spiritual cultural surrounding me. One, that at one time, made me feel so inadequate because of my inability of perfection. How these women are so perfect still confuses me. lol! 🙂 Always light hearted, gentle, kind and blind to the ugliness in the world. Days filled with activity of simply living without any grand thought of what could be. Their lack of tendency to look outside the lines is quite overwhelming to me. How Do they Do IT? haha. 🙂 And yet, I know they are doing something right, because of the way they glow with such joy and happiness. They literally brighten up any room they walk into, with peace. They other day as I walked among a few, I felt as if I walked among true angels on earth for this time. The strange feeling came that I was one of them and we walked together, despite my own feelings of never being good enough. 🙂 It was the first settling of a feeling that maybe I am?…

    It is odd. Just yesterday I began a new position in a wonderful job, in which my boss is one of them too. It just feels as if I am being taken by the hand and lead away from the distress of this world. And, having lived all over the nation, I can say from experience how different the frame of mind is for these people, that I am entering. And, if a person were not well prepared, they would never make the adjustment in order to peacefully become a part of them. Their spiritual awareness and living is so far beyond any other place I have seen. To the point that they have been so well protected, that they do not even truly comprehend what other parts of the nation are already going through. Here there is no massive threat of sickness. No major and destructive threat of natural disaster. Crime, while already very little, is dropping even further. While all these things are beginning to increase in other portions of the nation. This is a blessed land. As if it were the closest thing to heaven on earth. How I wish the whole world could know what it is like to live in peace. And, be comfortable in their own skin while living in real love and peace. A thing which I am closer than ever to becoming myself. The white veil falling seems as if it is the last step. A small hope remains that one person of the past will be allowed to step through it. Will be worthy. That I may know how it all ends on the other side, providing a confirmation in the good I could see in it.

    A change is coming. Can you feel it?

    I love that the veil falls on 06-03-2014. In the journey of the past, this means 637. Or 16. The divine timing of God once again, it would appear. 🙂 He seems to have inserted himself in this story. I find it humorously wonderful. I know John 1 does not like the people who live the instruction manual of life. Or at least, he didn’t in Sept. of 2001. Again, I believe it is the consequence of being unfamiliar, and therefore deeply uncomfortable with their ways. I hope time has softened him to understand how good they are.

    I thing which I currently find sad in the world. Gays have been given the right to marry. Yet, those discriminated and persecuted against so long ago, still do not have their own rights of marriage within freedom. Giving all mankind their right to marriage, would surely ensure women who seek a worthy man could marry in this lifetime, through polygamy. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

    Anyways, Godspeed and Thank you. 😉

  2. Jane,
    My own studies of History and observations of God’s divine structures allowed me to calculate your ascension as July 7th, plus or minus a day or two.
    I suppose I will have to recalibrate my own assumptions though I am gratified to see that not as much as one might have thought.
    As Ever

  3. I appreciate your interest in our founding fathers, it has been a family legacy for many generations. The next time your in the area, plase take a moment to appreciate the temple room carved into the entrance chamber room of Grand Caverns, or the Orchestral ceremony room of Luray Caverns. I like to think of these natural wonders as natures bomb shelters.

  4. Dear Temporal,

    It would seem the saying “when Father closes a door, he opens a window” is true. I’ve been given the opportunity to check in with all of you once or twice a week, to see how you are. And, am happy to have a window view.

    I love how civil and kind you’ve made this site. A sure reprieve. See how wonderful things can be? Happy sigh.

    I am curious regarding your knowledge of history and your spiritual pursuits that would give you the ability to tell such things are coming. Such as ascension. I am intrigued, though cautious. Gentle smile.

    It would seem John is here. And, something quite wonderful is about to happen. The gorilla, demon man has grown more bold and nasty in his strategic mind game. This month, his innuendos are seething with reference to Johns return. A thing which happens when something beautiful is around the corner. This morning while driving, I found tears for realizing I am unafraid. It has been some time since I have felt unafraid. With the love of Heavenly Father, the Savior the Johns and knowing John 2’s return is near, I find myself reassured and comforted in knowing everything is ok. And I’m happy. 🙂 I do hope the one worthy to step through the veil is John, that I may meet him to at minimum say thank you.

    A song for this week. I hope this is the correct one… It was the first song of the morning in my car. It should say “Love, I’m not holding back anymore.” Goes on with “Ready set go, ready set go”. And, gives a green light. 🙂 The Pike or the muskie??? Small giggle.

    Regarding the founding fathers – I am very interested, and grateful. The temple cavern sounds intriguing. I would love to see such. Maybe someday…

    I hope the week is well for all of you! Hugs.

    • Hello Jane,
      Apologies for my late response. I only saw your most well-received and unanticipated reply this evening.

      Thank you for your kind words regarding my small space here.

      I imagine the view from that window of yours is quite grand. I am very glad to have you looking over the landscape. Nothing but green valleys and green trees to be seen from such heights. While I must content myself with the ground floor, I still can recognize the beauty of those same green trees. I’m sure Joseph missed the view while in captivity.

      As for my religious studies, I look forward to demonstrating my astrological techniques and knowledge when we meet in our Father’s house some day soon. Broad smile…
      As Ever

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