2.5% of Trump

trumpSince the recent elections, I have been inundated with numerous emails and other comments asking what the election of Donald Trump must mean within the context of the TimeTravel_0 posts.

I have demurred from responding to these questions but have since decided to respond here.  I hope those many who have reached out to me seeking comment take this essay to heart and allow it to deepen their own understanding of the Question before us all.

Essentially, everyone’s questions have boiled down to one simple question:

“How does the election of Donald Trump impact upon TimeTravel_0’s predictions for our own future?”

Or, alternatively stated,

“Does Trump’s election now mean that we have avoided the predicted surprise attack upon our government?”

What is my answer to their questions?

There is no impact.

But how can this be?  How is it possible that the election could have no impact on the predictions of man/men claiming to be from our future?

insigniaFirst, let’s take the obvious clue: TimeTravel_0 was from our future.  He should be knowledgeable of his own history and all its relevant highlights.  This, by definition, means that TimeTravel_0 would have known of Trump’s election to the White House, no?

Many John Titor fanatics and zealots will say that TimeTravel_0’s predictions are moot or subject to inaccuracies due to the vagaries of Multiple World Interpretation; every infinite world line will be different from every other. This, too, is misguided and incorrect.

These well-intentioned people then point to the often-quoted 2.5% “divergence” amount as proof that TimeTravel_0’s predictions would be 2.5% inaccurate. 

“MWI will save us from the apocalypse! Divergence!” they yell.

In these terms then it implies the question: 

“What is 2.5% of Donald Trump?”

mwiThe above question is meaningless because it fundamentally misunderstands the true meaning of Divergence as a term and misapplies that term in an arena it does not belong.

In my estimation, this miscomprehension of Divergence has been a significant impediment (though not the only one) to truly understanding TimeTravel_0’s posts in all their vague and cryptic glory.

Returning to the original premise, that Trump’s victory will have no impact on the other “predictions” made by TimeTravel_0, let’s begin at the beginning with the following basic statements:

  • ‘Time Travel’ is real, is happening now and has been present for all of recorded history. I make this statement based on my findings in my original book, Conviction of a Time Traveler, but it is also based upon more recent research which will be included in the upcoming addendum which I ammonolith working on now; stay tuned for more on this.
  • ‘Time Travel’ is a tool used to chart human destiny. This premise is a bit more involved and, because of this, I have left this statement much less specific here.  I also will be exploring and explaining the true purpose of ‘time travel’ in my update, but suffice it to say for now that the arrival of the grand portal through which humanity is destined to pass is well on its way and ‘time travel’ is but a tool towards that end. Yes, the rabbit hole goes deep.
  • The charting out of human destiny is partially accomplished through visitations to the past. This, too, is a fairly obvious statement to make considering our understanding of #1 above. It also explains the presence of #2.  Nonetheless, I feel compelled to include this obvious statement for completeness’ sake.

9db17-babyhitlerWorking from these very basic premises, we now look to the ‘time travelers’ themselves.  If the purpose of the ‘time travel’ tool is to visit the past, ‘time travelers’ must be able to predict what past they will experience when they arrive.  ‘Time travel’ can serve no purpose if there is no way to predict the history that they will encounter upon their arrival. If a ‘time traveler’ encounters a universe that is so fundamentally different from his expectations that the mission is rendered impossible to accomplish, then they have accomplished nothing.  Simply put, what purpose would it serve to set off on a mission to kill Hitler if one cannot guarantee that baby Adolf was ever born?
My point here is that, while the “2.5%” number is a ready and willing explanation or excuse for why some of TimeTravel_0’s predictions did not come true, the use of this canard only demonstrates that whoever proposes such a weak argument has completely misunderstood the concept of Divergence and the numeral “2.5” at a very fundamental level. 

Succinctly put, anyone who is surprised at a prediction not occurring (“cancelled Olympics,” for example) simply does not know or understand Divergence or the TimeTravel_0 posts whatsoever. Not to worry, however! All will be explained in the upcoming update to Conviction of a Time Traveler!

sextantPertaining to “navigation:”  Because the ‘time traveler’ must arrive to a world line where he can be assured that the goal of his mission exists, he must be able to navigate his machine “to” a universe that guarantees his goal’s existence. 

But understand, the phrase ‘navigate to’ is not used in the sense that we understand it in the typical sense.  When a man sets out on a journey across an ocean, he must navigate from point A to point B.  Typically, he will use known reference points to chart his course until he arrives at his destination.  These reference points can be lines of longitude or latitude, known coastal towns, known promontories, etc.  But remember, these reference points are all relative to some other reference point.  25 degrees latitude is only 25 degrees latitude when it lies between 24 degrees and 26 degrees.

Unfortunately for the ‘time traveler,’ we are not navigating among known and already-extant promontories or ports.  Navigation in a sea of probable universes is a whole other kettle of fish.

probabilityTimeTravel_0 stated that there are an infinite number of world lines, but by using this language, we reside in a false sense of “certainty-of-quantity.”  We believe that by saying that there are an infinite number of world lines, we presuppose that those universes already exist as a destination to be achieved.  They do not.  Further, by saying that there are an infinite number, this implies that it is possible to somehow count them all if only we were given enough time to do so. 

I put to you that the term “infinite” is wholly misunderstood and not deemed the proper mind-boggling respect it deserves.  It does not mean simply “very many.”  Rather it is “innumerable,” in every sense of that word; there is no number that may define it.  No quantity.

Rather, I want you to understand that the multiverse exists as a Probability Function which requires a conscious being to perceive it before that function collapses and a universe winks into ‘existence.’  The idea of ‘navigating to’ a particular world line before it exists only misapplies the conventional term ‘navigate’ and requires a revised definition for ‘navigation’ in a probabilistic multiverse.

quantum-foamSo what is our revised definition of navigation then, if not navigating to a particular place or time? 

First of all, let’s state for the record that there is only one place the ‘time traveler’ is navigating to, that being his point of geographic origin.  Yes, this aspect will also be explored in the update, but for our purposes today, here/now, let us limit ourselves to a ‘time machine’s’ geographic destination as equaling its geographic departure point (e.g. Tampa, Florida).

Also, it is a given that the ‘time traveler’ will also only be traveling to a new, as-yet unrealized, universe in the infinite multiverse.  To whit, let’s say that the ‘time traveler’ detaches from his world line of origin and floats in a sea of probabilistic foam; literally ‘nowhere’ and ‘no-when.’  It is only when the machine (and by extension, the occupant) measures does he collapse the probability function of his possible-universe destination and his destination is ‘created.’

In this sense then, the traveler is not navigating to any particular universe, but rather ensuring only that any “Divergence” is kept to a minimum of the universe he has ‘created.’ 

This is the new and tentative partial definition of ‘time travel’ navigation:  “Divergence Minimization”

laserpenI will absolutely concede that part of that navigation is to not only ensure a low divergence (thus ensuring the object of his mission is present) but also the correct date is also chosen to ensure that he may accomplish points #2 and #3.  How this particular feat is accomplished is not fully known to me.  But, unlike others interested in this topic, I am comfortable in the grey; I don’t require a definitive answer.

So what does all this mean then?  What purpose does all the pretense of this essay serve?

SIDear readers, a ‘time traveler’ will only “travel” to a world line where he already knows that he may accomplish his mission because its history is a known quantity and because divergence is kept to a minimum.

Donald Trump’s election was already well-known by TimeTravel_0 and those who sent him. We have avoided nothing by Trump’s election that was not already known by TimeTravel_0.


As Ever

Temporal Recon


2 thoughts on “2.5% of Trump

    • Yes, Jim. I believe I made this clear.
      Though I’m encouraged to see critical thinking exists elsewhere across the internet. -TR

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