Dear John – Lo n done Free me

titor insigniaDear John,

Thank you for all you do and have done. I apologize I didn’t understand until recently. None the less, I am thankful.

Having the ability to see things in a different light, the insults and untruths simply no longer bother me in the least. I too was once blind to the truth. I now have compassion for them and consider them friends. I am glad I was able to bring at least some laughter to their lives. Even if I was the escape goat for their sarcasm. It can be an arduous task to remain in the dark. Hopefully it won’t be as long for them as it was for me. Hopefully, only days remain. If I am correct, approximately between November 28 – 30. The truth is a beautiful thing. It will indeed set you free. 

SI1 piece of my puzzle still remains. For me, the most important. The piece to complete my portion of the family. In a song, the other John once said “I hope you have all you dreamed of”. This 1 piece is the piece I have endured everything for. And, have wished 22 years for. Would you kindly have the man I am to marry deliver the Polaroid and the photos. It is all I ask to identify he is the one ~ for this life and hopefully forever. I assuredly do not wish to make another mistake. Coming from you, I can trust the truth. And, it would be a dream come true. 




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