Bend Gravity? Everybody Does It…

bones tt(This essay was written several months ago on the occasion of my discovery of Jim Penniston’s revelations about the binary code downloaded to him during the Rendleshem Forest Incident. I am publishing this now for a variety of reasons)

For as long as ‘time travel’ and UFO’s have been considered in Human history, they have only ever been considered separately.  This separation actually works against our better understanding of reality and interferes with our understanding of Sovereign Truth.

Conventional Wisdom says that ET and TT are entirely different questions.  One deals with bug-eyed munchkins poking and prodding us as we sleep.  The other deals with flying cars, grandfather assassins and dating your own mother.

I will tell you now that there is more evidence available that ties these two questions than separates them.

ce3Admittedly, while I am a relative newcomer to the ‘time travel’ question, I have always had a nascent interest in the UFO question.  Because of this, I have paid keen attention to the tales related to us through book or screen and sought out the tiny gems that might lead to a conclusion or two about our off-worldly visitors.

C204In my few short years in researching the ‘time travel’ topic specifically (and punctuated by the publication of my small project, Conviction of a Time Traveler), I have discovered a great deal of unexpected overlap between the UFO  and Time Travel questions.  This latest revelation from Mr. Penniston concerning the decoded binary code in his notebook from his 1980 experience is only further confirmatory evidence of this overlap.

For those with an interest in UFO’s and the possibility of life existing elsewhere beyond our “pale, blue dot,” a great deal of excitement has been focused on the revelations that were made public in 2010 concerning the Rendlesham Forest Incident of 1980.  These revelations demonstrate the possibility that the witnesses at Rendleshem in 1980 did not necessarily observe an extraterrestrial spacecraft but rather a time machine (of unknown provenance) that was mistaken to be (only) a UFO.

My intention with this essay is to lay out the evidence as concisely but as completely as possible here to demonstrate that Ufologists and time travel researchers are generally speaking about the same topic.  I will readily admit that there is quite a bit of evidence to wade through and, truth be told, an entire book could be written on the intersection between UFO’s and ‘time travel.’  Frankly, I have no intention of such a book, but rather wish to simply put my thoughts down here now for the use of others so inclined.  (a small footnote of attribution by those who would attempt it would be greatly appreciated, however)

In the interest of providing a reasonable jumping off point I present the words of the time travelers themselves who described how their machines operate(d).

I saw the posting requesting the basic systems for a gravity distortion system that will allow time travel. Here they are:

1. Magnetic housing units for dual microsignularities. [sic]C204
2. Electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of microsingularities.
3. Cooling and x-ray venting system
4. Gravity sensors (VGL system)
5. Main clocks (4 cesium units)
6. Main computer units (3)

– John Titor, Nov 2, 2000

gravity-bending-space-time-75157774825_xlarge“The hard part of traveling through time is not the bending of gravity but the plotting of your course…”

-John Titor, Nov 4, 2000

“Time travel is achieved by altering gravity.”

-John Titor, Nov 6, 2000

From the above quotes we can be reasonably certain that either Titor was telling us the truth in that the core of his technology revolved around the manipulation of gravity (pun unintended) or he wanted us to believe that it was.  As evidence mounts from other sectors, it will become readily apparent that it is simply more likely that he was telling the truth (generally) about the basis of his time travel technology.

Incidentally, I found it enticingly interesting to note that Titor himself alluded to this very real likelihood way back in 2000.  Specifically he said:

“Personally, I think “UFOs” might be time travelers with very sophisticated distortion units.”

John Titor, November 2000

(As an aside, it can also be added here that there are a great deal of other time travelers out there who also claim the manipulation of gravity is the same basis for their time travel technology.  A coincidence?)

But so what?  None of this information is new.  We already knew that Titor claimed that ‘micro-black holes’ were used to power his machine and bend gravity.  But how does his claim of bending gravity intersect with the Rendlesham Forest Incident or other ET/UFO stories?  Don’t worry, dear reader, it’s coming.

First, let’s review just what what happened in Rendlesham Forest in 1980.

RF homepageThe Rendlesham Forest Incident, also known as ‘Britain’s Roswell’, is undoubtedly one of the best documented and most significant military encounters with a Craft of Unknown Origin or UFO. It is also a case that involved very credible witnesses, trained (USAF) United States Air Force observers and security police.  

The incident spanned three days in 1980. Rendlesham Forest is a large pine forest, east of Ipswich, in Suffolk, England. Nearby are the twin NATO air bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge; at the time both bases were being leased to the United States Air Force. Several UFO incidents, including multiple-witness sightings by military personnel, ground traces, and radioactive anomalies were reported from Rendlesham forest. 

According to USAF security patrolmen on duty, “the object was described as being metallic in appearance and triangular in shape, approx. 2-3 meters across the base… it illuminated the entire forest with a white light, and had a pulsing red light on top and a bank(s) of blue lights underneath.” In November, 2002, the British Ministry of Defense released the “Rendlesham File” of documents related to and confirming the Rendlesham Forest incident.

J PennistonBut the high strangeness of the incident in 1980 didn’t necessarily end in 1980.  Jim Penniston, as an Air Force Security specialist, was dispatched to investigate the lights in Rendleham on the night in question.  In his description and that of other witnesses on the scene at the time, they all described an object in the forest silently hovering low over the ground.  As they approached the strange object, Penniston and the others observed a series of shapes, insignia or other form of writing on the top section of the hull of the craft.

According to Penniston, he approached the craft and reached out to touch the symbols.  (One wonders if Jim Penniston and Travis Walton share a common and overpowering curiosity that allows them to set the self-preservation instinct aside?  To which I say, “thank you.”)

Again, from

glyphs“In 2010 it was revealed by Jim Penniston that he initiated a download of information when he touched the pictorial glyphs on the craft of unknown origin during his investigation in the early morning hours of December 26th, 1980, in Rendlesham Forest…”

“… As Penniston and Burroughs approached the unusual lights, they noticed abnormal sensations on their hair, skin and clothing. It seemed as though the air was electrically charged. Also, a time distortion occurred. According to the men, time seemed as though is slowed and it was difficult to move. Another odd characteristic, was everything was void of sound.”

“Now visable [sic], the craft was sitting silently at the bottom of a berm, on the pine forest floor. Penniston cautiously approached the non aero dynamic, triangular, black, glassy craft.  It was like nothing he had ever witnessed before or since. The craft had patterns of blue, yellow and red colors running through the surface as though part of the craft. It was very difficult to put into words what he was witnessing. …”

craft“His up-close investigation of the craft included photographs, measurements and drawings, which he recorded into his USAF issued notebook. He took special note of the strange pictorial type markings on the side of the craft.”

“He also touched pictorial symbols etched onto the glasslike surface of the (9 foot by 9 foot ) black triangular craft.”

“When Sgt. Penniston put his hand on the etched symbols, which felt like sandpaper compared to the rest of the smooth molded surface, everything became a brilliant bright white. He could neither see nor hear.  He was alone in a brilliant bright white light.”

“This occurred for an undetermined amount of time then his sight returned.  He was standing next to the craft,  facing the pictorial glyphs. The craft started to turn a vivid bright white color. So bright in fact, Sgt. Penniston thought it was going to explode. He took a defensive position nearby as the craft was engulfed in the light. The craft then lifted off approximately four feet from the ground, maneuvered between the trees, ascended to tree top level and disappeared in the blink of an eye.”

notebook“The following day, back in his room Jim was “seeing” ones and zeros (1’s and 0’s) in his minds eye.  Troubled by the revolving flashing images of ones and zeros he received from touching the glyphs, he felt compelled to write them down in a notebook.  …”

“Upon completing the transfer to notebook paper, the image in his mind disappears.  Jim puts the notebook away with his belongings and doesn’t think too much about again until the year 2010.  In 2010, during a casual conversation with a researcher, he mentions the codes and displays the notebook.  The researcher immediately recognizes the ones and zeros as binary code and sets out to help Jim decipher it.”

I will admit that when I first heard about the ‘latest revelations’ by Mr. Penniston in 2010, I was a bit skeptical.  I believed the recounting of his original story from 1980 (complete with corroborating witnesses, documentation and any number of supporting evidence) and had no reason to doubt at all.

But when I heard that he had presented “new” evidence in 2010 that had gone unknown and undiscussed for so long, I immediately suspected that Mr. Penniston was attempting to generate new interest in an old topic (no matter how truthful).  Frankly, I was a little disappointed.

I was soon disavowed of this attitude…

Mr. Penniston revealed that the binary code (that he did not recognize as Binary at all until 2010) was later decoded revealing an interesting and unexpected aspect to his experience (unexpected by Ufologists, that is).

When Mr. Penniston had the Binary Code translated, it revealed the following:


52.0942532N 13.131269W



16.763177N 89.117768W

34.800272N 111.843567W

29.977836N 31.131649E

14.701505S 75.167043W

36.256845N 117.100632E

37.110195N 25.372281E


ORIGIN 52.0942532N 13.131269W


As you might expect, as the binary was decoded for the first time by Mr. Penniston’s colleagues, the correlation of these geographic coordinates to known enigmatic locations here on Earth must have been highly startling and proof positive they were on to something.  But this was not the only noteworthy piece of unexpected information to come from the decoded binary.  Towards the end of the ‘transmission’ were the words:

Origin Year 8100”



This small tidbit has sent literal shockwaves through the Ufologist community forcing many to reassess just what it is they’ve been reporting for so long. These three words added an entirely new and unexpected aspect to not only the Rendlesham forest incident specifically but the entire UFO topic in general.  The importance of this cannot be underestimated.  Ufologists were now forced to consider a new question:  Are UFO’s really time machines?

Incidentally, Penniston also mentioned that when he compared his watch with that of his partner on the way home, they did not match and showed different times.

Admittedly, this tie between ET and TT was a question that I had answered to my own satisfaction quite some time ago, before I had learned of the binary revelations from the Rendlesham Forest Incident.  Though I am glad for the evidentiary support my previous conclusions have received from such an unexpected source.

I must say that I try to keep abreast of the latest Ufological information as it is revealed.  That being said, over the years I have unhappily discovered that precious little real findings were being published on the topic.  Sure, you can go to any bookstore in the world and pick up any number of books on the topic of UFO’s, Aliens or lost civilizations on Venus.  But if you look closely and critically, you may notice that these books are nothing more than a compilation and recounting of others’ stories.  Where is the research?

There are notable exceptions however.  At the risk of hurting the feelings of those not included, some of those exceptions are:

leir1)  The late Dr. Leir (d. 3-14-2014) who took the lead on extracting and studying anomalous foreign bodies found under people’s skin and elsewhere.

dr_steven_greer2)  Dr. Steven Greer has not only conducted hard hitting research but also has similarly followed the evidence where it takes him to some truly unexpected conclusions.  His conclusions and inclusion of the role that consciousness plays in the larger context of the superverse in which we live (among his other conclusions) definitely puts him in rarefied air.

Derrel-on-the-pier-at-Myrtle-Beachsq-300x3003)  Another good example of actual research and application of learned information is recounted in the book “Alien Hunter” by Derrel Sims (  He has made very interesting discoveries and has applied those discoveries in his work.

Because of my general interest in the UFO topic over the many previous years, I became aware of a few notable examples throughout my research that actually actively support the revelations by Mr. Penniston.  These examples represent extremely strong and basic indicators that any serious researcher can use as benchmarks for other investigations.


drones607aIn 2007 several photographs were published by witnesses in Northern California and elsewhere that showed extremely unusual and floating objects.  They were completely silent, did not look anything like your typical ‘flying saucer’ and were completely unheard of.

drone607Numerous photographs were taken of what came to be called “Drones.”  Once the pictures went online any number of people attempted to debunk them or find some evidence of Photoshop or other similar tampering.  None were ever found.

Then, sometime later, a former engineer using the name “Isaac” came forward.  He claimed that the technology shown in the photographs bore a striking resemblance to the technology that he was familiar with during his time at the Palo Alto Caret Laboratory (PACL).  Isaac claimed to have worked at PACL in the mid 1980’s and became a whistleblower on the technology that was now being witnessed in California.  He knew exactly what people were seeing.

droneglyph607aAccording to Isaac, “CARET” is an acronym for Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology.”  Isaac stated that these drones are in the sky quite regularly but go undetected by our present technology or our eyes.  He claimed that the likely reason people were able to observe the drones at all was because the drones were manufactured here on Earth and were in all likelihood malfunctioning.

drone glyphsUpon closer inspection of the photographs of the “Drones” from 2007 many noticed that there appeared to be writing or some sort of symbols written on the underneath ‘arms’ of the Drone.  Isaac explained that these symbols were an extremely advanced form of technology; a highly advanced technology that imparted characteristics and capabilities to the structure on which they were applied.  Isaac explained that these symbols acted as what we might call “software” for the Drone.

To support his claims, Isaac was able to smuggle out a variety of documents and posted them to the internet.  A good resource can be found here.

Isaac’s claim of esoteric and completely new types of “software” is definitely interesting, but can it be confirmed?  Is there any other example that we can readily point to within the Ufological knowledgebase that points to the use of symbols-as-software technology?

The answer is yes…


RoswellDailyRecordJuly8_1947Yes, yes, we all know the Roswell story, Mac Brazel’s ranch, Col Corso’s book “The Day After Roswell” and all the attendant hysteria, mythology etc that has followed this one event for over 60 years.  But what I’d like to draw your attention to is the very small detail as told by the young boy whose father brought home some debris that fateful night.

I-beam1Dr. Jesse Marcel’s father was the Staff Intelligence Officer at the Army Air Base in Roswell and was well-placed to be in the thick of the event as it unfolded.  According to Dr. Marcel, his father brought home some debris from the famoJesse-Marcel-Jr.-Seniorus crash and allowed his family to inspect it.  Of interest to this essay is one highly interesting tidbit.  According to Dr Marcel (now deceased), as a young boy that night he remembered picking up a small I-beam that was part of the debris brought home by his father and noted that it had “some sort of purple-hued hieroglyphics on it.”

Can it be a mere coincidence that strange symbols are found not only on a govenment research project (CARET) into extraterrestrial technology in 2007 (but dating to the 1980’s) but also the world’s most famous UFO crash from the 1940’s?

Glyphs observed by Penniston at Rendleshem

Glyphs observed by Penniston at Rendleshem

Is it also just a coincidence that the object that Mr. Penniston and his fellow witnesses came upon in 1980 also had strange symbols on its surface; symbols that, when touched, imparted a string of binary numbers telepathically (speaking to its non-local technology)?

Can this be just simple coincidence?

Now, we have to admit that we haven’t necessarily yet proven or provided sufficient evidence to show that UFO’s (such as at Roswell) are “time machines.”  All we’ve done up till now is show that there is a common technology that likely exists between UFO’s and time machines (as in Rendlesham) in general.  This alone is astounding in and of itself.

Now, we have to ask, are there any other commonalities that we can find?  Oh yes…

To bring you up to speed, I must confess that I have been aware of the UFO/’time machine’ nexus for quite some time. But as I will describe, I discovered this overlap through the parallels in technology rather than being explicitly informed of that nexus as Mr. Penniston was in Rendlesham in 1980.

it_is_all_connected_menno jansen

It Is All Connected-Menno Jansen

If we recall, Titor claimed that his ‘time machine’ was powered by two Kerr micro-singularities.  He further went on to say that his technology ‘bent gravity’ in order to ‘time travel’ and move among the parallel universes.

What could possibly be wrong with this statement?  His technology bends gravity?

Wouldn’t it be more correct to say that his machine used gravity to bend space?

So far, the (known) Four Fundamental Forces that hold our universes together are: The Strong Force, the Weak Force, the Electromagnetic Force and Gravity.  How is it possible that a technology could bend something as fundamental as this?  Did Titor misspeak? Why in the world would Titor claim that his machine could “bend” a fundamental force of nature? Is the Strong Force also similarly malleable? Electro-Magnetism?

As it turns out, it appears that Titor did not misspeak…  From Wikipedia1:

Various gravitational wave detectors exist and on 17 March 2014, astronomers at the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics claimed that they had detected and produced “the first direct image of gravitational waves across the primordial sky” … Peer review will be needed before there can be any scientific consensus about these new findings. On 19 June 2014, lowered confidence in confirming the cosmic inflation findings was reported and on 19 September 2014, a further reduction in confidence was reported

(“Confidence” as referenced above is a statistical term that merely measures correlation and not necessarily the veracity of the underlying theory. -TR)

asy-sk0405_03_500If Gravity propagates as a Wave ‘through’ space as is predicted by Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and which is apparently supported by the discoveries of just last year, then it is indeed possible that a wave can be bent.

I am no longer in the business of providing yet more evidence that Titor was an actual Time Traveler.  However, I will highlight that evidence when it becomes germane to the topic at hand.  Titor’s statement that his machine bends gravity is a de facto prediction that gravity will be discovered to be bendable.  He specifically predicted that gravity would be bent by his statement and only in the last several months have we discovered that Gravity is just so.

Still think he was just a lucky hoaxer?


So far, we have evidence that time travel is real (as shown in Conviction of a Time Traveler) and that its claimed underlying power source is shown to be possible (Incidentally, there is other evidence this is true that exists now, but not necessary to go into here).  Then what about UFO’s?

If my conclusions are correct, we should find examples where UFO propulsion makes use of  gravity, or simply its distortion, for interstellar travel.  Does such evidence exist?

Of course it does, or else I wouldn’t be writing this essay….

Bob Lazar

Many will recognize the name Bob Lazar as the purported physicist who claimed to have worked at S4 and Area 51 where he assisted in the reverse engineering of alien space craft in 1988 and 1989.  Specific to our conversation here however was Lazar’s claim that the disks that he worked on used an extremely heavy element (Element-115) which was used to manipulate gravity waves.

“Inside that tower is a chip of Element 115 they just put in there. That’s a super-heavy element. The lid goes on top. … 115 sets up a gravitational field around the top. That little wave guide you saw being put on the top: it essentially siphons off the gravity wave, and that’s later amplified in the lower portion of the craft… The wave guide siphons off that gravity wave, and that’s channeled above the top of the disk to the lower part where there are three gravity amplifiers, which amplify and direct that gravity wave.” 

– Bob Lazar, 1989

the sport modelBear in mind that Bob’s description of Gravity as a wave was in 1989, well before its public confirmation as a wave in 2014.  Furthermore, he not only correctly describes gravity, but that it is malleable and how the disks can manipulate it.  The UFO occupants are able to bend that gravity wave around the hull of the craft and create its own gravitational field.

Later, Lazar describes how there are normally three ball-shaped gravity amplifiers at the base of the craft which direct or aim the gravity wave in front of the craft.  By projecting gravity in the direct of intended travel, the craft essentially “falls” in the direction it wishes to travel.  Again, the craft is manipulating gravity, in the form of waves.

Does this at all sound familiar?  Didn’t Titor state that he bent gravity to travel through time?  Am I the only one seeing this?

Above Black

aboveblackbookAnother highly intriguing book on the subject of UFO’s, Extraterrestrials and the Earth’s governments collaboration with these unknown species is a book entitled “Above Black.”

“Above Black” was written by a former Air Force Electronic Intelligence specialist name Dan Sherman.  Mr. Sherman claims to have been a participant in a program called Project “Preserve Destiny” which was a multi-decade project intended to train military people in the development of their innate human ability for telepathy.  This ability, according to Mr. Sherman was to be used for covert communications with extraterrestrial entities interacting with Human governments right now.

In his book, Sherman recounts that at a certain point in Earth’s future the ability to communicate electronically will be severely degraded or impossible.  It will be at that time that Project Preserve Destiny’s telepathic communicators will be needed to communicate with the extraterrestrials.


Dan Sherman

But Dan didn’t come ready-made to the Air Force as an Air Force psychic.  He had to be trained.  Sherman recounted that his training was done at night, at an undisclosed facility and conducted while he was attending different and concurrent training during the day (thus providing him a reason for his presence and cover for action).

After his unacknowledged training, Sherman was returned to his normal duties in the ‘regular’ Air Force.  At certain times during his normal workday however, he was telepathically contacted by E.T.’s to record data that they provided onto a secret application on his computer terminal.  The data that he received were generally geographic coordinates and other general comments by the extraterrestrials.

ET? Time Traveler? …Both?

Typically, Sherman’s communications with the E.T’s were only one-way; he had no idea how to “transmit” to his ET counterpart.  That is, until one day when he accidentally discovered that he could indeed transmit to the ETs.  As a result of this newfound ability, Sherman took the opportunity to begin a dialogue with extraterrestrial beings and ask a few questions.

Coincidentally, according to Sherman he had always had an interest in time travel.  From “Project Camelot” interview with Dan:

“There were a lot of impressions that I was left with regarding our communications and regarding them. I’ve always been interested in time and time travel and stuff. So I did try to pick his brain so to speak, as far as how they travel and how they got here and how it relates to our time.”

”What I got was the impression that they do use time to travel, but not in the sense that we think – where they can go backwards and forward in time. I asked them about that. I said, “Can we go backward and forward in time?” The impression I got was you couldn’t go backward and forward in time because time is relative.”

“So if you go back ten minutes from right now – well, right now is relative. It’s a relative time point, not a solid time point. So you can’t go back from something that’s relative to everything else anyway.”

“So, what he says is, they could go around time [emphasis mine].  Now I really didn’t understand that, but he said you go around using electromagnetic energy. You could go around time.”

“As I thought about it later… you read about Einstein’s theory that light can bend when it’s going by a planet. It will bend because of the gravitational pull of the planet. I think they use that gravitational energy, so to speak, to go around time.”

“I don’t think they can go back a half-hour from right now and experience that time frame. But they do use time in some sort of way to travel because they do travel long distances, he said.”

Dan Sherman’s conversation and impressions from his ET counterparts is nothing but confirmatory evidence that we have seen elsewhere.  According to Sherman’s alien counterparts, they can and do manipulate gravity. And through that manipulation of gravity, they exert a de facto time travel which results in their ability to travel great distances across the universe.

In the Above Black example, we have direct correlation between UFO’s, extraterrestrial technology and time travel stated explicitly by the ETs themselves.

Can we still be suspicious of Titor’s claims of distorting gravity to move through time?

We now have direct confirmation that this is indeed true, that time travel is a side effect of the distortion of gravity (for interstellar travel) and not necessarily its primary purpose (time travel).


John, is that you?

Now this is not to say that John Titor was a bug-eyed alien with a ray gun and green skin.  I am fully prepared to believe he wore his human uniform with pride.

nukeAn additional key take away from the Above Black data as provided by the extraterrestrial personalities and related by Mr. Sherman is the explicit admission by the extraterrestrial that they do in fact use time as a medium for travel.  How else to explain the being’s foreknowledge of a coming catastrophic and planet-wide disruption to our ability to communicate?

(Of course, this foreknowledge could well be explained because the aliens are complicit in the disruption and are working to cause it.  I do not believe this to be likely for a variety of reasons outside the scope of this essay).

Bringing It All Together

machinery-worm-gear-turning-cog-wheel-teeth-spinning-gearsSo what do we have?  We have multiple threads of information that slowly create a picture that ‘bending gravity’ and hieroglyphs as ‘software’ are common technologies to both ‘time travel’ technology and interstellar transportation for physical beings. This common thread implies that the equal application of these technologies in both quadrants (TT and UFO) of inquiry as separate topics is incorrect; Ufologists and Time Travel fans are creating a separation between these two quadrants when there shouldn’t be one.

M81_M82_schedler_c80Interestingly, if we were to take this implication one step further we can reasonably surmise then that the manipulation of gravity (as a power source, propulsion technique and means to ‘time travel) is the ‘state of the art’ in our immediate neighborhood of the universe.  Even though it can be categorically stated that the manipulation of gravity requires a level of sophistication that is not yet common knowledge or commonly implemented on our planet (by our present selves, at any rate), we can say that our neighbors do make use of this technology, almost without variation.

It would appear that regardless of the alien race encountered by any number of experiencers, those alien contacts (be they malevolent, benevolent or neutral) all use the ‘state of the art’ technology of gravity distortion for interstellar travel.  Because of this we can also reasonably estimate that any of these races are also similarly equal in terms of their technological advancements.

We can also put this in terms that we readily understand.


No better than a Yugo

There are a multitude of nations on Earth, spread across the planet with any number of ‘versions’ of Homo Sapien: Caucasian, Asian, Negro, Semitic, etc.  But the general levels of technology used by these different Earth populations are relatively flat (barring the outliers).

A good example of this is the automobile.  A Ford, Chevy, Skoda, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes will all look different to each other with different designs, different shapes, different interiors and different capabilities.  But they will all be based on the core technology of an internal combustion engine.  It is this very basic technological basis that ties the nations of the Earth together and allows any outside observer to group those nations and establish a general commonality and level of technological advancement.

But we not only have a common technology amongst UFO craft to comment upon.  As we’ve seen, this technology also bleeds into the time travel question as well.  As we already know, Titor and others have described the power source of their technology as one that ”bends gravity.”  And likewise, we also have the oblique admission by Dan Sherman’s ET contacts which stated that they “go around time” in order to travel the stars.  A de facto admission oftime travel’ in their technology.

crop-CARET4This commonality in technology as represented by gravity manipulation is not the only commonality that we are now aware of.  We also have the use of symbols or hieroglyphs as shown in the CARET documents and the Rendelsham Incident to tie the time travel and UFO arenas together into a comprehensive whole.  If you’ll remember, the CARET whistleblower, Isaac claimed that the symbols found on the undersides of the Drones were described as a type of very advanced software that imparted capabilities to the drone itself (one would surmise non-locally).  Likewise, when Penniston physically touched the symbols on the craft information was telepathically imparted to his brain in the form of a binary code (also ostensibly via non-local means).  It is readily apparent that those symbols do something, which was confirmed by Isaac’s claims regarding the Drones and Penniston’s direct experience.

Ultimately, what we have here is a melding of two previously thought to be separate arenas: the UFO question and the Time Travel question.  This is an entirely new hypothesis which you will not see mentioned elsewhere in any literature on either topic.

But is there any real world supporting evidence for this combination? Can we put this hypothesis to the test?  Barring any ability to actually manipulate or handle the technology ourselves, we likely will not have that opportunity.  But we can infer that ability and obtain some indirect evidence that our theory is correct.

UnknownSome time ago I posted a video from YouTube which I entitled “More Complex Than We Realized.”  I posted this video for a very specific reason.  I had been working on the ties between UFO’s and Time Travel for quite a while and this video was a good representation of how that common thread between UFO’s and Time Travel must ultimately manifest itself.

The video shows that not only do the planets revolve on their axes and move in their orbits around our Sun, but it also shows that the Sun moves in its orbit around the center of our galaxy (or any other general gravity wells within our galaxy’s arm).  What this means then is that the planets don’t  move in a circle around our Sun, but rather in a spiral dragged through space by our Sun.

Because of all this constant relative motion in space, any ‘time machine’ would, by default have to also be a “space ship” as well so as to ensure they land on terra firma and not in empty space!  Through posting this video I wished to get people to start thinking a bit differently about time travel as Titor described it.

camaroStill think the C204 Variable Gravity Lock allows it to ‘stick’ to the Earth or is it more likely that this was a cover story to obfuscate the true level of capability of his tech?

We can now no longer consider just the UFO question or just the Time Travel question.  It is, from now on, the UFO/Time Travel question.

More Complex Than We Ever Realized…

As Ever

Temporal Recon

  1. I have found Wikipedia to be a fairly reliable source of information and use it only as reference in the interest of providing a superficial citation for a known quantity.  If I wished I could provide the actual documentation required for a proper citation but, as anyone will attest, I’m not writing a college paper here.

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  1. Another excellent essay temperol recon u nust write another book as you are very talented, we should collaborate on one!

  2. Another excellent essay temperol recon u must write another book as you are very talented, we should collaborate on one!

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