An Excerpt from the Upcoming Update to Conviction of a Time Traveler

I have decided to provide a small excerpt from the COATT update currently in the works.  I have known of what you’re about to read for several years and I am excited to share it with you now.

I wish for this excerpt to represent to you what it does to me as well: that this is but a small portion of a much larger picture. My research has taken me in undreamt of directions and trust me when I tell you that I am meeting with a great deal of success in my attempt to draw the larger picture. The update that is coming will be expansive.  

The excerpt I have chosen to share with you today deals with the John Titor (aka TimeTravel_0) narrative. I chose this part of my research to share because it is always best to start a journey from a known and familiar point to orient ourselves towards unknown horizons. Yes, there are other minor updates that will also appear in the COATT update, but the book currently in the works now is less an update than a wholly new work altogether.

It is my sincere hope that this small excerpt might inspire you to join me and share the journey towards understanding the reality we inhabit together.


COATT Update Excerpt


Peering into the Rabbit Hole


7 thoughts on “An Excerpt from the Upcoming Update to Conviction of a Time Traveler

  1. Thank you for sharing the excerpt with us, TR! I can hardly wait for the update, or rather as you say, the new book. Your style and most importantly the insight you offer in your blog posts alone is amazing; they are always the best food for thought and you always explain these very complex matters with such great clarity. Thank you for the research you are doing – I am so much looking forward to your magnum opus! 🙂

    • M:
      Thinking again on your comments, I’d like to offer the idea that perhaps I am but a simple fry cook combining ingredients anyone has access to and simply creating those dishes that nourish our curiosity and provide that food for thought that is so necessary. My only hope is that my next piece de resistance will be heartily devoured at the dining table of Truth.
      I never had any intention of writing another work after the publication of COATT, in spite of my continued interest. I mistakenly believed that COATT was my M.O. when in fact I was completely ignorant of my own ignorance (a condition that continues to this day, I think…).
      Magnum Opus? Perhaps, until the next.

      As Ever

  2. “Never underestimate the power of critical thinking, directed curiosity and an internet connection. I began my research in the physical journals and other literature looking to simply confirm if the premise
    had ever been asked: … ..”


    Evidence of time travel is a lot about perspective, being able to see the context. Seeing it requires asking questions and digging beyond the face value of everything into multiple layers of reasoning, …and a LOT of research, sifting through mass amounts of data to filter out the little nuggets and gems here and there that come in the form of anomalies, correlations, circumstances, contradictions patterns and oddities, etc., that are indicative of knowledge traveling backward.

    Accepting premises and positions based on false faulty or incomplete information, will inevitably produce a solution that is faulty false or incomplete. Defective premises combined with inconsistent reasoning produces nothing but obfuscation, a tangled web of nonsense.

    This is what I see among the online community in regard thereof. I also see a lot of controlling and manipulating happening among some. It only hinders understanding.

    Evidence is everywhere. It simply requires pointing out in a way as to connect it all together so everyone can see. The real question is “should…?”.

    One thing I think worth mentioning in regard to your understanding is that I suspect those posting as Titor and TT0 were proxies or substitutes, people acting on behalf of (possibly against) others. I have no doubt they were somehow working with time travelers(wittingly or otherwise), but may not have actually been travelers themselves. There is also the possibility of those controlling or manipulating could have altered things as to obscure truths.

    It is difficult to develop a solid premise based on words on a screen that are subject to people’s whims and motives. manipulations, obfuscations and such. Although there is other evidence other premises and contexts far beyond any internet posts, outside the electronic realm.

    Again, a lot of seeing it is about perspective. It is not always so easy to ‘prove’. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that seeing it is easier than proving it.

    • EverStem:
      Yes, research and perspective, as you assert, all drive one towards defensible conclusions.

      I might hasten to add however, that finding evidence of backward-traveling information introduces its own very unique problems; one of which is that sometimes one gets a very chicken-and-egg type of problem with very few resolutions to the age-old question (which came first?).

      Because of this, after COATT, I left this type of question behind and sought out other signposts that would be indicative of its presence. I might say I was quite successful in that. When one actively eschews a certain type of evidence, one is forced to think differently about the problem and find other types of questions to ask. One need not see a skunk to know one is around.

      As to your other comments, you allude to one of the greatest secrets of the ‘time travel’ question that I have discovered thus far and I am encouraged to see that I am not the only one who has stumbled upon such a revelation.

      As Ever

      • The chicken.

        Chickens evolved into chickens. At whatever point they qualified as chickens and mated is when the first chicken egg was laid. But it had to come from a chicken in order to have the DNA to develop into a chicken.

        If the egg came first, then it would have to be a mutant chicken laid from something other than a chicken, a hybrid. ..or something altered the DNA of the egg to produce a mutant chicken.

        The former is more probable by default and reasonable. ..not to discount the possibility that it is the latter.

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