The High Diver

diverOver the years, there have been many online discussions concerning TimeTravel_0 and they typically fall into the following general categories:

  • Was John Titor real?
  • Which predictions did he get right/wrong?
  • Who was John Titor?

These three questions have been asked, in a variety of forms and in a variety of formats, for nearly 20 years now (My God, has it been that long?). Thus far, I have seen scant evidence that the online discussion has progressed beyond these three basic questions and, in recent weeks, I have been reminded of this. I am extremely encouraged that the conversation is happening at all, but the stagnation and lack of forward progress beyond these three, very basic and very boring, questions is depressing. Have we really not progressed beyond them? Are you not bored?

These questions and the need to ask only these questions remind me of a child’s first experience in a swimming pool:

feet-poolThe cold water splashes her face and she recoils from the chlorine stinging her eyes. The young girl is so uncomfortable that even after slowly lowering herself into the water she maintains a death grip on the side of the pool where she feels safe. Yes, her mother may be standing only feet away in the shallow water beckoning her to let go, but she is fearful of what might happen if she releases the security of the pool’s side.

Finally, after much pleading by her mother, the young child’s trust in her mother outweighs her fear of the unknown and so she tentatively leaves the safety of the poolside and walks on her tip-toes towards her, never taking her eyes from her mother and all the while making sure that her toes never lose contact with the pool’s bottom. Stay safe! It’s dangerous here!

Little does the child know, or can she understand now in spite of her mother’s assurances, that while the water can be dangerous, she can become at home in it. Her loving mother tells her daughter that she can swim in the water; she can float in the water; she can exist in the water. And once she’s learned some very minor and basic skills, she will then have the ability to leave the shallow end and go into the deep end of the pool where she neither needs to touch the side nor touch the bottom.

Eventually, after a little practice and maturing, the young child becomes more and more at home in the water and even forays into the deep end. Later still, the young child grows into a woman and becomes an Olympic high diver many years later. How could she have possibly seen this future for herself so long ago? It was inconceivable to her toddler-self.

She climbs the long ladder. She carefully, yet gracefully, walks to the edge of the platform. She looks down and is not afraid of the height. She looks down and is not afraid of the fall. She looks down and is not afraid. She is calm, confident. She is comfortable.

She looks up and out at the throngs of spectators in the stands; it has gone quiet. They expect excellence, they expect grace. The diver knows this. Looking back, she even chuckles quietly to herself as her memories drift back those many years ago remembering her first tentative tip toe steps away from the side of the pool with her mother lovingly beckoning her.

With this last thought, she closes her eyes and takes one final deep breath; she is ready now.


Jules Verne, John Titor and the Collective UnconsciousI mean to illustrate here that there is a wide world awaiting those who are willing to let go of the safety of the same old tired questions. Isn’t nearly two decades holding onto the side of the pool long enough? Aren’t you ready to take those first tentative steps into the deep end? Aren’t you curious about what might be waiting for you when you do?

BTTFFrankly, any continued discussion on whether “John Titor” was real can only be considered mental masturbation. Yes, it’s fun to talk about and yes, it’s fun to contemplate; even I enjoy a light conversation about a DeLorean and white-haired eccentric scientist now and then. And truth be told, I began my own journey asking this very same question. But I very quickly moved beyond it once the truth of it all became clear (or less opaque, as it were…). Why are there so few who are willing or able to ask the truly large questions? Surely there must be other fleas with ideas bigger than themselves, no?

I challenge the online community to do something to add to our collective knowledge! So far, I have seen only short glimmers of that advancement and they are all too quickly snuffed out by pretend experts who can only quote the canon of a now-supposed hoax.

As another challenge to those online:

If Titor has indeed been “officially debunked,” then by all means, label his posts as “confirmed hoax” on the forums! Put your money where your mouth is, label him a hoax on all his threads and supply the link to the pitiful Razimus video that convinced you. If nothing else, by doing this you will at least have the courage of your (easily swayed) convictions and you will disclose to the world the level and quality of ‘evidence’ that convinced you that TimeTravel_0 was a hoax. Stand tall by your convictions and own them! Otherwise, what are you? “yes, Titor was a hoax, but let’s talk about mini black holes anyway!”


After I published Conviction of a Time Traveler, I naively believed that the research contained therein would serve to advance the conversation; that it could be used as a foundation to reach further heights of understanding; heights that even I did not fully comprehend at the time. I was wrong.

deep-end-of-the-poolAnd for those who expect that COATT II to be simply yet more information supporting the John Titor Narrative, you will be sorely disappointed. Yes, I have discovered more evidence that supports that TimeTravel_0 was indeed a ‘time traveler,’ but the content of my discoveries moves well beyond this and moves outside of the ‘time travel’ topic into the truly large expanse of the Actual Truth (as I have come to understand it at least).

COATT II will not be for the individual who does not have the courage to let go of the side of the pool; it is deep-end work and it expects anyone who supposes themselves capable to swim there.

As Ever

Temporal Recon



4 thoughts on “The High Diver

  1. Good morning TR, my friend. 🙂

    I haven’t much time this morning. I must brave the artic conditions this early morning for work. Lol. 🙂

    I will write again, as time permits.

    To put to rest the authenticity of time travel and John Titor, when the time is right, I would like to request your permission to release the fully decoded information puzzle left by the John’s ~ here, on your page. I will not use the puzzle as a form of monetary gain. Such would seem immoral. Rather, the proof is what others need to see, to cease and place to end the quarrel of the truth.

    Thanks. Talk later. With much love.

    And, a fun song. 🙂 Have a good day.
    Celine Dion-Stand By Your Side With Lyrics:

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