Can You Tell the Difference?


firemanpoliceman1Could you tell a fireman and policeman apart just by looking at their badges? Visually speaking, they both wear uniforms and badges and they both drive vehicles with flashing lights and sirens.  At a very superficial level, the way a policeman appears and the way a fireman appears are nearly equivalent in most every way.

kid-policemanComplicating matters is the fact that not all policemen and firemen are legitimate. In kid-firemanthis very simple example, we are comparing a legitimate policeman to a legitimate fireman.  But what if our observations occurred on October 31st? What if our two legitimate examples of firemen and policemen were mixed in with fake examples as well? Adults and children dressed as policemen and firemen would definitely confuse one’s ability to make an accurate judgment.

And this is where we find ourselves when studying the Question. We want to learn more (some of us, at any rate) about the Question before us. And assuming for a moment that other ‘time travelers’ exist at all, the first step in the search for Truth is to first identify what ‘correct’ looks like. Because COATT made the definitive (and only) case that TimeTravel_0 was likely a real ‘time traveler,’ the TimeTravel_0 profile can be a provisional baseline for ‘correctness;’ the example to which all others may be measured (for now).

nukeIt must also be stated here that it was not necessarily TimeTravel_0’s claims and statements of nuclear annihilation or citrus shipments by sailboat that should be used for comparison. I will go into more detail on what should be used to establish legitimacy or hoaxer-status in the update to COATT which I am working on now, but suffice it to say that most of TimeTravel_0’s claims and prognostications were immaterial nor were they used (in the typical sense) for comparisons with other claimants.

As research continued, I slowly amassed a larger and larger sample size of ‘time travelers’ exhibiting similar signposts of legitimacy; with this larger sample size I noted the ever increasing commonality of specific tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) which only streamlined my identification process. Currently, I have very little trouble in differentiating a legitimate ‘time traveler’ from a hoax anymore.  In fact, with this larger sample size, I slowly came to realize that not only was TimeTravel_0 not the only ‘time traveler’ to have visited and interacted with us, but that we are massively and literally awash in ‘time travelers.’ So inundated are we that I no longer seek out examples of their presence.

tt-distroThe best and most valuable discoveries are the unexpected ones. As my study continued, I noticed that in some instances, the typical signposts of legitimacy that I used strayed outside the norms that I had established; I discovered outlier examples which ultimately formed trends.  I discovered in my research that in addition to the characteristics that I had identified and catalogued, I also discovered other time travelers exhibiting similar TTPs but different characteristics of those TTPs.  A good representation of this overlap can be seen in this graphic of two normal distributions. While not perfect, it does illustrate what I was seeing: two distinct groups of TTPs with some overlap and similarity in how they are leveraged. (Apologies for the vagueness, this will be explained in the update to COATT)

But what does this mean? What does the apparent existence of two groups of TTPs imply? It means that:

Not all men wearing badges are policemen

The existence of different TTPs implies the existence of different ‘time travel’ programs.

This assumption seems simple enough and I can hear the Titor-verse now as they say,

“Of course there is more than one TT Program! There are many time travelers; they can’t all be from the 177!”

‘Of course?’

‘…can’t be?’

sandwich-boardAre you supposed to take the online-experts’ word that “multiple tt programs exist” razimus4when they believe the sandwich-board ravings of Razimus and his determined ignorance in the face of truth? Color me skeptical of their received wisdom. In fact, I’m hard-pressed to identify a single time travel claim that the online community has treated as legitimate. I recommend following your own path in your discovery of the Truth; do not fall prey to online ignoramuses, hidden agendas or useful idiots. Conviction of a Time Traveler is a good start, but there is so much more.


  1. We are constantly visited by ‘time travelers’ all the time;
  2. These visits have been going on for centuries, at least;
  3. These ‘time travelers’ are members of innumerable groups exhibiting similar but different TTPs and
  4. Governments around the world are aware of the existence of time travelers and their visits

In contrast to the typical denizen of the Titor-verse, and which spawned this desire to write this essay, was the very welcome and refreshing post by a user named “dh1” on Paranormalis recently. I wrote of him in a previous essay and I anticipate that there will be those devouring his insights on the orange vistas of the mind for some time to come.

Specifically, ‘dh1’ said the following:

“…there’s real time travelers all over the place. Government doesn’t care as long as long as they don’t bother them. Well they do care a little, they try to harass some but not all. There’s too many. The public is so inerd (sic) and uninterested there’s no threat cuz (sic) they don’t believe anything anyways.”


As Ever

Temporal Recon



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