The Question



Sir Francis Bacon

In furtherance of the Question that distracts us from our daily tasks, I have discovered that the answers to this Question do not reside in the typical paradigms that we are so familiar with.   I was surprised as anyone upon my slow realization that the reality of ‘time travel’ does not necessarily fit within the framework of secret government projects or eccentric white-haired scientists.  No, the stage upon which the time travel Question rests is indeed much larger than anyone, even I, ever suspected.


Ironically, were I to enumerate the possible players in the ‘time travel’ Question, it would only serve to limit that stage.  It would represent my own ‘hubris of definition.’

What greater arrogance exists than to define a thing when complete information is lacking?



My exploration of the Question has yielded extraordinary revelations and impactful implications.  Throughout my exploration, I cast my gaze towards the philosophers of our age; Bacon, Plato, Socrates, others.  The wisdom imparted by these men was undeniable.  During this time, I discovered a German philosopher by the name Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860).  According to Wikipedia,

  “Schopenhauer was among the first thinkers in Western philosophy to share and affirm significant tenets of Eastern philosophy, having initially arrived at similar conclusions as the result of his own philosophical work. His writing on aesthetics, morality, and psychology would exert important influence on thinkers and artists throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.”

Notice that Schopenhauer learned that his own independent conclusions were echoed, not informed, by external philosophies. Is this not the very definition of the scientific method:  Repeatability?

In my studies, I discovered a quote attributed to Mr. Schopenhauer that I find an exquisite representation of the current state of the Question:

“Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”

It would appear the hubris of definition was not unknown in Schopenhauer’s time either.

Here, Schopenhauer attempts to say that we, as explorers, can never know the true scope of the Question; there will always be a far hill beyond which we cannot see.  And yet, there are those who would prefer to believe that that far hill is the limit of creation, that there is nothing beyond it.

Over-the-horizonThe same is true of our Question.  The zealots would have us believe that the Question, the John Titor mythos and all its attendant arguments, are fully known and defined with nothing new left to discover; that nothing exists beyond the far hill.

In a time when we are discovering the truth of infinite universes, can there be any such thing as perfect knowledge?  Wisdom’s fruit is the declaration, “I don’t know.”

And please understand, I single out neither the pro or con zealots for disdain; both camps are equally guilty of this hubris.  This hubris, this belief in their perfected knowledge, afflicts them as a fever.  This fever of certainty debilitates their objective reasoning to such a point that even now, 16 years after TimeTravel_0’s visit in 2000, both sides are still arguing over trifles.  One wonders, could this be by design?

Purgatoryfire1The idea that these poor souls are lost in the purgatory of false certainty does not bother me near so much as their proclivity at infecting newcomers to the Question. When a new searcher appears within the discussion forums, they invariably seek out ‘experts’ to answer the question for them; to provide some sort of insight into this mystery. It is at this point that both camps will battle with their trifling arguments in an effort to sway the newcomer to their side.  Regardless of which camp the newcomer chooses (pro or con), what is invariably lost is the wonder at the unknown.  The arrogance of perfect knowledge infects the newcomer and he subsequently becomes the newest member in the battle over a Question so vast and so incorrectly defined that its measure is impossible.

Which brings me to the cause for this essay.


The Infamous Pen Laser

In recent weeks, I was part of a discussion on concerning the famed laser pen photograph which TimeTravel_0 posted in 2000/2001.  One camp declared the pen laser had been shown to be faked; the other camp declared that the pen laser photograph was legitimate.

 It should be noted that I provided no declaration whatsoever on the legitimacy of the photograph.  How could I possibly make such a statement?  Instead, I took issue at a commenter’s declaration (made by the user, “Einstein”) that ‘it had been shown’ that the photograph had been faked, thus ‘proving’ that John Titor was a hoax.

The ensuing discussion can be found here, but please understand however, this discussion has been censored with posts deleted and changed by the “moderator” of the forum.  It does not represent reality nor the completeness of my commentary.

Please read this again: The “moderator” changed the posts themselves and surgically edited out key pieces of information which remain missing as of the writing of this essay; this in spite of the moderator’s false assertion that he ‘un-deleted’ the posts.  The Paranormalis moderator is lying.


Self Deception

The missing posts demonstrated that the user Einstein lacked the correct understanding of gravity’s effects on light and misrepresented his flawed understanding as fact to an unsuspecting audience.  This flawed assertion was, as the virus of false certainty, infectious and deadly to newcomers and the naïve.

While I have answered these questions to my own satisfaction, I provide them the reader in the hopes of sparked contemplation:

  • Why did the moderator lie about his own “moderation?”
  • What was so dangerous that my comments required deletion?
  • How long has this been going on? Why?
  • Are there others making similar deletions? (hint: yes)

The Bird of Self-Knowledge

Returning to Schopenhauer’s observation, on this same forum, I have seen both camps (pro and con) quickly dismiss claims of time travel by visitors to the forum (Lussorio is the latest example of this).  Ironically, these dismissals originate from the very people who should be welcoming of such claims!  But instead, through the sickness of the illusion of perfect knowledge, they run him/her off to oblivion in a misguided attempt at vetting the un-vettable.  There is no greater irony that the one population who is actively seeking out a ‘time traveler’ dismisses him out of hand because he does not comport to the expectations provided in film or literature. My sympathies to our intrepid Friends who continue their efforts in the face of our ignorance and anger.

The point here is that not all ‘time travelers’ will meet the well-publicized, yet invariably wrong, expectations of the fevered zealots.  These self-proclaimed experts who spout theories not their own are no such thing and make no allowance for incomplete or imperfect understanding.  Instead, they measure any claimant by a false or mistaken metric.

Is it any wonder that the conventional wisdom that no time travelers have ever visited us is so wrong when the metric by which they ascertain validity is so mistaken?

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 5.25.47 PM

pitchforksAmong the others in this essay, there is one more irony to show:  Temporal Recon has been banned from the Paranormalis forum.  I should be neither surprised nor insulted by such an irony. As it is in the nature of the snake to bite the frog, so too is it in the nature of the pitchfork-armed zealots to eschew truth in favor of their preferred lies.

I have made huge strides in my understanding of the Question.  How? Because I acknowledge the mystery.

 I suggest those in humble search of Truth to do the same. To thine own curiosity be true.

As Ever

Temporal Recon


One thought on “The Question

  1. “What greater arrogance exists than to define a thing when complete information is lacking?”

    I couldn’t agree more. How can anyone be an expert of the unknown that is far more greater than the known?

    While I am sure I have discovered things regarding time travel that are privy to know one else, while I can see enough to determine the Titor crowd is lost, I still keep in mind that I have not reached a full definitive truth. And both TTI and Paranormalis are very annoying in the way they censor and dominate the conversations. Agree and be their little serfs or be banned and/or edited so much the conversation is lost.

    It is apparent that both sites have an ulterior motive that reaches beyond what most see. They, and what I like to call the Florida crowd(the in-crowd claimants, if you will), are seemingly obsessed with controlling information.

    “There is no greater irony that the one population who is actively seeking out a ‘time traveler’ dismisses him out of hand because he does not comport to the expectations provided in film or literature.”

    They wouldn’t know a time traveler if they found one, …or several.

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