An Old Idea


The Gray Twilight or Iron in the Blood?

insigniaI find it difficult to believe we now find ourselves in the infamous year of 2015.  In 2000 when John spoke of the events to occur this year, 2015 seemed so far away, impossibly far away, comfortably far away.  But, as it does, time marched inexorably onwards to the future.  And because of this, we now find ourselves in that fateful year.

Considering John’s statement about March 12, 2015 and the current hullabaloo surrounding that date by the Titor fans out there, I felt it perhaps timely to chime in.

But my contribution to the conversation will not advocate for John’s statement nor will it detract from it; we’ll all soon discover the truth of his one small (and possibly hypothetical) statement soon enough.

Similarly, my contribution to the conversation will not be a fearful “what will tomorrow bring?”

Instead, I wish to inspire you to lean into the coming hardship whensoever it may come.  But my small words may fall short, so I provide you the words of a man from our shared past who embraced the “Strenuous Life” and advocated for it. Perhaps his words may serve to remind us of our can-do culture before our current lifestyle falters.  We should stiffen our spines now and be prepared to confront our future challenges head on as we stare into the abyss of the unknown.

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