The Hidden Dynamo


One Way to Regard the “Time Travel” Question

When inquiring into the esoteric, many gears and constituent components are hidden from view, thus creating only a partial picture.

In order to create a reasonable model of the ‘time travel’ system, one must infer the Hidden Motive Force through the careful observation of the number, motion, velocity and direction of the gears that are visible.

Which of these gears supplies the energy?

Which of these gears receives the energy?

What work is being done? To what end?

 As Ever

Temporal Recon


5 thoughts on “The Hidden Dynamo

  1. All of the information that you will need to complete the C204 was already given to you, only a lack of knowledge regarding the fundamental principles that dictate the function of the device will interfere with its completion. Consider the probability that your end goal is an accident discovered in a 1947 crash of a 2031 NASA craft designed for “interstellar” travel through the manipulation of gravity.

  2. The corkscrew is spinning the center gear which is spinning the two smaller gears on the left and right. That said i can’t see whats spinning the corkscrew?

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