Why is the John Titor Story Relevant?

follow-the-breadcrumbsAn independent filmmaker asked me some weeks ago this question.  This is my answer.

As of this writing (January 2017), the John Titor/TimeTravel_0 story has been with us for 17 years (and arguably much longer).  And, putting it mildly, the discussions surrounding those 17-year old posts continue with almost unabated momentum.

Why? Why do the posts of an anonymous person(s) of nearly two decades old continue to garner such discussion and passion?

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The High Diver

diverOver the years, there have been many online discussions concerning TimeTravel_0 and they typically fall into the following general categories:

  • Was John Titor real?
  • Which predictions did he get right/wrong?
  • Who was John Titor?

These three questions have been asked, in a variety of forms and in a variety of formats, for nearly 20 years now (My God, has it been that long?). Thus far, I have seen scant evidence that the online discussion has progressed beyond these three basic questions and, in recent weeks, I have been reminded of this. I am extremely encouraged that the conversation is happening at all, but the stagnation and lack of forward progress beyond these three, very basic and very boring, questions is depressing. Have we really not progressed beyond them? Are you not bored?

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