Nothing Left to Learn? – The Announcement

Conviction of a Time Traveler was published in November of 2010. It was, and continues to be, the only documented investigation into the question whether Timetravel_0 (aka John Titor) was a real “time traveler.”

I am both proud and sad to report that no other person professing an interest or curiosity in this Question has been able to follow or improve upon the findings documented in Conviction of a Time Traveler.

Lost-in-the-Wilderness-e1429291712636In the years since publication (has it been six years only/already?) my participation online has gone from active participation and debate to banishment to the wilderness.  To say that this arc has been a learning experience into the psychology of man would be an understatement.  How unexpected and yet fully predictable it was to discover that people are generally not interested in new ideas or new ways of looking at old ideas.  Instead, I discovered that the echo chamber has no exits.  A hard lesson to learn and one many before me learned, sometimes with disastrous results.

SIBecause I tend to avoid the patches of hemlock of the online garden my research never slowed and truth be told, has extended to realms and through grand doors that I never could have anticipated.

COATT was but only a starting point towards further understanding of the Question before us.  I know that now.

spirit-guide-whispering-in-earWhen I first set pen to paper in 2010, I had no intention of ever writing a sequel or update.  This notwithstanding, several readers and other interested parties have expressed a desire that I return from the wilderness and publish an update to the original Conviction of a Time Traveler.  I am happy to report that I have decided that I will acquiesce to these requests; an update has been in the works for some time now.

The format of this update will be different from the original COATT.  In the first book, I took an evidence-based approach to build the foundation and argument that Timetravel_0 was simply more likely a time traveler than the many other specious theories that had been proffered in the previous 10 years through multiple contortions of logic.

While I will recount some of the evidence provided in COATT for those new to the topic, the book largely will build upon the foundation already laid in COATT that ‘time travel’ is real and that John Titor used the technology.

COATT II (a working title only) will take more the form of a memoire of my background, experiences and the many things I learned along the way concerning the ‘time travel’ question.  Ultimately, this book will be a no holds barred exposition of everything I know and think I kthnow about our favorite topic.  The reason for this memoire is to document my understanding of the question for my posterity and to create a record of that understanding that will last as a family heirloom well into the future.

There will be two versions of COATT II: a private version and a version for public consumption.  Naturally, as a memoire, there will be items that are uniquely personal in nature that someone curious about the ‘time travel’ question need not know and would be of interest only to my descendants.  These items will be redacted.  Similarly, some particularly sensitive information as it relates to the ‘time travel’ Question, individuals, personages, etc, will also be redacted.

The form I expect this project to take will be a leather-bound, hard-cover book which will be fairly large in both dimensions and thickness.  Imagine a modern-day version of the Gutenberg bible and you’ll get the general form factor I am expecting it to take.

I have no deadline for completion for this latest project.  Suffice it to say however that I am actively working on it and, as a measure of the vast amount of information that it will contain, I can tell you now that I have already written approximately 200 pages and I would wager this is but 20% of the total content I anticipate for it.

In order to provide to some small degree a general outline of the project, I have decided to include the current version of the COATT II Table of Contents.  This should provide a small insight into the very large amount of data and the vast scope of the Question before us. The below table of contents is by no means comprehensive and will likely grow as I remember things that I had forgotten as I go along.

Bear this scope in mind when you find yourself engaging in yet another pointless discussion to prove that ‘time travel’ is real by speculating on who you think “John Titor” was.

You don’t know the half of it…

As Ever

Temporal Recon

Conviction of a Time Traveler II

Provisional Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements


  1. Preface
  • Why COATT II?
  • Who is this book for?
  • Who is this book not for?


  1. Introduction – Who is Temporal Recon?
  • My Personality
    • Of Dinosaurs and Fifth-Graders
  • Why I choose to remain anonymous
  • How I chose the Nomme de Guerre “Temporal Recon”
  • My Background and my unique insight into the Question
    • My work in West Africa and other parts of the world
    • Remote Viewing and the Monroe Institute
  • Thoughts on Consciousness
  • Thoughts on the ET


  1. What Started It All
  • My rediscovery of the John Titor story
  • The JT story in a nutshell – A Synopsis
  • “The Sandbox” – What is it?
  • Selected findings from COATT I
    • The Evidence
    • Missing Predictions
  • COATT I response by fans, debunkers and others
    • Sales and Opinions
    • Unique Attention
  • Selected Conclusions from COATT I


  1. “The Education of Temporal Recon”
  • Online Status Quo: Stuck on Stupid
  • Cutting My Own Path
    • Heurism


  1. Updates to Findings from COATT I
  • Failed Predictions were only a surprise to those who don’t understand
  • Multiple World Interpretation – A mission requirement not a constraint
  • The Fax Enigma, Analysis & Conclusions
  • The “Secret Song” identified
  • Discussion on temperatures
  • Examples of Missing and/or Corrupted Posts
  • The Real Purpose for “A Time Traveler’s Tale”


  1. Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Who is?:
    • “Oliver Williams?”
    • “Pamela Moore?”
    • Art Bell
  • Research into other claimants
    • The Florida Nexus
    • The Post Office Story
  • Application of the ‘INT – Establishing Time Traveler Techniques, Tactics & Procedures
  • How to Identify a Time Traveler
    • Of Yardsticks & Signposts
  • The Time Travelers and Affiliates
    • The Categories of Time Travel Claimants
    • General profile
    • What is an Affiliate?
    • List of identified Known and Suspected TT’ers or Affiliates
  • Command and Control relationships
    • Time Traveler Organization Chart
    • Mapping TT’ers across time
    • A Timeless Iceberg – Observations and Conclusions from Analysis of the Map
  • Breaking The “Code” – Analysis, its use and implications
  • The Technology
    • The laughable patent troll, Marlin Pohlman, PhD
    • How to extract electrical energy from a black hole, its ties to the “177” Patch and my patent
    • The Gravity Engine, how it really works and further discussion on my patent
  • The Pen Laser photograph and why it is legitimate
  • Technology Constraints
    • Celestial constraints, considerations and implications – Sol-Lunar Impact
    • Time and Location
  • Physical trace evidence
    • Examples of Physical Trace Evidence
    • Notable Years and their implications
    • Notable locations and their implications
  • Multiple World Theory and Divergence
    • Analysis and implications of what MWT really means
    • Divergent vs Convergent
  • The Variable Gravity Lock – Not what we were told
  • Calculating Divergence – A How to Guide


  1. Unanswered Questions (Doing the Debunkers’ job for them)
  • Where are the Tracks?
  • Of atomic clocks and footlockers
  • Measuring Gravity
  • TBD
  • Conclusion


  1. Discussion on Time Travel Missions
  • Mission Scope
  • The constraint of hamegin
  • Mission Tradecraft
    • Cut outs and backstops
    • Dead drops
    • Pseudonym use
    • Web Proxies/anonymization
    • Safe Houses
    • “Affiliates”
  • Communication methods and examples
  • Mission Constraints


  1. The Philosophy of Time Travel
  • Balancing the sovereign right of choice with mission goals


  1. Other Time Travel Programs and Groups
  • The Implications


  1. Adversarial Elements
  • What do I mean by “Adversarial Elements?”
  • Why do I call them “AE?”
  • Evidence for AE’s presence
  • Evidence of “Controlled Operations” online


  1. Overlap into Other topics
  • Consciousness
  • The TT/ET connection
    • Technological
    • Qualitative
  • Acknowledging a much larger context


  1. Who is really calling the shots?
  • The WM’ers
  • WM techniques and examples


  1. Bringing It All Together
  • The (Very) Big Picture and its effect on my outlook


  1. Selected Essays
  • Purpose of the essays
  • Selected Essays






6 thoughts on “Nothing Left to Learn? – The Announcement

  1. The whole Titor saga, Paranormalis, TTI, the whole bunch, …is nothing but a great big stupid evil sick twisted game with a bunch of liars thieves and manipulators.

    Paranormalis is an information gathering, suppression and control tool that is apparently connected to whatever time travel operations are affiliated with Canada and their associates.

    Time Travel Institute appears to be about the same thing as Paranormalis, only it’s people operating in the United States. They are simply not interested in truth or reasonable cooperation, and will be quite underhanded and vicious when tested.

    All those people whom claim to be the Titor crowd in Florida and elsewhere, who have claimed owner$hip thereof, are completely full of shit, and have interfered with actual legitimate time travel operations.

    None are trustworthy, as none are honest or free.

    At the core of this is a group of people and specific context that is apparent truth once all the dots are connected and things are revealed. I am one of those people, I have been through absolute personal hell, and I happen to be sitting in a position of powerful knowledge.

    It is a big deal, a very big deal. And I could use some assistance. Not that it is really about me, but rather for others. I need help to help others. That has to be done with an open mind and a lot of impeccable reasoning and organization skills.

    Most importantly, I feel, is the necessary element of trust. Thus that is where I start. Who can I trust to help me help others?

  2. Considering your above projected outline, you may want to take your time, allowing for introduction of new information before a final draft.

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