The E.T. Connection

planetsAs many of my readers will likely attest, my interest in the Time Travel question did not end by solving the John Titor puzzle. On the contrary, my interest in the topic really only deepened after publication of Conviction of a Time Traveler. I soon began asking, What other aspects of the Time Travel question might be germane to the topic? Is there any overlap between ‘time travel’ and other mysteries that we are all so fond of reading about on any number of websites and books?
While it may seem a little cliché to say so, I can state that there appears to be quite a bit of overlap and commonality between the Time Travel question and the UFO phenomenon.

1381461_557417517707967_750826367_nBut first perhaps it might serve our purposes best if I provide a little background to those new to the topic.

In 2000 and 2001 a man began posting online claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2036 and he told stories of an impending nuclear attack by Russia on the United States. He also claimed that the United States, as a result of this attack would be reborn into a new kind of nation. From his statements, it appears he was stating that the old System of control that we currently live under will be swept away at a certain point in our future (his past) thus allowing for more freedom, etc.

Returning to the John Titor story, in 2000, John Titor was asked about UFO’s. His response was interesting in its implications. When asked, John replied,

No new information there. I find that an interesting subject myself. Personally, I think “UFOs” might be time travelers with very sophisticated distortion units. But that might be a bit wacky.
-John Titor, November 7, 2000

insigniaAs new information becomes available, John’s “wacky” theory might not be so outlandish as one might think.

When describing his technology, John stated that the machine “distorts” gravity and is powered by two microscopic rotating black holes. According to John, the very basis of ‘time travel’ is wrapped up in the ability to warp or manipulate gravity (a fundamental force) in such a way so as to allow the separation from this “world line” and traverse to a “neighboring” world line (or create a new one altogether).

imgresHave we heard this technique being used elsewhere?

imagesConsidering the scope of my own curiosity has broadened in recent years, I will now take something I “know” or accept as “likely true” and attempt to find other scenarios in which this known quantity might fit.

Namely, I ask, where else have I seen or heard about the manipulation of gravity as a technique for something?

Considering my interest in the unusual has been an ongoing hobby of mine for some time (‘Time Travel’ being but one example), finding another example of the use of this technique was not lengthy. There are several accounts from first-hand reporters who have claimed that UFO’s or similarly alien spacecraft use the manipulation of gravity for (what we can only assume is) interstellar travel.  We must recognize the assumption that UFO’s and their occupants are likely from ‘out there’ and not necessarily from Omaha, Nebraska.

For the purposes of this essay and to really only set your mind thinking in new directions, I provide the following two examples:

The Rendleshem Forest Incident:
Background: (courtesy
bentwatersA well-documented series of UFO contacts, near the Woodbridge and Bentwaters RAF bases in southeast England during December of 1980, has received much attention both from mainstream sources and from paranormal researchers … Ostensibly, contact was made on the ground between a landed UFO and several dozen servicemen from the US military, who were guarding nuclear weapons at a nearby RAF base, as well as with several British policemen.

Symbols on the hull of the UFO at RAF Bentwaters

Symbols on the hull of the UFO at RAF Bentwaters

One of the most interesting aspects of this UFO contact was the putative reception of a long message in binary code by Jim Penniston, when he touched certain symbols on the side of the landed craft. He “saw” thousands of consecutive zeros and ones in his mind, through some form of electronically directed telepathy. After returning home, he felt a need to write them all down on paper, and did so on 16 pages of a small notebook.
Little or no significance was attached to this long series of zeros and ones until 2010, when a meeting was held to mark the 30th anniversary of the Woodbridge UFO case. Penniston apparently did not realize it could be some kind of “code”. Indeed, computer codes did not enter the awareness of a typical person on Earth until after the year 2000. Most people still do not know about them today, although they appear regularly in crop pictures!
The first five pages of that binary code were released for public inspection in 2010, while its remaining eleven pages were not released until April 15, 2014, with the publication of a new book called “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest” by Nick Pope, Jim Penniston and John Burroughs. A full translation of the binary code from eight-bit ASCII into English was provided there. Yet given the potential significance of this code for science, I thought it would be important to translate the entire binary code again from first principles, in order to check every detail. Also I wished to learn whether it might have any relevance to the mysterious origin of “crop circles”?

The translated binary code that the American service member Penniston telepathically received is provided below:

52 0942532 N 1 3131269 W
16 763177N 89 117768W
34 800272N 111 843567W
29 977836N 31 131649E
14 701505S 75 167043W
36 256845N 117 100632E
37 110195N 25 372281E
ORIGIN 52 0942532N 1 3131269W

If we are to accept this code at face value and the means in which it was received (telepathically from the craft after Sgt Penniston touched the symbols), then we are left with the very overt statement that the craft (or probe or what have you) was indeed a ‘time machine’ whose origin year was 6000 years away (in the future or past is undetermined at this time).

ufoWhat ties the Rendleshem forest incident and the attendant craft to the UFO phenomena is the profile of the event itself. The way the object moved, landed, the speeds it was capable of, etc all lent the label of “UFO” to it by the witnesses.

To be certain, I was quite surprised to see how the binary was translated and noted the obvious time travel implications it carried. Even more interesting for someone on this side of the fence (someone interested in ‘time travel’ more than UFO’s), the connection between the two is indelible.

dan shermanAnother equally interesting story that seems to tie the UFO phenomena with that of ‘time travel’ is the story of Dan Sherman. Dan Sherman is the author of a book called “Above Black” wherein he describes his involvement in a project called “Project Preserve Destiny.” What stood out in particular to me as I read his book was his ability to say “I don’t know.” His story did not answer all our questions nor did it put to rest once and for all the “UFO Question.”

Instead, all he did was recount what he personally witnessed or experienced. This, to my eyes, was extremely indicative of someone telling the truth. It would have been very easy for him, even IF his story were true, to embellish and ride the book tour circuit for everything he could. Instead, he did not do that and simply stuck to what he claims to have personally experienced.

I read his book and enjoyed it immensely; it provided a window into the alien question that few can provide.  Some months ago, I discovered an interview with Dan Sherman by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot.  An excerpt of his interview is provided below, courtesy Project Camelot

K: You developed a relationship, not necessarily with the first ET that you were communicating with but with the second one. Is that right?
D: Well, when you say relationship, that’s kind of a loose term! [laughs]
We didn’t have fireside chats but, what you’re referring to is – at some point, there was a different level of communications that I stumbled upon, and that’s one of the most difficult things I had to explain in the book, because it is really hard to describe the nuts and bolts of the communication itself – let alone another level of the communication.
So, suffice it to say that at some point I discovered this other level. I got the sense that after his reaction – my ET contact – after his reaction, I got the sense that that wasn’t a monitored level of communications. I guess it’s a moot point; it doesn’t really matter if it was monitored. I felt more comfortable talking out of line, so to speak, or communicating other than the official communications that we were conveying.
It was interesting how these communications happened, because they happened instantaneously. However, again, my conversion of that conversation had to be converted to real time; which means, in the human world, we have to start doing something and then we end doing something, and in between there is a timeframe.
So I would get the communication and then I would start typing it and he would just hang on the line, so to speak, until I got done so that if I needed any clarification on something, then I could ask for clarification.
You know it’s funny in retrospect, because at the time that this was happening I never knew in my wildest dreams that I would actually be talking about this to somebody. I always thought that it would be classified and I would never discuss it. So in retrospect nick-naming them Spock and Bones was probably not the best thing for my credibility because it looks like I’m embellishing to make it look funny.
K: Well, that’s very poetic. Let’s put it that way.
D: Thank you for clarifying that – but the first one was named Spock because of the logical nature in which the communications happened. Their emotions were very much based in logic although they had other emotions too, it was much more logical than our conversations, so I nicknamed him Spock in my own mind, that’s what I referred to him as.
And then on the second contact at the second base it was a different ET contact, and so I just went along with the ‘Star Trek’ theme and named him Bones, but there was no reason to name him that.

K: Okay. Well, you had a relationship of sorts with Bones, in what you were able to ask him questions and he would respond from time to time.

K: Can you recall various dialogue points that you had?
D: Sure. There were a lot of impressions that I was left with regarding our communications and regarding them. I’ve always been interested in time and time travel and stuff. So I did try to pick his brain so to speak, as far as how they travel and how they got here and how it relates to our time.
What I got was the impression that they do use time to travel, but not in the sense that we think – where they can go backwards and forward in time. I asked them about that. I said, “Can we go backward and forward in time?” The impression I got was you couldn’t go backward and forward in time because time is relative.
So if you go back ten minutes from right now – well, right now is relative. It’s a relative time point, not a solid time point. So you can’t go back from something that’s relative to everything else anyway.
So, what he says is, they could go around time. Now I really didn’t understand that, but he said you go around using electromagnetic energy. You could go around time.
As I thought about it later… you read about Einstein’s theory that light can bend when it’s going by a planet. It will bend because of the gravitational pull of the planet. I think they use that gravitational energy, so to speak, to go around time.
I don’t think they can go back a half-hour from right now and experience that time frame. But they do use time in some sort of way to travel because they do travel long distances, he said.
K: … Were you told by Bones that he came from the future?
D: Well, no. The impression I got regarding time was they couldn’t do that. They couldn’t go backward and forward in time. Now of course, this was an impression I got and it wasn’t something whereby he gave me algorithms and gave me the proof – you know, that this can’t happen and this can’t happen – but as he told me, they use time to travel. They go around time, but they don’t go through time. They don’t go backwards and forward in time. They just use time to travel; which is, they go around it.
K: Perhaps going around it…
D: Its very difficult…
K: …maybe they bend it?
D: Yeah that’s the impression that I got is that they bend time.
K: They bend time.
D: I don’t know what the practical application of that is though, unfortunately.
K: Yeah, obviously we’re not physicists here.
D: [Laughing] Yeah, exactly.
K: But if you bend time – certainly if I bend something, and I’ve got a line, and over here is 2012 and over here is 1920 – if I bend time and bring them together, I’m going from 2012 to 1920 or visa versa. In a sense I am traveling through time.
D: Yep.
K: But I’m bending it.
D: Yep.
K: So I understand maybe…
D: There could well be very specific things that he was talking about related to their particular abilities. Perhaps some other ET species has different abilities, I don’t know. He did convey that they did use it for traveling.
K: Okay… and what about the crafts? Did they tell you anything about their crafts – how they were propelled, et cetera?
D: No. No, just electromagnetic energy and time, that’s what I got from him. …
K: How long did your communication with Bones – with the informal nature of it – go on?
D: Well, it was pretty much the whole time we were communicating, which I think was probably around 10 months or so.
K: Okay – so in ten months time you must have asked him a lot of questions?
D: Well yeah, I tried to. You know a lot of times the communications would happen, and as time went on I got better at the communications and Bones knew that, so he didn’t stay on as long for the clarification. So I would really have to be quick with my question, if I had a question.
It’s kind of like having a relationship with your grandfather over the course of two or three years. Then five years later there’s someone asking, “Well, what did your grandpa think about political issues?” You’re, “Well, grandpa was conservative,” or “grandpa was”… So you don’t remember an exact conversation exactly about what he said. But you get this sense of the answers over time because you know based on the conversations you’ve had.
So when I revealed the things that I’ve learned from them it’s not word for word you know, exact quotes. It’s the impression I got after asking them 3 or 4 times in a particular area and so its my reporting of my impressions of what they’ve communicated to me over the span of the 2 years that I did this.

K: So, Project Preserve Destiny… what is the objective of that project to your knowledge?
D: Yes. As it was told to me when I was briefed into the project at the school, there is going to be some sort of event in the future that is going to wipe out all the electromagnetic energy. Now I don’t know if that’s a temporary knockout or a permanent knockout or semi-permanent, or whatever. I don’t know that.
But he said there’s going to be some sort of event, and that this group of individuals, of intuitive communicators, were going to be the communications conduit for world leaders, and they’re going to be strategically placed all around the world so that they can convey the communications, and they can convey what that communication is to the people around them or whoever, the leaders or whoever.

bones ttOf particular interest to me in this exchange was “Bones’” explanation that they “use time” to travel, or they “move around” time to move from place to place. This is, for all intents and purposes one of the very best examples of a direct correlation between John Titor’s technology and that of the E.T.’s.

Another interesting bread crumb of information from Mr. Sherman’s account was Bones’ statement that an event would happen at some point in our future that would knock out electromagnetic energy. The implications and intersections with the John Titor story are quite compelling.

By simple logical reasoning, Bones’ prediction that an event would occur to knock out ‘electromagnetic energy’ on Earth implies that either:

1) They will be party to the cause of the event and/or
2) They can and do travel through time which allows him to know about the event beforehand, in spite of his protestations otherwise.

But where is the intersection between John Titor and this statement?

nuke empWell, I put it to you:
Would a Russian surprise nuclear attack cause an interruption in the ability for electromagnetic energy to propagate?

Does the John Titor statement confirm or refute Bones’ statement?

We must keep in mind that if John Titor is a time traveler, and Dan Sherman’s account about the existence of E.T’s is also true, it then follows that they are both true simultaneously and exist together within the same context.  It then follows that one must confirm the other.

Can we ignore these obvious parallels?
What can we infer from them?
Just how far does the ‘time travel’ question reach?

As Ever
Temporal Recon


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