Can You Tell the Difference?


firemanpoliceman1Could you tell a fireman and policeman apart just by looking at their badges? Visually speaking, they both wear uniforms and badges and they both drive vehicles with flashing lights and sirens.  At a very superficial level, the way a policeman appears and the way a fireman appears are nearly equivalent in most every way. Continue reading


Of Predictions and the Multi-Verse… An Open Letter


rsz_time-is-ticking-awayToday, I received a comment on the COATT blog (provided below) which I felt merited a more robust response than might be possible in a small comment box. Similarly, I would like to afford the author’s question and my response a wider audience since I am sure that there are a great many in the Titor-verse who have similar questions or assumptions. 

Consider this a sneak peek into the depth and quality of analysis that will be available in the update to Conviction of a Time Traveler.  Enjoy…  Continue reading

A Spider’s Roadmap

spider-webSurely the strands that exist within the TimeTravel_0 narrative, as they connect to external events and circumstances, are numerous and complex. But if we pay attention we may learn that there is an underlying order to the red chaos of seeming randomness.

Instead of a jumbled and tangled nest like a mass of hastily collected Christmas lights or jumble of yarn, the order only becomes apparent with close study.

As a spider navigates his web, does he require a map to move from connection to connection? Or does he innately know and understand his creation?

We may never know, but perhaps we might attempt to recreate his web so as to understand the spider?


As Ever

Temporal Recon

Hope from the Cheap Seats

cd250-explorerIn recent days, I happened upon an online post from a user named “dh1” that I felt was refreshing and merited comment here. Because his comments mirror my own longstanding stance on a variety of topics, namely how to investigate the Question and come to defensible conclusions thereof, I felt it was important to get the word out about his insight, ya know?

I have provided some of his more salient points below with my comments. Perhaps you can consider this a small glimpse or preview into COATT II.  Enjoy

Continue reading